How Much are 700,000 Coins on TikTok Worth?

With the soaring popularity of TikTok, many users are curious about the value of their virtual currency, TikTok coins. If you’re wondering how much 700,000 coins on TikTok are worth, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the current exchange rate, how to convert coins to cash, and ways to make money on TikTok. So, let’s dive in and uncover the answers!

Unveiling the Value of 700,000 TikTok Coins

According to TikTok’s ‘Get coins’ tool, 700,000 TikTok coins are currently worth $7,420 at the prevailing exchange rate. However, it’s vital to note that the conversion value of TikTok coins fluctuates daily. To get a precise calculation of the value of your coins, you can use our TikTok coins to USD calculator.

Calculating the TikTok Coins to USD Value

Utilizing our TikTok coins to USD calculator is effortless. Simply enter the number of TikTok coins you possess, and the calculator will automatically convert them to dollars based on the current exchange rate. Whether you have 700,000 coins or 7,000 coins, our calculator will help you solve all your coin conversion questions. Looking at our TikTok coins to USD converter, you’ll find that 700,000 TikTok coins are worth $7,420.

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A Price List of TikTok Coins to US Dollars Conversion

To gain a better understanding of how much your TikTok coins are worth, we have compiled a price list for you. This list allows users to see the value of their TikTok coins in US dollars, based on the current conversion rate. Simply find the number of coins you have in the first column and the corresponding value in US dollars in the second column.

TikTok Coins | US Dollars
700,000      | $7,420
100,000      | $1,060
35,000       | $371
29,999       | $317.99
10,000       | $106
...          | ...

Exploring Other Virtual Items and Their Value

Apart from coins, TikTok offers a range of virtual items such as diamonds and gifts. Let’s take a look at their values:

  • 700,000 Diamonds: Currently, 700,000 diamonds on TikTok are worth $14,840. However, when cashed out, TikTok keeps 50% as an exchange fee, so you would receive $7,420.
  • Ferris Wheel Gift (3000 coins): The Ferris Wheel gift on TikTok costs 3000 coins, which is equivalent to $31.80.
  • Hand Hearts Gift (100 TikTok coins): The Hand Hearts gift on TikTok is worth 100 coins, or $1.06.

Understanding TikTok Coins and Their Value

TikTok coins are the in-app currency used to purchase virtual items such as gifts and emojis. These coins hold different values depending on the daily exchange rates set by ByteDance, the creator of TikTok. They are primarily bought to tip content creators during live streams and participate in the gifting culture that is similar to other social media platforms.

Converting TikTok Coins to Cash

Converting your TikTok coins to cash is a simple process. By following a few steps, you can withdraw your money using PayPal:

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Choose your profile and access “Settings” by selecting the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.
  3. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy.”
  4. Select “Balance” and then “Live Gifts.”
  5. Tap “Withdraw.”
  6. Follow the prompts to link your PayPal account.
  7. Confirm to withdraw your money.
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Please note that you will need to link a PayPal account with the same first and last name as your TikTok account to complete the withdrawal process.

Ways to Make Money on TikTok

If you’re a content creator on TikTok, there are several ways to monetize your efforts and make money. Here are six methods to explore:

  1. Receive gifts from fans: During your live TikTok videos, fans can send you gifts in the form of emojis, which can be converted into cash.
  2. TikTok Creator Fund: If you have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days, you can earn money through the TikTok Creator Fund. TikTok pays creators 2 to 4 cents per 1,000 views.
  3. Become an influencer: Collaborate with brands and advertise their products in your TikTok videos for a fee. Popular influencers can earn thousands of dollars per sponsored video.
  4. Sell your own products and services: Leverage your social media presence to market and sell your own products and services.
  5. Create sponsored content: Partner with brands to create sponsored TikTok videos.
  6. Work with TikTok: Collaborate with TikTok to create advertising campaigns.

The amount of money you can make on TikTok varies based on factors like engagement, views, gifts, sponsorship deals, and additional income streams.


In conclusion, 700,000 TikTok coins are currently worth around $7,420. However, the value may fluctuate due to daily exchange rate changes. You can utilize our TikTok coins to USD calculator to get an accurate conversion. TikTok coins provide a means to support content creators and purchase virtual items such as gifts. By following the outlined steps, you can convert your coins to cash and explore the many opportunities to make money on TikTok.

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Remember, TikTok offers immense potential for content creators, so keep creating and engaging with your audience.

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