Do you get paid for personal time off at Amazon?

Do you get paid for personal time off at Amazon? Let’s get into the details of Amazon leave in the U.S., so that you can better understand the value of your job offer and decide whether it’s aligned with your vision for work-life balance.

Paid leave is an essential part of any job offer package. Before you accept a job at Amazon, take a look at its policy for PTO, including paid vacation and personal time. Depending on your location, number of working hours and years of experience, Amazon offers a different number of PTO days.

Do you get paid for personal time off at Amazon?

Taking time away from work to relax, recharge, and spend time with loved ones is crucial for maintaining work-life balance and mental health. If you work at Amazon, you may be wondering about the company’s policies regarding paid time off – especially since some positions at Amazon are notorious for long hours and high pressure.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about whether Amazon offers paid vacation, sick days, and other personal time off benefits for its employees.

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If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Amazon provides paid vacation and sick leave to its full-time hourly associates working in their fulfillment centers and operations sites. Corporate employees also receive generous paid time off.

However, delivery drivers and Flex workers do not receive paid time off benefits from Amazon.

 paid for personal time off at Amazon

How Much Vacation Does Amazon Give?

The Amazon vacation policy depends on whether you’re a part-time, reduced-time or full-time employee. Depending on the number of years you’ve worked at Amazon:

  • Part-time workers can earn between 5-10 days of Amazon vacation time.
  • Reduced-time workers can earn between 7.5-15 days of Amazon vacation time.
  • Full-time workers can earn between 10-20 days of Amazon vacation time.

For first-year full-time salaried employees, you can expect 10 Amazon vacation days. Remember that the longer you work at Amazon, the more vacation days you can accrue. Once you reach 6+ years, you can earn up to 20 Amazon vacation days.

How Much Personal Time Does Amazon Give?

Personal time constitutes a separate type of compensated leave. In the United States, salaried workers can accumulate between 3 and 6 days of personal time based on their employment status as part-time, reduced-time, or full-time employees.

Personal time is accrued in conjunction with vacation time. Consequently, the total paid time off (PTO) offered by Amazon to a newly hired employee includes 10 vacation days and an additional 6 personal days.

What Other Paid Leave Does Amazon Offer?

In addition to traditional PTO (including vacation and personal time), Amazon offers seven paid holidays. Amazon holidays in 2021 consisted of:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
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In addition to these Amazon paid holidays, this company offers sick leave according to local law, as well as leave for pregnancy and new parents, and some paid days for jury/witness, military, and bereavement leaves. You should check the specific Amazon leave policy with your HR director.

What About Unpaid Leave at Amazon?

Unpaid leave is also available at Amazon, though it’s subject to approval by your manager or HR director. Most unpaid time off at Amazon involves personal reasons related to family or well-being. You should speak with HR to learn if your reason qualifies for unpaid leave.

paid for personal time off at Amazon

How Does Amazon PTO Work?

Amazon PTO is tracked every pay period. When you receive your paycheck, you’ll be able to check how much vacation and personal time you’ve accrued.

For personal time, employees accrue time starting on the last day of their first pay period and then during subsequent pay periods. Starting the next year, they’ll earn it on January 1st.

Overall, the Amazon vacation policy depends on several factors, including your location, number of working hours and years of experience. Be sure to check out the tables about Amazon PTO above to see your exact number of paid days.

Does Amazon PTO Roll Over From Year to Year?

According to the Amazon PTO policy, it doesn’t usually carry over into the next year. This means you should try to take advantage of your PTO days so that you don’t end up losing these days. Get in touch with your HR manager to ask the specifics of how your PTO can be used from year to year.

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Does Amazon Pay Out Vacation and Other PTO?

Whether Amazon pays out PTO, including vacation, personal time and holidays, will depend on your exact location. Most state laws allow for PTO to be paid out, but sometimes vacation days or sick days aren’t included.

You should check with your HR director and local laws to find out what aspects of PTO are paid out if you leave the company.

Is Amazon PTO the Same in Every Location or Country?

No, the number of PTO days listed here are for U.S. salaried employees. Other locations and countries may vary in the number of paid vacation, personal time and holidays. The exact Amazon PTO policy will depend on local laws and the Amazon benefit package offered there.

What About Hourly Amazon Employees in the U.S.?

Hourly Amazon employees have a different PTO policy according to the number of hours worked. If you’re a new hourly employee, you’ll earn between 2.5-5 days of vacation depending on whether you’re a part-time, reduced-time or full time employee.

How Does Amazon PTO Stack Up to Other Tech Companies?

Amazon’s PTO policy is somewhat on the low side compared to other tech companies. For example:

  • Facebook offers 21 days of PTO/year.
  • Google offers 15 days of PTO/year.
  • Amazon offers 10 vacation days + 6 personal days a year.

As you can see, Amazon offers a slightly lower amount of vacation days compared to other top tech companies.

 paid for personal time off at Amazon

Above is information about Do you get paid for personal time off at Amazon? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of paid for personal time off at Amazon. Thank you for reading our post.

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