Does best buy price match Amazon? What is this Amazon about?

Does best buy price match Amazon? Over a decade ago, Best Buy put its foot down and decided its prices would not be beaten by competitors. Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee was announced in February of 2013 and went into effect in early March of the same year, according to Forbes.

Later in March 2013, Best Buy announced the policy would be permanent. Now, over 10 years after the birth of the Price Match Guarantee, does the company still offer the same deal to its customers?

Here’s all you need to know about the current state of Best Buy’s price match policy.

Does best buy price match Amazon?

Yes, Best Buy and its subsidiary Pacific Sales still honor the decade-old price match policy – as confirmed over the phone by at least one Best Buy location in each continental U.S. time zone.

With a revised policy updated in February 2023, the store remains committed to matching the in-store and online prices of local retailers, as well as products shipped from and sold by Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell and HP, according to their website. The prices of third-party sellers on these sites, as well as any other online retailers, will not be matched.

This policy also excludes membership deals, Black Friday deals, bundle offers and items advertised as limited in quantity. A complete list of exclusions and special considerations can be found here.

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How to price match at Best Buy

Best Buy’s website explains customers can take advantage of the Price Match Guarantee online or in-person.

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For online price matching, offers a chat feature to confirm an online price match, or customers can call 1-888-237-8289.

For in-store price matching, customers can simply present a competitor’s advertisement or website with a lower price at any Best Buy.

Know the price-matching policies for Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and others

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new pair of headphones, an OLED TV, or a backpack just to find out that you could have gotten it for a lot cheaper somewhere else. In order to keep customers happy — and prevent them from going elsewhere — many retailers offer price-matching policies where they promise to match a lower price you’ve found elsewhere. That’s information that could come in handy now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner.

What follows are the price-matching policies for a variety of major retailers. There are a few things to make note of here. First, all price-matching policies have a number of rules attached to them. We’ve summarized some of the rules here, but you’d be advised to go to the links that we’ve provided and read the policy carefully. Second, and logically enough, retailers that serve as marketplaces for other sellers, such as Costco, don’t have price-matching policies.

Lastly, there are always exceptions to the rules. If you’re looking for a deal on a product and you know it’s available for a lower price elsewhere (or it was previously offered at the same retailer), it never hurts to call or chat with a customer service rep and ask if they’ll match the price. After all, what do you have to lose?

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Amazon doesn’t offer price matching. Full stop. You can contact customer support, but even if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, they’re not likely going to help you out.

That said, Amazon does offer a pretty liberal return policy, meaning you can often return an item you purchased from Amazon if it’s available for less elsewhere (or at Amazon). Then, you can just repurchase the product wherever it’s cheapest.


As of October 22nd, Target will match the price of any item purchased online or in-store from Target that goes on sale through December 24th. However, the current price-matching policy doesn’t apply to products you may have bought from one Target store and found for less at another.

Target will also match the price of items purchased from Amazon, Best Buy, and a select group of competitors if you ask for it at the time of or within 14 days of your purchase. You must bring the original ad or listing, whether digital or in print, along with your receipt into the store. Alternatively, you can call for online purchases at 1-800-591-3869 or chat online via

Be mindful, however, that Target’s policy excludes doorbusters and competitors’ lightning sales, like those that Amazon offers. It also doesn’t apply to products that require that you log in to see the price, “Marketplace” items from third-party sellers, or lower-priced items purchased from other Target stores.

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Best Buy

Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee states that a product could be eligible for a price reduction if it’s new, identical to the competitor’s product, immediately available at a qualifying competitor’s store or on its site, and not shown on Best Buy’s exclusion list (which includes “items for sale the Friday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving”).

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To get the difference, you have to contact Best Buy via its on-site chat and be able to show the ad or website with a lower price point. Alternatively, you can call 1-888-237-8289 or visit any Best Buy or Pacific Sales store.

Best Buy will also, upon request, match an in-store or online price that was lowered during the return and exchange period, which typically lasts up to 15 days.


Walmart doesn’t price-match the prices of its competitors, though Walmart’s online store offers price-matching on items purchased from Walmart stores if the item is in stock at

However, the policy doesn’t apply to those who live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Additionally, it doesn’t apply to special event prices, like those seen during Black Friday. Walmart also does not retroactively price-match items bought from that have dropped in price after the time of purchase. The retailer additionally doesn’t price-match items purchased from Walmart Marketplace retailers or third-party sellers.

Things to keep in mind when price matching at Best Buy United States

  • The product must be a matching brand, model number, and color to qualify. The product must also be a new product.
  • Best Buy will match local retail competitors (including their online prices) and these qualifying online retailers:,,, and
  • Exclusions apply including, but not limited to, items sold by Marketplace vendors, competitors’ service prices, special daily or hourly sales, and items for sale the Friday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving.

For additional information about price matching at Best Buy in the United States, read the full policy here.

buy price match Amazon

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