Does Amazon sell Alcohol? What is this Amazon sell Alcohol?

Does Amazon sell Alcohol? Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers in the world, offering a wide range of products from electronics to groceries. But does Amazon deliver alcohol?

The answer is yes, Amazon does deliver alcohol, but there are some restrictions and requirements that customers must be aware of.

Amazon has an entire storefront dedicated to a selection of alcohol and mixers from top brands, as well as a ton of non-alcoholic libations that can be hard to find elsewhere. Customers can purchase alcoholic drinks through Amazon Prime Now and choose whether to pick them up or have them delivered directly.

Amazon’s alcohol delivery service is available in selected locations and states in the US, and customers must be at least 21 years old to order alcohol from Amazon.

Amazon sell Alcohol

Does Amazon sell Alcohol?

Selling alcohol on Amazon or online from your own website is a growing market and to some a very lucrative market.

Putting the term “alcoholic drinks” into the Amazon UK search bar generates 20,000 products which sounds a lot, but it is still a growing market.

For a comparison the term “chocolates” generates twice as many products, so you can see there is still room for growth.

To sell anything on Amazon there are various registrations to be completed and we have provided a link to take you to the Amazon site “what you need to know to sell on Amazon” page which will help you if you are not already a registered seller. Amazon Seller Guide

When registering with Amazon as a seller for alcohol, it is important to remember to use the name and address that your will be using for your premises licence as Amazon requires both your sellers details and your premises licence details to match exactly. If they dont, your application to sell alcohol will be rejected.

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The specifics of applying to Amazon to use the site to sell alcohol or any age restricted products is obviously going to be a more rigorous application process than if you wanted to sell dog brushes.

The main requirements will be that you or your company have a premises licence and that the premises licence has a Designated Premises Supervisor. Amazon will want to see a copy of your Premises Licence and a copy of the Designated Premises Supervisors Personal Licence.

To get a Premises Licence you must apply to the licensing office at your local council. A copy of the application must also go to a further 8 relevant authorities including the police. (find out more about how to make a full application).

A premises licence to sell on Amazon is quite specific and will require the correct conditions within the application to ensure that the licence will suit your business needs and fulfil the requirements under the licensing act.

Although all of the 4 Licensing Objectives within the licensing Act are important, the protection of children from harm is generally judged to be the most important when submitting an application that allows you to sell alcohol online because unlike face to face sales you will be selling to people you will never see.

It is important that you think very carefully about these conditions to ensure that you eliminate the potential for inadvertent sales of alcohol to children. The legal punishment for selling to a child can be severe and your business could be lost.

At Innpacked we are experienced in applying for Premises Licences for Amazon sellers and have a track record of 100% success.

We can take care of the Premises Licence application, your personal licence training and application for your DPS if they don’t already have one.

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How to Start Selling Alcohol on Amazon?

How you sell your products on Amazon depends on your business model.

If you are the brand owner then the best approach is to sell via Amazon’s Vendor Central platform. More on this later.

If you are a distributor and do not own exclusive rights to a brand in your market then you will sell through the Seller Central platform.

Why the difference?

Vendor is Amazon’s version of a traditional trade relationship. Amazon buys the products and they are presented as ‘dispatched from and sold by Amazon’ on the website.

Amazon will only work on a trade relationship with the brand owner or an entity that has exclusive distribution rights.

Their approach is; why deal with multiple wholesalers when we can deal directly with the brand. It’s an understandable position to take.

If you are a wholesaler then you can sell the products through Seller Central. This is Amazon’s 3rd party marketplace. It is open to any business entity.

3rd party businesses create their own account and listings. Alternatively, if the product they are selling is already for sale on Amazon then they don’t need to create a listing. They simply create an offer on the existing listing.

In this example, there is one listing for Kraken Spiced Rum and 4 offers from 3rd parties. They are all competing to ‘win’ sales of that product.

Amazon sell Alcohol

How are Products Fulfilled to the Customer?

One of the big perks of using the Vendor Central program is that Amazon handles delivery to the customer.

You will ship units as per the weekly purchase orders to Amazon’s fulfilment centres. Amazon handles everything from that point until it reaches the customer.

This process is called Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. All products on the FBA program will be eligible for next today delivery for Prime subscribers.

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Amazon is well known for it’s speedy delivery. For you as the brand-owner it provides three benefits

If you get to this point in the process then you’ve done everything you need to do in order to start selling on Amazon.

Your Vendor Manager will introduce you to a range of training modules. These will help you to understand how to market your products on Amazon.

We’ll come back to this in more detail later on but for now, it’s important to get into the mindset that Amazon is both a point of sale and a marketing platform. You must engage with both sides to become a successful Amazon seller.

Next, we’re going to walk you through options for businesses that either don’t want to use Vendor Central or are unable to use it because of their business status.

How to Sell Alcohol on Amazon via Seller Central

Let’s quickly recap on why you might sell through Seller Central.

Vendor Central is only open to brand owners or exclusive distributors. If you don’t fall into those two groups then the only other option is to use the 3rd party marketplace platform.

Brands and exclusive distributors can also use Seller Central but we don’t recommend taking this option.

I’ll explain why when we come onto fulfilment for 3rd party sellers a bit later on.

Opening a Seller Central account is very easy. You don’t need Amazon’s permission. Before we get into the details it’s important that you are aware of the administrative hurdles that you will have to jump before you can start selling.

Review these regulations before going through the time and effort of creating your Amazon account.

Amazon sell Alcohol

Above is information about Does Amazon sell Alcohol? What is this Amazon sell Alcohol? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Amazon sell Alcohol. Thank you for reading our post.

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