How much TikTok pays for views: Insights from creators

TikTok has become a hub for creators looking to build an audience and make money. But how lucrative is the platform, and can its users actually earn a living? Let’s dive into the details and explore how much TikTok pays its creators for their views.

The Creator Fund and Creativity Program

In a bid to support its creators financially, TikTok launched the Creator Fund in 2020, pledging a total of $1 billion over three years. This fund is used to compensate a select group of creators who have at least 10,000 followers and have generated 100,000 video views in the previous 30 days. While TikTok hasn’t disclosed the exact payout figures, creators have reported earning a few cents to around $8 per 1,000 views through the Creator Fund.

However, it’s important to note that TikTok’s payouts are still far below what platforms like YouTube offer for ad-revenue sharing on long-form videos. YouTube, for instance, has paid a staggering $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over a three-year period.

The Creator Fund may not be the sole solution for creators on TikTok, but it’s a start. Some influencers have voiced concerns about the platform’s low payouts, with critics calling for better regulation and expansion of TikTok’s monetization system.

The TikTok Pulse Program

Apart from the Creator Fund, TikTok introduced the Pulse Program in May 2022. This contextual-advertising product allows brands to purchase ads alongside the top 4% of content in various categories. Creators whose videos appear before these in-feed ads receive a 50% revenue split. However, only creators with at least 100,000 followers are eligible for the program.

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Like the Creator Fund, initial payments from the Pulse Program have been modest, according to insiders. Creators have reported earning anywhere from a few pennies to $17 per 1,000 views through the program. While the RPM (revenue per thousand views) on Pulse is comparable to YouTube’s ad-revenue solutions, the number of revenue-generating views on TikTok is often lower.

Creators who have shared their payment data admit that earning substantial revenue through TikTok’s monetization programs can be challenging. Some have experienced a discrepancy between their overall video views and the number of views that qualify for Pulse earnings.

TikTok acknowledges the need for improvement and states that they’re working on enhancing the Pulse Program to better support creators and advertisers. Meanwhile, YouTube has also rolled out a similar ad revenue-sharing program for its shorts feature, following in TikTok’s footsteps.

Final Thoughts

While TikTok has made efforts to provide monetization opportunities for its creators through programs like the Creator Fund and the Pulse Program, the platform still has some catching up to do compared to its competitors. However, TikTok’s immense popularity and the potential for viral content offer creators the chance to turn their passion into profit. It’s an exciting time for content creators on TikTok, and with further improvements, the platform can become an even more rewarding space for creators to thrive.

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