How Much Are 1,000 Coins on TikTok?

How Much Is 1000 Coins On Tiktok

Many TikTok users are talented content creators who have found a way to make a living through their videos. One of the ways they earn money is through coin donations from their viewers. TikTok Coins are virtual currencies that users can purchase with real money and then use to tip creators during their live streams using emojis. In this article, we will explore the value of TikTok coins and how you can earn them.

How To Earn TikTok Coins?

To earn TikTok Coins, content creators need to live stream on the platform. During these live streams, viewers can send coins as gifts using emojis. Each emoji represents a different number of coins. For example, the panda emoji is equivalent to five coins, while the rainbow emoji means sending a hundred coins. The maximum number of coins that can be sent by a viewer is 1,000, which is represented by the ‘I’m very rich’ emoji.

So, how can you maximize this feature and earn more coins? One effective strategy is to grow your following because more followers mean more coins. Additionally, setting up a regular schedule for your live streams and informing your audience about them can help increase your outreach. When viewers know the exact time you will be going live, more of them can join, resulting in a higher chance of receiving gifts.

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What Are the Limitations of Earning Coins on TikTok?

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However, like other social media platforms, TikTok has certain requirements that need to be met before you can receive gifts from your viewers. Firstly, you must have at least 1,000 views on a post in the past month. Secondly, you need to be above 18 years old to send or receive gifts. There might also be a 1,000 followers requirement depending on your location. It’s important to note that sponsored posts, Stitches, or Duets are not eligible to receive gifts. However, fulfilling all the requirements allows you to earn coins during live videos.

What Is the Value of 1,000 Coins on TikTok?

You might be wondering how much these coins are worth in real money. Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer as the value of TikTok coins fluctuates daily based on the exchange rate and the country you’re in. However, currently, one TikTok coin is valued at around 1.3 cents in the US. Based on this rate, the prices are as follows:

  • 100 coins – $1.29
  • 500 coins – $6.45
  • 1,000 coins – $12.90
  • 5,000 coins – $64.50
  • 10,000 coins – $129.00

Value Of Coins On Tiktok

If you are an influencer on TikTok with over 1,000 followers and regularly do live streams, you probably receive many gifts from your viewers in the form of coin donations. Once you have accumulated a decent amount of coins, you can convert them into cash.

How To Convert TikTok Coins to Cash?

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Converting your TikTok coins into cash is a simple process. You just need to link your PayPal account to your TikTok account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one on their website. After linking your PayPal account, you can go to your coin balance page on TikTok to see your current number of coins. From there, you can convert your coins into diamonds, which can then be cashed out to your PayPal account.

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The option to cash out your coins is available at any time. You can choose to accumulate your coins and cash them out after a certain period or have your balance transferred to your PayPal wallet instantly. However, please note that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 and a maximum of $1,000 per day.


Earning money from the content you create and enjoy sharing is a dream for many. With platforms like TikTok, monetizing your content has become much easier for hardworking creators. The best part is, you don’t need millions of followers or likes to start this process. All you need is an internet connection and a loyal, engaging fan base.


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