How does PayPal work when receiving money? What is this?

How does PayPal work when receiving money? If you want to receive money on PayPal, in most cases, all you have to do is give the sender your email address or phone number. They can send you money using either of these details, and PayPal will send a message telling you that it’s available.

Then you can access your money if you log in to your PayPal account, then transfer it to your bank account or keep them in PayPal.

Want to save money when receiving money internationally? You may want to consider using an alternative called Wise. But more on that later.

How does PayPal work when receiving money?

To receive money on your PayPal account, you’ll just need to provide the sender with one key piece of information: the email address your PayPal account is registered under.

That’s it — the sender enters your email address into a field in their PayPal account and chooses how much they want to send, and then it will head your way. You will get an email alert when you’ve received money.

However, once you’ve received the funds, you may want to transfer it to your bank account. Here’s how to do that.

PayPal work when receiving money

How Does PayPal Work?

To use PayPal to send money to family or friends, you’ll first need to start by creating a PayPal account. Then, link a bank account, debit card or credit card to your PayPal account. After that, you can send and receive money securely between family and friends or make purchases in-store or online.

  • Buying from businesses: When you purchase goods or services from a business, you qualify for Buyer Protection. Through the Buyer Protection program, you can request a refund within 180 days if an item or service you purchased is not received or is not the correct item.
  • Buying in-store: If you have a PayPal debit card or credit card, you can also make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores using your balance or line of credit. If you don’t have enough money in your account, you can also set up PayPal to fund purchases using a debit card, credit card or checking or savings account of your choice.
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Step-by-Step Guide

PayPal acts as a secure go-between to facilitate transactions between your bank and a third party, whether that’s an e-commerce merchant, a store, a service provider or a friend or family member. Setting up your account is a simple process and can be done in just a few steps.

  • You can set up an account for free on PayPal’s website or by downloading the PayPal app from the App Store or Google Play. You will need to enter some basic personal information.
  • Once you’ve got an account, you’ll want to link a bank account, credit card or debit card to the account. You can link one card to begin, or link as many accounts as you’d like for more flexibility in managing your money.
  • When you want to make a payment online, you can simply click the “PayPal” button, log in to your account and pay for your purchase. There’s no need to enter your credit card information on the e-commerce website or worry about creating a virtual transaction number for added security.

PayPal work when receiving money

How Do You Send Payments on PayPal?

If you are sending money to a friend or family member, all you need is their email address. Ideally, they already have a PayPal account, and you would use the email address they used for their account to send money.

Then, enter the amount of money and the currency and click “friends and family” to send the money securely without fees. They will get an email from PayPal indicating they have received money. If they don’t have an account set up, they will need to do so using the email address where you sent the funds.

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Make sure to select “friends and family” if you are not sending money to a business or service provider. Otherwise, the recipient will pay fees on the amount.

How Can You Accept Payments Through PayPal?

As PayPal is an online platform, there are a few ways to accept payments. Anyone with your email address can send you money as a PayPal user. Make sure they send it as a “family and friends” transaction so you won’t have to pay taxes on money sent as gifts, reimbursements of purchases or things like splitting the bill at dinner.

You can also set up a link so people can pay you easily with one click.

Potential PayPal Fees

For transactions in a single currency between family and friends, PayPal does not charge fees, but some transactions do come with a fee.

  • Currency conversion: For transactions requiring a currency conversion, PayPal collects a fee of 3% above the base exchange rate from the recipient of the money.
  • International transactions: For personal international transactions, the person sending the money also pays a fee of 5% of the transaction, with a minimum fee of 99 cents and a maximum of $4.99. These charges apply whether you use a PayPal balance, bank account, credit or debit card or Amex Send Account.
  • Paying for goods or services: When you pay for goods or services, the seller pays the associated fees, which are currently 2.99%. If a merchant sends an invoice or a consumer uses PayPal Checkout to make an online purchase, the seller pays 3.49% plus a fixed fee of 49 cents in the U.S. for domestic transactions.
  • Credit card payments: If you use your PayPal credit account or a credit card that is linked to your PayPal account for any transaction, business or personal, you will pay a fee of 30 cents plus 2.9% of the transaction.
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How to Receive Money Through PayPal from a Friend?

If you want to request money from friends and family and receive payments through PayPal, you can do so easily using the “Request Money” button.

To receive money through PayPal from a friend:

  • Open your PayPal account
  • Go to the “Request Money” page at the top of the screen
  • Enter the amount of money you want to ask for and the friend’s email address to receive money.
  • Then hit “Confirm”. The request will be sent, and your friend will get an email.

PayPal work when receiving money

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