How many Episodes Of The Power on Amazon? What is this?

How many Episodes Of The Power on Amazon? Prime Video’s The Power, based on the bestseller by Naomi Alderman, is officially at an end with the final episode available to view now. The epic sci-fi series, starring John Leguizamo, Toni Collette and Eddie Marsan, sees the world disrupted overnight as teenage girls suddenly develop the ability to spark electricity from their fingertips.

However, not everyone is happy about the new power imbalance between the sexes – and the world quickly descends into chaos.

While adapting a rich novel is never easy, the series has received rave reviews. The cast also spoke to about what to expect, with Marsan praising Alderman’s writing.

He said: “Really, I think Naomi’s a bit of a genius. There’s a real trojan horse element to The Power because you think it’s about women gaining power, but it’s not. It’s an exploration of power and how it can be used for good or evil.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the release schedule for The Power and when episode 9, the finale episode, is available on Prime Video.

Episodes Of The Power on Amazon

How many Episodes Of The Power on Amazon?

There are nine episodes total in The Power.

Whether there will be a season 2 of the show remains to be seen. It hasn’t been green-lit just yet but, when speaking to, the cast made it clear they’re very up for it.

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“I think it’s only just begun,” Collette, who plays Mayor Margot Cleary, said, while Leguizamo, who plays her husband Rob Lopez, added: “The book is a great springboard because where you can go with it is amazing, what power does to people, how people react to it, there’s a whole place to go. I don’t want to give anything away!”

Ria Zmitrowicz, who plays the fierce Roxy Monke, also said: “I just think it’s such a rich tapestry of themes and ideas. I would love to do another series if we got offered it, yeah.”

Meanwhile, Marsan, who plays her father, crime boss Eddie Monke, pointed out the importance of the story and how it tackles toxic masculinity, arguing that it’s essential for the show to continue.

“Men already have physical dominance over women, they’re already physically stronger,” he explained. “And the thing I found most fascinating about when you reverse it, is men’s reaction to it, they get so scared of it and so worried.”

The Power Season 1, Episode 4 is coming out this week

We’ve seen a few ways of shows being released recently. Carnival Row Season 2 came out with two episodes per week, while Daisy Jones and the Six came out in blocks of episodes. What’s the plan for The Power?

We’ll only get one episode per week from this point. The show is following the same format as the likes of The Boys and The Wheel of Time. The finale is going to air on Friday, May 12.

It’s going to be a fun run for Fridays, soon. Not only do we have this series, but The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 premieres on Friday, April 14, and episodes will come out weekly too. There is going to be plenty to watch.

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Episodes Of The Power on Amazon

How many episodes are in The Power?

The first season of The Power will consist of 9 episodes in total.

All 9 episodes of The Power are exclusive to Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video.

To get viewers hooked, the first 3 episodes of the science fiction series release back to back on Friday, March 31, 2023. From episode 4 and onwards, The Power will release one episode per week, every Friday.

A complete episode guide with release dates is as follows:

  1. A Better Future Is In Your Hands – Friday, March 31, 2023
  2. The World Is On F**king Fire – Friday, March 31
  3. A New Organ – Friday, March 31
  4. The Day Of The Girls – Friday, April 7
  5. Scarlet Minnow – Friday, April 14
  6. Sparklefingers – Friday, April 21
  7. Baptism – Friday, April 28
  8. Just A Girl – Friday, May 5
  9. The Shape Of Power – Friday, May 12

The finale is expected to be released on Friday, May 12, 2023.

“It’s very empowering for women – especially young women – to see other young women coming into their own”

In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, the talented actress Toni Collette discussed her time preparing for her role in The Power, and how the running themes in the story reflect larger issues for young girls and women.

Throughout the series, various characters face off against patriarchal terrors, from abuse and human trafficking to simple survival, the girls in the series attempt to reclaim their power in society.

Collette reflected on this in relation to her own real-life experience:

“I would love to be able to go walking at 2am if I’m jet-lagged and can’t sleep, or if I’m up really early and want to go out before the light. But you have to really think twice as a woman.”

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She continued “It’s a metaphor for the inherent power we all have.” Further reflecting, the actress added, “historically and traditionally, boys and men have been encouraged to develop that power and nurture it. Girls and women haven’t.”

With a show focused on such an important topic, there’s no doubt The Power will blend sci-fi elements with real-life issues to provide insight and representation for women and girls navigating the modern world.

When is episode 9 of The Power released on Prime Video?

Episode 9 of The Power, titled The Shape of Power, is out now, after being released on Friday 12th May 2023.

That means the full season is now available to view, with the series following characters like Collette’s Margot Cleary, Ria Zmitrowicz’s Roxy Monke, Halle Bush’s Allie Montgomery, and Toheeb Jimoh’s Tunde Ojo.

The Power release schedule

The full release schedule for The Power is below. While the first three episodes of the series dropped on Prime Video at once, the remaining episodes are being released weekly, with the season concluding on Friday 12th May.

  • Episode 1 – A Better Future Is in Your Hands – Friday 31st March 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 2 – The World Is on F**king Fire – Friday 31st March 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 3 – A New Organ – Friday 31st March 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 4 – The Day of the Girls – Friday 7th April 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 5 – Scarlet Minnow – Friday 14th April 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 6 – Sparklefingers – Friday 21st April 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 7 – Baptism – Friday 28th April 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 8 – Just a Girl – Friday 5th May 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 9 – The Shape of Power – Friday 12th May 2023 (out now)

Episodes Of The Power on Amazon

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