What are TikTok Gifts and How Much Do They Cost?

If you’ve ever watched a livestream on TikTok, you may have seen users sending virtual gifts to the host. But what exactly are TikTok gifts, and how much do they cost? In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about TikTok gifts and their price range.

What are TikTok gifts?

TikTok, like other social media platforms, offers a live-streaming feature that allows users who meet certain requirements to go live from their accounts and interact with viewers in real-time. Alongside this, TikTok has a donation system that enables users to send real money to their favorite creators in the form of ‘gifts,’ which can be purchased with TikTok coins. However, creators must be live for people to send them gifts.

Each virtual gift has a different cost in terms of TikTok coins. Therefore, if you want to donate more money to a specific creator, you would send them a more expensive gift.

How much are TikTok gifts worth?

TikTok gifts come in a wide range of price points. There are approximately 100 TikTok gifts available, with prices ranging from as low as $0.012 (or 5 virtual TikTok coins) to as high as $500 (or 35,000 TikTok coins).

To purchase a virtual gift, users first have to acquire virtual coins on the platform using real money. TikTok offers various pricing plans for purchasing coin bundles:

  • 100 coins: $1.29
  • 500 coins: $6.49
  • 1,000 TikTok coins: $13.50
  • 2,000 coins: $26.99
  • 5,000 coins: $66.99
  • 10,000 coins: $134.99
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Complete TikTok gift list with prices

The following is a list of TikTok gifts and their corresponding coin requirements. Please note that TikTok frequently updates its gift offerings, introducing new ones and removing old ones, so this list might become outdated at times:

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Now, you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to navigate the world of TikTok gifts and make informed decisions as a user. Happy gifting!

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