Amazon’s Acquisition: How Much Did They Pay for Thursday Night Football?

Are you interested in knowing how much Amazon spent to secure the rights for Thursday Night Football? In 2023, the National Football League (NFL) signed a series of long-term TV deals worth an estimated $105 billion. In a historic move, Amazon gained exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football as part of this contract.

To secure these rights, Amazon will pay approximately $1 billion per year. This exclusive streaming deal means that Amazon will be the only platform where you can watch Thursday Night Football games. It’s a significant victory for Amazon, as Thursday Night Football is one of the most popular NFL games.

The deal provides Amazon with a unique opportunity to attract new customers to its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. With more people cutting the cord and choosing to stream content, Amazon’s investment in Thursday Night Football could bring substantial returns.

Acquisition Details of Thursday Night Football

Let’s delve into the details of Amazon’s acquisition of Thursday Night Football.


In 2022, the NFL announced its new 11-year media rights agreement, which included the groundbreaking contract with Amazon. This gave Amazon the first-ever exclusive national streaming rights to an NFL package.

Acquisition Details

Under this agreement, Amazon will stream 15 Thursday Night Football games each season, excluding Thanksgiving games that will continue to be broadcast on traditional networks. The exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football come with a price tag of $1 billion annually, a considerable increase from the previous deal with Fox worth $660 million per year.

Amazon’s strategic move to acquire Thursday Night Football allows them to expand their reach and draw in more viewers to their Prime Video platform. Meanwhile, the NFL benefits from increased exposure and revenue generated by this groundbreaking partnership.

In conclusion, Amazon’s acquisition of Thursday Night Football is a game-changer for both the NFL and the streaming industry. By gaining exclusive rights to one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, Amazon is set to become a major player in the media landscape.

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How Much Did Amazon Pay for Thursday Night Football

The Impact of Amazon’s Acquisition

When Amazon secured the exclusive rights to stream Thursday Night Football (TNF) games for the next 11 years, it marked a significant shift in the broadcasting and streaming services industry. Let’s take a look at some of the impacts Amazon’s acquisition will have.

Broadcasting and Markets

Amazon’s acquisition of TNF rights is expected to have a profound impact on the broadcasting and markets industry. Its entry into the market will create more competition, which could lead to better deals for consumers. Furthermore, more viewership on Amazon’s platform can translate into increased ad revenue for the company.

Streaming Services and Ads

Amazon’s acquisition of TNF rights is also expected to affect streaming services and ads. By leveraging their streaming platform, Prime Video, Amazon can deliver TNF games to viewers. This move could attract more subscribers for Prime Video, resulting in additional revenue. Moreover, Amazon’s exclusive rights to TNF could generate more ad revenue for the company.

Media Deals

Amazon’s entry into the TNF arena is also expected to impact media deals. With increased competition, consumers may benefit from better deals. Additionally, other companies may seek to partner with Amazon to access its vast customer base, leading to more media deals.

In conclusion, Amazon’s acquisition of TNF rights is expected to significantly influence the broadcasting and streaming services industry. The influx of competition could result in better deals for consumers, increased ad revenue for Amazon, and more media partnerships.

Impact of Amazon's Acquisition

Thursday Night Football Schedule and Coverage

Let’s now focus on the schedule and coverage of Thursday Night Football.

Broadcasters and Platforms

Thursday Night Football (TNF) involves a weekly NFL game aired on various platforms and networks. Amazon Prime Video has now become the exclusive streaming platform for TNF games after securing the rights for a whopping $1 billion per year until the end of the 2033 football season. Previously, TNF games were broadcasted on traditional networks such as ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS. These networks still hold the rights for Sunday Night Football and the Super Bowl.

TNF Games Schedule

The TNF games schedule, which typically includes 15 games per year, is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, with no additional broadcasting on traditional networks. These games usually kick off at 8:20 p.m. ET every Thursday from September to December, providing a thrilling evening of football entertainment.

Here is the upcoming schedule for TNF games in the NFL season:

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[Schedule Table]

Please note that the TNF games schedule is subject to change, so it’s best to check your local listings for the most up-to-date information.

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Video is the exclusive platform for streaming TNF games. Mark your calendars for 15 exciting games starting in September and ending in December, airing every Thursday at 8:20 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for potential schedule changes, and enjoy the games!

Thursday Night Football Schedule and Coverage

Teams and Players in Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football features popular NFL teams and players, with Amazon holding the exclusive streaming rights starting from the 2022-23 season. Let’s take a look at some of the featured teams and celebrity commentators you can expect to see during Thursday Night Football.

Featured Teams

The Thursday Night Football schedule includes a variety of teams from around the league, ranging from perennial contenders to up-and-coming squads. Here are some of the teams you can anticipate during the 2022-23 season:

  • Chiefs: Led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs consistently dazzle with high-scoring performances.
  • Patriots: With legendary coach Bill Belichick and the promising Mac Jones as their new quarterback, the Patriots aim to rebound from a challenging season.
  • Colts: Under the guidance of veteran quarterback Carson Wentz and a formidable defense, the Colts are a team on the rise.
  • Bears: The Bears have a new quarterback in Justin Fields and a defense that can shut down opponents on their best days.
  • Buccaneers: As the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady, are set on defending their hard-earned title.
  • Texans: Despite recent challenges, the Texans boast exciting young talent and may surprise spectators this season.
  • Rams: With a dynamic offense featuring quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Rams are one to watch.
  • 49ers: After a disappointing season plagued by injuries, the 49ers aim to bounce back and make a strong playoff run.
  • Chargers: With young quarterback Justin Herbert and a talented roster, the Chargers are a team on the rise.
  • And more!

Celebrity Commentators

Apart from the on-field action, Thursday Night Football brings a range of celebrity commentators who provide analysis and insights throughout the game. Some of the commentators you can expect to see during the 2022-23 season include:

  • Troy Aikman: The Hall of Fame quarterback and seasoned NFL analyst, renowned for his expert analysis and commentary.
  • Joe Buck: A distinguished play-by-play announcer, whose voice is synonymous with sports broadcasting.
  • Hannah Storm: A veteran sports journalist and anchor, offering sideline reporting and in-game analysis.
  • And more!
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Teams and Players in Thursday Night Football

Future of Thursday Night Football on Amazon

Let’s talk about Amazon’s plans for TNF and the potential impact this acquisition may have on the NFL.

Amazon’s Plans for TNF

Amazon’s acquisition of the exclusive streaming rights to Thursday Night Football for $1.3 billion per year until 2033 marks a significant development in the sports industry. With this move, the company aims to establish itself as a major player in live sports streaming.

Amazon’s ambitious plans for TNF involve providing viewers with an interactive and engaging experience. The company has already experimented with features like X-Ray, which offers additional information about players and teams during games. Moreover, Amazon plans to introduce new camera angles and graphics to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Possible Impact on the NFL

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has commended Amazon’s involvement in the league, noting the company’s focus on innovation and customer service aligns with the NFL’s values. Furthermore, there are reports that the NFL is considering Amazon as a potential partner for its Sunday Ticket package, which allows viewers to watch out-of-market games.

Amazon’s involvement has the potential to disrupt traditional cable TV, as more viewers gravitate towards streaming services. Cable TV providers may witness a decline in subscriber numbers, necessitating adjustments to their business models to adapt to the changing landscape.

In terms of growth, this deal could help Amazon attract more Prime subscribers and football fans to its platform, resulting in increased revenue and solidifying its position as a dominant player in the streaming industry.

Amazon’s venture into TNF has the potential to revolutionize how we watch live sports. By prioritizing innovation and customer service, Amazon can offer viewers a more engaging and interactive experience. The true impact of this move on the NFL and the streaming industry as a whole is yet to be seen, but one thing is clear: Amazon has grand plans for TNF.

Future of Thursday Night Football on Amazon

In Conclusion

Amazon’s exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football come at a significant cost, with reported payments of $1 billion per year until 2033. While some argue that this is an overpayment, it’s crucial to acknowledge that live sports events are in high demand and yield substantial advertising revenues.

By securing these exclusive rights, Amazon has positioned itself as a major player in the streaming industry. This strategic move allows Amazon to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Furthermore, it grants Amazon a foothold in the lucrative world of sports broadcasting, potentially leading to more fruitful deals in the future.

Though the details of the contract are still emerging, it’s evident that Amazon has made an immense investment in securing the exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football. While it remains to be seen whether this investment will pay off, Amazon’s bet on the future of live sports broadcasting is unquestionably a bold one.

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