Does Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime? What is this?

Does Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime? Prime members can access new games and in-game content at no additional cost with Prime Gaming.

Did you know your Prime membership includes free video games and in-game content at no additional cost? Prime Gaming is just one of the many cool benefits of Prime, which saves members money every day with exclusive deals, free delivery, prescription savings, and quality entertainment. Specifically, Prime Gaming offers access to tons of free content for PC, console, and mobile games.

Prime members can claim at least one game per week, and in the past, we’ve offered classic and popular titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Dishonored 2, along with indie gems such as Enter the Gungeon, Wizard of Legend, and Overcooked.

Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime

Does Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime?

Free monthly games, extra in-game content, and a free Twitch subscription: here’s what you can get with an Amazon Prime subscription and Prime Gaming.

There’s lots of reasons to have Amazon Prime, from the new Lord of the Rings show to free shipping, but one that’s often forgotten is Prime Gaming with Luna. Amazon Prime members might want to considered checking out what Prime Gaming has to offer.

For those not in the know, Prime Gaming is Amazon’s gaming streaming platform which gives user monthly free games, in-game content, and other benefits. In addition to Prime Gaming, there’s also Amazon Luna which widens the catalog of games and subscriptions available to Amazon Prime gamers.

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While Prime Gaming can be seen as the base package for games on Amazon, Luna and the subsequent Luna Games catalogs open players up a wider range of gaming options at the cost of additional subscriptions. While Prime Gaming offers a strong basics catalog with currently Fall Guys, Madden 23, and in-game content for free-to-play games like Apex Legends and Pokémon GO, Luna with Prime Gaming offers specific catalogs the likes of Ubisoft+, Luna+, and the Retro gaming channel.

Outside of streaming games, Prime Gaming also gives Amazon gamers other benefits. In addition to free extras and cosmetics in free-to-play games like Apex Legends and Valorant, Prime Gaming also provides Twitch viewers with one free Twitch subscription to be used for a Twitch affiliated channel.

Is Prime Gaming free with Amazon Prime?

Naturally, the question arise as to whether or not Prime Gaming is included with an Amazon Prime account. While Amazon Prime members won’t be able to enjoy the full package of what Prime Gaming with Luna has to offer, they can at the very least get the basics.

Starting with the free Amazon trial, even gamers who haven’t made the commitment to an Amazon Prime subscription can at least try out Prime Gaming. Amazon Prime trial users have access to Prime Gaming for 30 days and maybe can even get one month of a free Twitch subscription out of the trial.

Standard Prime members will get access to the basic Prime Gaming plan along with Prime Student accounts. Video-only Prime members will get some of the benefits of Prime Gaming like a free Twitch channel sub but won’t be eligible for free channel subscriptions.

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As far as games to play on Prime Gaming, some of the highlights are Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Metro Exodus, Earthworm Jim 2, and Skatebird.

Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Gaming cost and benefits

Let’s talk dollars and cents. How does the cost of Prime Gaming stack up against the benefits it offers outside gaming?

  • Cost: Prime Gaming comes bundled with an Amazon Prime membership, which is priced at around $12.99 per month or approximately $119 per year. Considering the extensive array of benefits that Amazon Prime offers—from expedited shipping to access to Prime Video—the cost of Prime Gaming is incredibly reasonable. It’s not just an investment in gaming; it’s an investment in a comprehensive entertainment package.
  • Benefits: When you consider the complimentary Twitch subscription (valued at $4.99 per month), the monthly free games (often totaling much more than the monthly subscription cost), and the in-game items and loot (which hold substantial value in popular games), the benefits undeniably outweigh the cost. Prime Gaming isn’t just about gaming; it’s about elevating your overall entertainment and gaming experiences.

Is Prime Gaming a worthy investment for gamers?

The answer to this question varies based on your gaming habits and the value you place on the benefits mentioned above. If you’re an avid gamer who frequently indulges in Twitch streams or desires an expanding collection of games without burdening your finances, the free Twitch subscription and monthly free games alone can quickly surpass the cost of the subscription. Moreover, if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, the additional cost for Prime Gaming is a small investment for a wealth of gaming perks and additional benefits.

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To sum up, Amazon Prime Gaming is a remarkable addition for avid gamers seeking added value and perks in their gaming journey. From free games to exclusive in-game loot and the ability to support your favorite streamers on Twitch, the benefits are abundant and cater to a diverse array of gaming enthusiasts. If gaming is a significant part of your life, investing in Prime Gaming is a move that’s likely to pay off in delightful gaming experiences, bonuses, and beyond.

Is Prime Gaming worth the cost?

It depends on how you use it. If you’re claiming loads of the in-game goodies on offer, as well as the weekly bonuses, you’ll see get much more out of it than you’ve paid for. If all the free games and free in-game content doesn’t appeal to you so much and you think you’ll only get one or two things each month, then it may not be worth it. Fortunately, the selection is broad enough that most gamers will find plenty that appeals to them.

Can I get Amazon Prime Gaming for free?

Technically, yes, but only for a month. Prime Gaming is a paid subscription, but as it is included with Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime gives you a free month, you can use that free trial whenever you feel like claiming a particularly exciting loot pack.

This could be especially exciting to smart shoppers because Amazon lets you have a free 30 days multiple times. Obviously, it’s not going to let you just use it over and over again indefinitely, but you could easily use it a handful of times a year whenever it has something that you really want.

Prime gaming come with Amazon Prime

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