Does Amazon ship to the Philippines? What is this Amazon?

Does Amazon ship to the Philippines? International shopping with Amazon can have its difficulties. If you live in the Philippines or you are a digital nomad or expat residing there, shopping online at one of the largest retailers can give you access to products you’d never find in your country.

If you’ve been trying to shop on Amazon but keep getting stuck when it comes to shipping, you may be wondering if Amazon ships to the Philippines.

Amazon ships to many international regions, including Philippines. Most Amazon items can also be shipped to the Philippines. However, most international customers find it challenging to shop on Amazon because they often use the Amazon U.S. site instead of the Amazon international page.

Does Amazon ship to the Philippines?

The quick answer is yes, Amazon does ship to the Philippines in 2023, but reality is more complicated (see below). Customers can get free shipping on eligible items (will display “FREE Shipping to Philippines”) and for orders more than $49 USD. Fees for items shipped to the Philippines vary, and you may need to pay more for heavier items and multiple items placed in one order.

Amazon ship to the Philippines

How To Shop on in the Philippines

If you live in the Philippines, you’ve probably experienced a few shipping issues when shopping on Amazon.

The most common issue faced by most customers is the “Currently unavailable” or the dreaded “this item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location.”

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So how do you bypass this problem and get your items easily shipped to the Philippines? Here are your options for Amazon Philippines shipping.

Amazon now offers free shipping to the Philippines on select items

While those in the Philippines have their own go-to sites when it comes to online shopping, chances are you might have snuck a peek at the items being offered by Amazon.

In case you don’t know, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and is prominent for selling many product lines such as media books, beauty products, jewelry, toys and games, and more.

However, despite being a larger retailer, it is not quite popular in the Philippines due to certain products on the site not being eligible for shipping to the Philippines. And even if they are, it may cost you an arm and a leg as Amazon does not offer free shipping to the country. According to their website, the cost of shipping from Amazon to Asia ranges from $5.99 to $13.99 per shipment, which translates to around P300 to P800.

But worry no more as you can now ship Amazon orders for free, but not all of them.

The online retailer announced on their website that it will offer free shipping to the Philippines on eligible items with an order value of $49 (P2,800) or more.

You may shop items from categories such as computers & accessories, books, beauty, Amazon fashion, home, and toys.

To get free shipping, Amazon instructed that you must set your delivery address to Philippines and check if the items you want buy display “FREE Shipping to Philippines” by item price. (Tip: When browsing the page, tick the “Eligible for Free Shipping” box to see refined results.) You must review your cart to see if your order qualifies for free shipping and if it is, “FREE AmazonGlobal Shipping” will be pre-selected at check-out.

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You can meet the threshold through two ways. One is by buying several eligible items with a total value that meets or exceeds the free shipping threshold and the other is by purchasing one eligible product that costs $49 or more.

If you are wondering if you’re still required to pay for import fees, Amazon says that their policies are still the same—the customs duties, taxes and fees or “Import Fees,” can vary depending on the shipping method and the number of items purchased. The additional fees will be calculated during checkout.

Do note that the Philippines, under Republic Act No. 10863 or the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA), has a de minimis value of P10,000. Which means that no tax or duties will be collected for imported goods value of P10,000 and below.

Amazon stressed that if your cart contains non-eligible items, you might be charged shipping fees for them.

Amazon ship to the Philippines

What You Need to Know About Amazon Free Shipping to the Philippines

Amazon is being aggressive as of late in getting new customers in the Philippines. After a jaw-dropping promo for its Prime Video service, Amazon also announced that they will be offering Free Shipping to the Philippines.

That’s a really good deal, as the free shipping offer can save you around Php 700 in shipping fees. Before you get too excited, we break down a few things you need to know about this offer aside from the obvious fact that you need an Amazon account and a valid Philippines address:

Only select items are eligible. While there are thousands of items in Amazon, only select items are covered by free shipping. This is because it uses AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping, and not all items can use this shipping option.

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You need to spend at least Php 3,000. Since AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping costs around Php 700 when converted, Amazon placed a $49 minimum order on eligible items in order to make their offer cost-efficient when it comes to logistics.

Import fees MAY apply. While Amazon will let you save Php 700 in shipping to the Philippines, you may need to pay for import fees if your item is valued at over Php 10,000. This is part of the Bureau of Customs’ policy back in 2016. So before adding large items to your Amazon cart like laptops, you’ll most likely need to reassess if the item is cheaper when bought via Amazon VS when buying it locally–UNLESS the said item is not available in the Philippines at all.

Payment is either credit or debit card. Unlike in the US where there are different payment options, paying for your items in Amazon is limited to credit and debit cards. Should you want to use eWallets like GCash or Maya, you will need to use their accompanying debit cards to make purchases at Amazon.

Amazon ship to the Philippines

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