Mike Stickler: Setting the Record Straight on Cheating Allegations

The divorce announcement of power couple Mike Stickler and Kat Stickler left their fans in shock. With a solid online presence as a couple, many wondered what could have gone wrong. Speculations started to circulate, including claims of infidelity on Mike’s part. However, Mike has since responded to these allegations and set the record straight.

Addressing the Rumors

In a joint video posted on March 18, 2021, from their shared account (now under Kat’s name), the couple confirmed the news of their separation. Fans noted the stark difference in their demeanor, leading to further speculation. Some even questioned if cheating was the reason behind the split.

A Clear Response

An article on Distractify fueled the rumors, suggesting that Mike was the cause of their separation due to infidelity. However, Mike took to Instagram to address these claims directly. In a comment on a photo with his new girlfriend, he stated, “I didn’t cheat on Kat! Sorry you feel this way, and I hope you have a better day!”

While their divorce has undoubtedly been challenging, both Mike and Kat are committed to their co-parenting responsibilities, focusing on their daughter, Mary-Katherine, affectionately known as MK.

Moving Forward

“Co-parenting has had its difficulties, but it has definitely gotten easier,” Mike shared in a statement. He emphasized that co-parenting, like any other aspect of life, requires practice, adjustment, and getting used to new dynamics. Despite the challenges, Mike remains dedicated to being a loving and supportive father to MK.

New Beginnings

Following the divorce, Mike has found happiness with his new girlfriend, Tia Alannah Borso. Their love story began when they connected on Instagram in July 2021. In October of the same year, Mike introduced his followers to Borso through his Instagram posts.

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The content creator has since been seen enjoying quality time with both his daughter and his new partner, indicating a strong bond between them. Furthermore, on February 9, 2023, the couple joyfully announced that they are expecting a child together, sharing the news on Instagram with an ultrasound picture and the caption, “July 4th, 2023,” potentially indicating the due date.

Mike Stickler’s journey after his divorce has seen him navigating the complexities of co-parenting while finding love and embracing the joy of expanding his family. Stay tuned to Glamour Buff for more captivating stories like this!

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