When You Share an Email, Does the Original Sender Get Notified?

You’ve received an email and want to forward it to someone else, but you’re unsure if the original sender will be aware of your actions. Conversely, there might be instances where you want to inform the sender that their email has been shared. If you’re facing these situations, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s possible for the sender to know if their email has been forwarded.

Can the Sender Detect Email Forwarding?

The answer is no, the sender will not receive a notification when you forward their email. However, there is a way to let them know. By adding the sender to the CC (Carbon Copy) or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field when forwarding the email, they will receive a copy of the forwarded message and be informed that it has been shared.

Most commonly used email clients like Outlook or Gmail do not automatically disclose when an email has been forwarded. The sender will only become aware if the recipient chooses to inform them. On the recipient’s end, they can often spot a forwarded email. For instance, in Outlook, a blue tick appears to indicate that the received message has been shared.

Sharing an Email Anonymously

To prevent the original sender from knowing that you’ve forwarded their email, take these steps: remove all email addresses from the CC and BCC fields, as well as delete any contact details from the forwarded message.

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There are third-party tools, like CRM software, that can track forwarded emails. These tools utilize code to send notifications to the server whenever the forwarded email is accessed.

Checking if Your Emails Have Been Shared

If you wish to monitor whether your emails have been forwarded, a tool like Paperflite can be handy. It notifies you as soon as someone forwards your email. This feature functions similarly to Outlook’s tracking options.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not offer built-in email tracking features. However, you can utilize Gmail’s confidential mode, which restricts recipients from forwarding, copying, printing, or downloading attachments. You can also set an expiration date for access to the email.

How to Activate Confidential Mode on Gmail

To use Gmail’s confidential mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Gmail website.
  2. Click on Compose to start a new email.
  3. Fill in the email details.
  4. Toggle “confidential mode” by clicking on the lock icon.
  5. Set the duration of the email’s validity.
  6. Choose an SMS passcode option.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Enter the recipient’s phone number and send the email.
  9. The recipient will receive a code that must be used to unlock the email.

To enable similar tracking capabilities in Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Follow Up” option.
  2. Select “Add Reminder.”
  3. Choose “Forward” under Flag to.
  4. Provide the necessary details and click “OK.”


Can you delete forwarded emails?

Yes, you can delete forwarded emails.

Is it okay to forward an email without permission?

No, it is not acceptable to forward emails without permission. Email content is protected by copyright, so if the material is copyrighted, you must obtain permission. However, if you receive an email from a friend, it is generally acceptable to forward it to other close friends.

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