Prime Gaming: An Amazon Prime Perk Explained

Amazon Prime provides numerous membership benefits that often make headlines, such as free shipping and exclusive deals. However, one perk that is frequently overlooked is Prime Gaming, which is a must-have for dedicated gamers like yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with Prime Gaming, don’t worry. Even some members of the Tom’s Guide team were unaware of this service until recently. This article aims to explain what Prime Gaming is, highlight the various rewards it offers, and guide you on how to access everything it has to offer.

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is essentially Amazon’s gaming hub, designed to reward Prime members with a range of benefits. These include exclusive in-game items for popular online games, as well as access to rotating games that are available for free.

Originally launched in 2016 as Twitch Prime, the service was rebranded as Prime Gaming in mid-2020. This refresh turned it into the impressive platform it is today.

Prime Gaming is currently available in over 200 countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada. For a complete list of countries and territories where Prime Gaming is available, visit the Amazon Games website.

What Rewards Does Prime Gaming Offer?

Arguably the best perk of Prime Gaming is the selection of free titles that can be claimed from the “weekly games” tab. This section features a regularly rotating collection of games that you can keep without spending a single penny.

Prime Gaming rewards can be categorized into two main types: in-game content and free games. The in-game content selection regularly changes but typically includes exclusive items for popular games. Prime Gaming offers items for titles like Madden NFL 23, League of Legends, Fall Guys, World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, Destiny 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, FIFA 23, and Genshin Impact.

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If you’re a fan of a popular online-centric game, there’s a good chance that Prime Gaming will have some form of in-game extra for that particular title. Additionally, these content pieces are usually available on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. So, no matter which platform you prefer, make sure to regularly check the Prime Gaming hub.

However, the most enticing aspect of Prime Gaming remains the selection of free titles that can be claimed from the “weekly games” tab. Here, you’ll find a rotating roster of games that are yours to keep without spending a dime. While the selection may feature smaller and indie titles, Prime Gaming frequently offers at least one blockbuster game at a time. For example, you can currently grab Wolfenstein: The New Order, and past freebies have included Fallout 76, Battlefield 5, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Unfortunately, the free games are generally only available on PC. So, if you’re a console gamer with a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll need to obtain your free games through services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

How Can I Access Prime Gaming?

One of the greatest advantages of Prime Gaming is that you might already have access to it. To enjoy all the above-mentioned perks, all you need is an active Amazon Prime membership. There’s no additional subscription fee or need to sign up for a separate Prime Gaming membership.

Similar to Amazon Music or Prime Video, Prime Gaming is included as a perk of your existing Prime membership at no extra cost. So, if you want to access everything Prime Gaming has to offer, ensure you’re signed up for Amazon Prime, which is available either at a monthly cost of $14.99 or an annual subscription of $139.

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