Stream Live TV on Roku with YouTube TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube is not just a video platform, but also offers live TV services. If you want to watch regular TV channels with the same content you would get from cable or satellite, YouTube TV is the way to go. But how do you start watching on your Roku smart device? Don’t worry, it’s super easy! We’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

Step 1: Set Up Your Roku

To get started, plug in your Roku and go through the setup process if you haven’t done so already. If you’ve already set up your Roku, simply turn on your TV and go to the Roku’s input.

Roku Home Screen
First, either set up your Roku or turn on your TV and go to Roku’s home screen.

Step 2: Navigate to Channels

Now that your Roku is ready to go, navigate to “Streaming Channels” to add YouTube TV. Browse through the different channels until you find YouTube TV.

Roku Streaming Channels
Select “Streaming Channels” from the left-hand side menu.

Step 3: Search for YouTube TV

If you prefer not to scroll through numerous apps, simply use the search function in the menu. Type in “YouTube TV” and find it instantly.

YouTube TV Search
Type “YouTube TV” in the search bar provided.

Step 4: Download YouTube TV

Once you’ve found YouTube TV, click “Add Channel” and wait for the installation to complete. It’s crucial to select the correct channel, as there are two YouTube channels on Roku.

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Select YouTube TV
Be sure to choose the correct YouTube channel available on Roku.

Step 5: Open YouTube TV

After the installation is finished, select “Go to channel” or find YouTube TV in the main list of channels.

Open YouTube TV
Once the channel is installed, click “Go to channel” at the top of the menu.

Step 6: Sign In

The YouTube TV app should now open on your TV, displaying sign-in options. If you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber, sign in. Otherwise, start a free trial. Remember, you’ll need to provide a credit card number, which will be charged if you don’t cancel the subscription.

Sign In to YouTube TV
Select “Member Sign In” if you’re already a subscriber.

Step 7: Start Watching

Now that you’re signed in, find a show and click on it to start watching.

Start Watching YouTube TV
Once signed in, choose a show to begin watching on your Roku.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a subscription service designed to replace your cable or satellite package. Don’t be confused; it’s different from the regular YouTube platform. With YouTube TV, you can watch channels like Disney, AMC, CNBC, ESPN, FX, and Discovery. These channels work just like traditional TV stations, so you’ll see the same content as everyone else. However, note that you cannot stream specific shows, and there will be commercials.

The “Regular” YouTube App

Besides YouTube TV, there’s another YouTube channel available. This channel provides access to the traditional YouTube platform with all the familiar video content. Sign in with your YouTube account to enjoy a personalized experience, where your subscriptions, favorites, and playlists will appear on your TV.

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Keep in mind that you cannot access YouTube TV content from the regular YouTube app, and vice versa. However, traditional YouTube is an excellent source of entertainment. Remember, it’s not a cable or satellite replacement like YouTube TV.

YouTube Premium

Another option available is YouTube Premium, an entirely separate subscription for regular YouTube content. YouTube Premium offers ad-free video watching and even video downloads. However, it does not grant access to YouTube TV, and it is distinct from the previous offering known as YouTube Red.


YouTube TV is an excellent choice for cord-cutters who still want access to their favorite shows. Pairing YouTube TV with a streaming device like Roku makes it even better. Install the YouTube TV app on your Roku to watch anywhere. Just remember, YouTube TV is a completely different service with its own set of programs compared to regular YouTube content. Happy streaming!

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