Does Amazon Deliver to Mexico? Is there Amazon in Mexico?

Does Amazon Deliver to Mexico? Is there Amazon in Mexico? If you are wondering, “is there Amazon in Mexico?” the answer is yes. To what extent can you or should you use it? This article will help answer all of your questions.

I have been living in Mexico for five years in places like Mexico City, San Jose del Cabo, and Mazatlan and I have used Amazon delivery services across the country in several other locations when I’m on vacation.

I have mostly had great experiences with using Amazon in Mexico, but there are a few things you’ll want to know if you are moving to Mexico or you’re already living here and you want to use it in Mexico for the first time.

Does Amazon Deliver to Mexico?

Yes, you can use Amazon US in Mexico and I have done it many times. Amazon US ships to Mexico for most things, but you will likely be charged an import fee if ordering something from outside of Mexico.

The great thing about Amazon US is that they include all import fees in the price of the item so that there are no hold-ups at customs in Mexico.

Be sure that when you are using Amazon US, you have changed the default address to Mexico. That way when you are browsing products on the website, you will be able to see if they ship to Mexico or not.

If the product cannot be shipped to Mexico, it will say “this item does not ship to Mexico” above the price on the right side of the screen.

If the item does ship to Mexico, it will tell you the import fee and shipping fee to the Mexico address that you have chosen.

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This can be as low as $3 USD and as high as $20 USD depending on the cost of the item, how much it weighs, and how soon you want to receive it

Amazon Deliver to Mexico

Is there Amazon in Mexico?

Yes, there is an Amazon Mexico which you can find at

If you already have an Amazon account in your home country like the US, UK, or Canada, you can use the same login details for your Amazon Mexico account. You do not need to create a new user account.

Amazon Mexico is in Spanish and you cannot change the language settings.

However, if you use Amazon Mexico in the Google Chrome browser, you can “translate” the page. See the image below to know exactly where the translate button is on Chrome if you have never used this feature before.

Of course, the prices will be in Mexican Pesos.

You will also want to make sure that you add your Mexico shipping address and make it the default shipping address in the settings.

This is important for when you are browsing the Amazon Mexico website. You will be able to see which items are available for shipping in Mexico and what will be coming from outside of the country.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon Mexico does not have anywhere near the range of products that Amazon does in places like the US or the UK.

You cannot purchase much food and absolutely no fresh food from Amazon Mexico.

There is limited clothing on Amazon Mexico, but it can be a great place to purchase kitchen gadgets. I got a great deal on a blender and an air fryer on Amazon Mexico.

It’s hit or miss whether you’ll want to use Amazon Mexico or pay a little bit more to use Amazon from the US.

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That being said, in the five years that I have lived in Mexico, Amazon Mexico has become immensely better.

Amazon in Mexico Delivery: How Much is it?

If you are using Amazon Mexico as a way to save money on shipping costs, you will want to make sure that what you are buying is coming from within Mexico.

If you have changed your default shipping address to match the address you are using in Mexico, you will be able to get the most information about the cost of Amazon delivery in Mexico.

As you can see from the image above, this electric air fryer which is available on Amazon Mexico has free delivery.

You may find the cost of delivery differs depending on where in Mexico you are living.

Because I live in Mexico City, the delivery is reliable and more affordable than if you lived in a rural or small town on the coast of Oaxaca (they may not even deliver it there).

Amazon Deliver to Mexico

Can I Use Foreign Cards on Amazon Mexico?

Yes. In fact, all of your credit card settings are saved on your Amazon account regardless of whether you are using Amazon Mexico or any other Amazon website around the world.

So if you have an Amazon account in the US, when you log into Amazon Mexico with the same login details, all of the credit and debit cards that you have stored on your US account will automatically appear in your Mexico account.

Usually when you pay with your foreign card, it will tell you how much it costs in your home currency.

So if your credit card is Canadian but you are shopping on Amazon Mexico in Pesos, when you get to check out and choose which card to use, it will also tell you the total in Canadian Dollars.

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Can You Use Amazon Prime US in Mexico?

It depends on what you want to use your US Amazon Prime for while you are in Mexico.

If you want to use Amazon Prime shipping to ship from the US to Mexico, this is not possible. You will always have to pay for shipping when shipping internationally and you will always have to cover whatever the import feel will be.

If you want to use Amazon Prime US in Mexico to watch movies and series, well that depends.

I have seen some people suggest that you can simply use a VPN to “trick” Amazon into believing that you are in the US.

If you have never used a VPN before, it allows you to choose a location for your IP Address. I have been using the HMA VPN which you can read about here for a few years now and it’s wonderful.

You can use a VPN to watch USA Netflix or BBC iPlayer from the UK.

But you cannot use a VPN to do anything on Amazon.

If you put a VPN on in Mexico and then you try to watch Amazon Prime you will receive a message from Amazon saying that “you are traveling” or straight up telling you that you have a VPN on and that you need to turn it off in order to use the website.

That being said, many shows that are on Amazon Prime US are available while you are in Mexico. I was still able to watch a few different TV shows.

If you browse Amazon Prime while you are in Mexico, the website will suggest shows that it knows you can watch while you are “traveling.”

If you have Amazon Prime US and you are logged into your account on Amazon Mexico, it will not recognize that you have prime.

Amazon Deliver to Mexico

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