How much does Amazon make a year? What is this Amazon?

How much does Amazon make a year? When it comes to dollars, Amazon deals in billions. Amazon U.S. is the fifth-largest company in the world by market capitalization, a position that translates to a lot of revenue, and a lot of cash. Between Amazon’s own Basics brand, the FBA program that allows individuals to run their own businesses by selling on Amazon, and dozens of other services, including Amazon Prime streaming, it’s safe to assume Amazon makes a lot of money.

But how much does Amazon make in a year? A month? A day? What about an hour? We dive into the answers below.

How much does Amazon make a year?

In 2022, Amazon earned $514 billion dollars in revenue. Of that, $225 billion was net profit, a 14.01% increase from the previous year.

So far this year, Amazon has made $404.4 billion in revenue; $127.4 billion in Q1, $134 billion in Q2, and $143.1 billion (+13%) in Q3. Combined with its $149.2 billion in Q4 of 2022, Amazon has generated approximately $553.7 billion in revenue over the last year.

Amazon make a year

How much does Amazon make a day?

Based on Amazon’s $143.1 billion revenue at the end of the third quarter, Amazon made $1,555,434,782.60 in revenue every day in the third quarter of 2023.

Based on last year’s profit numbers, they made $616,438,356.16 in profits every day last year.

How much does Amazon make per hour?

Going by these same numbers, Amazon made $64,809,782.60 in revenue every hour in Q3 2023—$1,080,163.04 per minute, or $18,002.71 every second!

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How many people use Amazon?

In 2022, Amazon saw an estimated user count over 300 million. This would be impressive enough by itself, but there’s more to it than that. 51% of U.S. consumers cite Amazon as their go-to site when searching for products, according to the Jungle Scout Customer Trends Report for Q3 2023.

What does Amazon do to make its money?

Amazon has a ton of revenue streams in retail, Prime subscriptions, and various digital services.

How much does Amazon make in retail sales?

Amazon’s retail business is largely driven by third-party sellers employing various business models. In 2022, Amazon made $220 billion in revenue from its online sales. Much of these numbers are driven by third-party sellers who use Amazon as their platform of choice—58% of Amazon sales are driven by third-party sellers.

Want to learn more about becoming a third-party seller on Amazon?

How profitable is Amazon Web Services?

In 2022, AWS amassed over $80 billion in revenue, $23 billion of which was profit. AWS comprises Amazon’s cloud storage, networking, and analytics software, and makes up a significant portion of the company’s overall revenue.

How many people have Amazon Prime? How profitable is it?

Globally, Amazon Prime had over 200 million subscribers in 2023, 167 million of whom are in the United States. Today, Amazon Prime is available in 20 countries worldwide, and generated over $35 billion in revenue from the program in 2022.

There are many, many more ways Amazon is able to generate revenue across its massive platform. As one of the largest companies in the world, there is a ton of data to work with, and many ways to take advantage.

If you want access to even more Amazon data, or to begin selling on Amazon yourself and earn a piece of the pie, click below to learn more about Jungle Scout!

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Amazon make a year

So, How Much Does Amazon Make Daily?

Amazon makes approximately $1.29 billion per day. Amazon has grown rapidly during the past few years, and one of the major reasons why has to do with its mobile growth. According to Statista, Amazon has more than 150 million mobile users per month, which is almost twice as many as its closest competitor. It is obvious that Amazon has a stronghold in this area, allowing it to morph into the company it is today.

It is mobile users and the need for fast, convenient delivery options that contribute to its massive growth. Now that we know much Amazon makes daily one of the major reasons is the strong mobile user market share. Let’s break down this number even further and take a look at Amazon’s revenue by the hour, minute, and second.

How much does Amazon make hourly?

If we take Amazon’s daily revenue and break it down, the retail giant brings in between $53 million and $54 million every hour. Starting with the amount of money Amazon makes every day, we can divide that number by 24 hours and get the figures above.

How much does Amazon make per minute?

By taking the hourly income and dividing it into 60 minutes, Amazon makes approximately $895,833 every minute. That’s right, Amazon makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every minute, and you can take a small piece of that for yourself by selling used goods on Amazon!

How much does Amazon make per second?

Finally, we can take the figure mentioned in the previous section, divide it by 60 seconds, and see that Amazon brings in more than $14,900 per second. While the exact second-by-second revenue varies on several other factors, Amazon clearly generates a tremendous amount of income constantly. If you use the right software program to help scale your business, such as Helium 10, you can make money on Amazon as well.

How Much Does Amazon Make a Year?

As mentioned above, Amazon generates close to $470 billion in revenue every year. Amazon has been on a steady path of upward growth during the past few decades. As the internet has gotten more popular and easier to access, Amazon has simply created additional ways to generate revenue.

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While their primary focus is still on providing people with products that are shipped right to their front doors, Amazon has also taken the time to expand its footprint. The company has grown into electronic readers, streaming services, and innovative home products to strengthen its presence in multiple sectors.

How Does Amazon Generate Profit?

Because the company has significantly expanded into various industries, it has found other ways of generating money. According to one interview with an industry insider, Amazon has been able to generate money in various areas by diversifying its income streams. So, if you’re debating between Amazon vs. eBay, remember that Amazon is a much larger online store.

The most significant revenue stream for Amazon is its Amazon Web Services. This is a cloud computing arm that Amazon has expanded over the past few years. The cloud is a digital space where people can store files, including pictures and videos, and access them remotely down the road.

Many people love the cloud because they do not have to worry about installing hardware or software programs. Instead, they can purchase a subscription and use other Amazon’s hardware and software. This is particularly helpful for companies that have employees who work remotely. Amazon Web Services, frequently shortened to AWS, has expanded remarkably, and as more people continue to work remotely, it will only continue to grow.

Amazon has also generated a profit by helping other people open their own online stores. For example, you may want to start an online store yourself on their selling platform. You can identify products you think other people will like and leverage the right software programs, such as Helium 10, to help grow your online presence and make money by driving people to your products and services.

You can even take advantage of our Helium 10 academy to make sure you use every resource at your disposal. As more people shop on Amazon, there will be several opportunities for you to get involved and make passive income on Amazon as well.

Amazon make a year

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