Did Amazon buy Wednesday? Why the Delay Renewing the Show?

Did Amazon buy Wednesday? Despite being one of Netflix’s most popular releases of 2022, Wednesday could potentially fall into the hands of Amazon due to its ownership of The Addams Family IP. The Addams Family has already been adapted numerous times since the 1960s sitcom of the same name, with Netflix’s Wednesday being the first spinoff focusing on the kooky bunch’s gothic elder daughter. After premiering in November 2022, the Tim Burton series broke several coveted records for Netflix, such as beating Stranger Things season 4 to become the platform’s most-watched English-language series in its first week.

 Amazon buy Wednesday

Did Amazon buy Wednesday?

“Addams Family” spin-off “Wednesday” is the streamer’s third most-watched series ever based on time viewed within its first month. It garnered 1.2 billion hours — behind just “Squid Game” and “Stranger Things” season four.

So it would be quite shocking if the series left the streamer for another platform for its second season. Speculation has swirled online this week that it could do just that, after a story from the The Independent posited that Netflix hadn’t announced a second season for “Wednesday” yet because MGM, which produced the series, is now owned by Amazon — meaning the show could move to an Amazon platform like Prime Video.

But two people familiar with the matter told Insider that there is no truth to the report. One of the people said deals with MGM for “Wednesday” were made long before Amazon bought MGM in May for $8.5 billion. Indiewire also reported that the speculation was unfounded.

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We don’t know the full extent of the agreement, and perhaps there is wiggle room for Amazon/MGM to try to modify the deal in place. But Netflix licenses other original shows that are produced by other parties; based on everything we know, it would be surprising to see Netflix let “Wednesday” slip through its fingers.

Amazon is, however, rebranding Epix to MGM+ this year, so some future MGM-produced content could wind up there or on Amazon’s own streaming service Prime Video.

All of this is not even mentioning the fact that Netflix has never played by conventional TV standards and isn’t always quick to renew a series just because it’s popular.

“Stranger Things,” for example, was renewed for a fourth season two months after season three debuted. “Wednesday” premiered November 23 — give it time.

Is Wednesday leaving Netflix for Amazon?

According to IndieWire’s reporting, the deal between Netflix and MGM for the rights to Wednesday was locked in place far prior to MGM’s merger with Amazon. TLDR: There’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to the series and its current streaming home.

As IndieWire points out, The Independent mentioned a key detail of the MGM-Amazon deal, which states that MGM content might not be completely exclusive to Amazon’s streaming entities. Hence, Wednesday probably wouldn’t be in actual danger of leaving Netflix.

Honestly, it’s much ado about nothing when it comes to Netflix’s second most popular English-language show of all time. The Golden Globe-nominated Wednesday brought in an astounding 1.237 billion hours within its first month of release, and it continues to enjoy incredible viewership success.

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Even though there could be some slight panic given those numbers and the lack of a quick season 2 renewal, fans shouldn’t worry themselves over a cancellation or a move to another streaming service — especially when Netflix hasn’t said those things outright themselves.

Amazon buy Wednesday

Has There Been a Season-Two Renewal?

Oh, my little vipers, there has not been an official announcement — though to be fair, it’s not unusual for Netflix to take its time to green-light a new season. Shows like The Sandman, Bridgerton, and even Dahmer had at least a month’s wait before the streamer announced their second seasons. The good news for fans is that it would be outrageous for Netflix to not renew Wednesday given how much it has touted the show as one of the most successful in its history.

Still, in an interview with Buffering last month, Netflix’s head of U.S.-based scripted series, Peter Friedlander, could not answer whether season two was happening, but he did say he was “optimistic.” It would be quite a heel turn to not renew.

Why the Delay on Renewing the Show?

One possibility for the lag is that Netflix, MGM, and the producers are revisiting elements of the existing deal’s framework to figure out new compensation levels, how many seasons the show might run, and whether spinoffs could be created for Netflix. Or it could be far more mundane: It could just be Netflix taking its time and wanting to run all the numbers and that sometimes, even with successful shows, the company takes a beat to renew.

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Could Season Two End Up on Prime Video or MGM+?

Much of the hoopla on the matter has come from speculation in a report stating that, since Wednesday is an MGM Television production and MGM is now owned by Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s company would want to modify its deal to lure Wednesday over to its soon-to-launch MGM+ (currently known as Epix) or even Prime Video. But that won’t happen.

An industry insider familiar with the situation tells us that the deal between Netflix and MGM over Wednesday was finalized long before Amazon bought the studio. As Deadline reported in mid-December, “Even though MGM has been restructured into Amazon Studios, under Jen Salke, no one expects that to derail future seasons” of Wednesday, meaning that Gough and Millar’s series remains in Netflix’s court.

But Season One Won’t Leave Netflix, Right?

We’d have to say no way, mis tormentas. Sure, it’s not entirely impossible. We recently saw Marvel Studios take back custody of its Netflix Marvel shows (like Daredevil and Jessica Jones) to put them on Disney’s streaming service. As with every deal, though, there was a specific clause that included a licensing deadline of a set amount of time — usually five to ten years after a show debuts — before Disney had the right to pay a lot of money to take back the shows.

We don’t know the details of MGM and Netflix’s current deal for Wednesday, but even if the two parties did include such a clause, our bet is that season one will remain on Netflix and that’s where you’ll be watching the show’s second season.

 Amazon buy Wednesday

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