How to Reach Out to YouTubers: A Comprehensive Guide

Contacting a YouTuber or the manager of a YouTube channel might initially seem challenging. However, if you wish to collaborate with a fellow creator or contact a YouTuber for business purposes, there are several ways to get in touch. Even if you simply want to express your appreciation, this article will provide you with insights on how to effectively message someone on YouTube.

Has YouTube Removed Private Messaging?

Yes, YouTube has discontinued the option to send private messages as of September 2019. This applies to YouTube on desktop as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps. Nevertheless, you can still send public messages in the form of comments on videos or community posts. Additionally, many YouTubers provide their email address in the “About” section of their profile, facilitating direct communication with them, their manager, or their team.

Why Did YouTube Eliminate Private Messaging?

On September 18, 2019, YouTube decided to remove private messaging in favor of focusing more on public conversations through comments, posts, and stories. With YouTube now allowing creators with as few as 500 subscribers to create posts and tag other YouTubers, it seems the platform is actively working on enhancing public communication channels.

How to Message Someone on YouTube in 2022: 4 Methods

Even though private messaging is no longer available on YouTube, there are still four effective ways to contact creators for business or personal reasons.

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Method 1: Contacting via Email

The most straightforward method is to directly email the YouTuber. While not all creators have a public email address, most professional YouTubers generally provide an email for contact purposes. To find a YouTube channel’s email address:

  1. Go to and visit the YouTube channel you want to connect with.
  2. On the channel’s homepage, select “About” from the top menu.
  3. If the channel has made their business email address public, you will find an option that says “For business inquiries: View Email Address” under the “Details” section.
  4. Click on “View Email Address” and follow any instructions, such as confirming that you’re not a robot, to access the email address and contact the YouTube channel privately.

This method is usually the most effective way to reach out to a YouTube channel. However, if they don’t provide a public email, you can explore other options.

Method 2: Engage through Social Media

Most YouTubers are active on various social networks, and many allow direct messaging. To discover the social networks on which a YouTuber is active:

  1. Check the “About” section or video descriptions of the YouTube channel.
  2. The creator usually links their social media accounts there.
  3. Visit these social networks and send them a direct message.

This approach also helps in avoiding scammers and impersonators, as you can directly search for the creator on the respective social platform.

Method 3: Connect through the YouTuber’s Website

If the first two methods fail, you can try messaging the YouTube channel through the creator’s linked website. To find the website:

  1. Visit the YouTube channel and go to the “About” section just like before.
  2. Look for the “Links” section where the creator may have linked their website.
  3. Additionally, the first 5 links in the about section might also appear in the YouTube channel banner, above the subscribe button, when viewing the channel on a desktop device.
  4. Once you find the website, explore their navigation to locate a contact or “Work with Me” page that contains a contact form or email address.
  5. In the absence of such forms, you can use tools like and its free browser extension to search for any public email addresses associated with the website’s domain.
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Method 4: Publicly Get Their Attention

As a last resort, publicly express your desire to communicate with the YouTuber. You can do this by leaving a comment on one of their videos or their community tab if they have any public posts. If you want the message to reach a smaller audience, sort the videos by oldest first and leave a comment on the second oldest video. Typically, viewers tend to watch a YouTuber’s first video, so the second one is less likely to have a high view count.

Final Thoughts on Contacting YouTubers

Although YouTube no longer offers private messaging, there are still multiple ways to get in touch with your favorite creators on the platform. Whether you want to collaborate, discuss a business proposal, or express gratitude for their content, these four methods on how to message someone on YouTube will help you establish contact effectively.

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