Does Amazon deliver on Christmas day? What is this Amazon?

Does Amazon deliver on Christmas day? Christmas is, without a doubt, the busiest time of the year for Amazon workers. If you order before a certain point, the company guarantees delivery by Christmas Eve. But, what if you miss that cut-off? Does Amazon deliver on Christmas day?

Amazon does not deliver on Christmas Day. This applies even if you have ordered something using Prime delivery. The next time you receive a delivery will be the day after Christmas. Generally speaking, if something is a national holiday in the United States, Amazon is not going to deliver on those days.

Does Amazon deliver on Christmas day?

According to workers, while Amazon does not deliver on national holidays, it will always have its warehouses open. This means that the team at Amazon will be working hard on packaging up for deliveries on Christmas Day.

This applies to all of the countries listed above.

Although, you may wish to remember that because Amazon is missing a day of delivery (Christmas Day), your package may take a little bit longer to process.

This is because their delivery drivers are going to be a little bit backed up. However, Amazon is pretty good at logistics. They tend to be back on track pretty soon after.

This means that, yes, they will still be able to meet their Prime delivery promise. In fact, as always, those deliveries will be prioritized.

Amazon deliver on Christmas day

Does Amazon Work On New Year’s Day?

Amazon warehouses never shut. This means that the warehouse will be open on New Year’s Day.

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Amazon will also carry out deliveries on New Year’s Day. At least, their own couriers will. If another courier that they are using does not deliver on New Year’s Day, then you won’t receive your package.

However, that is on the head of the courier, and not of the Amazon team.

Does Amazon Fulfillment Center Work Holidays?

Yes. However, staff do not have to work. In the United States, Amazon offers 7-days of paid holiday per year. If people want to take the holiday off, then Amazon will be more than happy to let them.

The staff that continues to work at Amazon during the holidays will be paid 1.5x their hourly wage. This means that a lot of people end up working anyway.

However, do bear in mind that things can get a little bit slower. This is because Amazon will not be working with its full contingency of staff.

Although, it probably does help Amazon in that very few people are placing orders on holidays anyway. They tend to flow in when the holidays are over.

What Holidays Does Amazon Not Deliver?

Amazon will not deliver on any of the national holidays in the United States. While they will continue to package up parcels on these days, their workers will not be hitting the road and carrying out deliveries.

Before you place an order, Amazon will give you a rough delivery estimate for your package. This should make it clear that the package will not be delivered on a holiday.

This applies even if you order using the Amazon Prime service. You would have to add one extra day to the delivery time. However, don’t worry.

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When Amazon does start to make deliveries again, your delivery will be a priority for them.

Even if the warehouse is backed up due to no deliveries going out, Amazon Prime orders will always be sitting at the front of the queue.

Amazon deliver on Christmas day

Does Amazon Work on July 4th/Memorial Day?

The Amazon warehouse will be open on both of these days. While the employees have the option to take the day off completely paid, a lot of them do not do so.

This is because Amazon pays its workers 1.5x their normal wage to work on one of the national holidays.

What Amazon does not do, however, is deliver on July 4th and Memorial Day. This means that any order that you place will have a minimum of one day added to the timescale. This applies even if you have ordered using Amazon Prime.

If you do place an order on one of these days, then the delivery should follow the normal delivery time span for Amazon.

This is because there will be people in the warehouse packing up the order and sticking it on trucks.

So, in rare cases, you may even be able to get delivery on July 5th, even if you placed the order on the 4th of July!

Holiday shopping deadlines from retailers

Amazon — What is the last day you can order from Amazon for Christmas? We don’t have official times for 2023 as of right now, but history has shown that Dec. 22 was the final day to shop if you’re a Prime member or buy an item that has two-day shipping associated with it. If you’re pressed for time, Amazon does offer the ability to purchase gift cards on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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Barnes & Noble — You should order by Dec. 16 at noon ET for free standard shipping on orders of $40 or more. You can also order by Dec. 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET using express shipping. For last-minute shoppers, store pickup on Dec. 24 by noon local time is also available.

Etsy — There’s no set final date for when you should buy something on Etsy for the holidays. That’s because shipping is determined by the individual seller you’re purchasing from. You can find out more information here.

Kohl’s — For guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve, Kohl’s recommends using their two-day or next-day shipping options, as they can’t guarantee a deadline for standard delivery. The last day to place an order at Kohl’s for two-day shipping is Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. ET. The last day to place an order for one-day delivery is Dec. 20 at 2 p.m. ET. You can view more information here.

Target — No official deadlines have been released by Target. Since they typically offer three-to-five business day standard shipping, you might want to make sure your item can arrive by Dec. 22 since that’s the last business day before Christmas. They do offer same-day delivery through Shipt if you’re shopping from a Target near you, but Target is typically closed on Christmas Day.

Walmart — History has shown that next-da delivery was available on select items over $35, along with two-day shipping, especially if you’re a Walmart+ member. But the retailer hasn’t revealed official deadlines for 2023 as of this writing.

1-800-Flowers — Want delivery by Christmas Day? The online shop does same-day Christmas delivery, but only if you order by the listed time in your recipient’s time zone.

Amazon deliver on Christmas day

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