How to block someone on PayPal? What is this PayPal about?

How to block someone on PayPal? You may have a reason to block suspicious people from PayPal, such as preventing someone from sending you money, or to prevent someone from finding you in the PayPal directory. All of these reasons are valid; whatever your reason, it’s easy to block someone from PayPal.

It only takes a minute of your time, but it can save you a lot of trouble. Below we’ll show you how to block someone on PayPal both on the web and in the app, so read on!

How to block someone on PayPal?

Before learning how to block someone on PayPal, let us have a short discussion on PayPal.

PayPal is the most preferred choice for money transfers between overseas bank accounts. It makes the online payment system more secure, easy, and fast. Just by linking your Bank account, Debit card, or Credit card to the PayPal account, you can send or transfer money within or outside the country. PayPal serves as the middleman between your bank and merchant while keeping the payment information secure & private. It speeds up the business process while saving time.

Although it is a reliable payment option. Even though, there are some situations when people search how to block someone on PayPal when they no longer want to be in contact or receive payments from them. PayPal has two types of accounts;

  • Individual Account (Only for Sending Payments)
  • Business Account (Receiving and Sending Payments Both)
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Depending on your account type, there are different methods on how to block someone from PayPal. This page is a complete guide on the block and unblocks status on PayPal, including how to block someone requesting money on PayPal, and many more.

So let’s start the guide by discussing both accounts separately.

block someone on PayPal

How to Block Someone on PayPal With Individual Or Personal Account

Being very straightforward, PayPal doesn’t provide a direct way to block a personal account. So there is no official way to block a personal account from sending money requests, payments, or communicating with you. If you want to know how to block someone on PayPal, look at the details below.

One thing that you can do is ignore the sender’s notes. If you keep receiving the notes or payments from the sender continuously, you will be in contact with the same sender.

How to Block Someone on PayPal With Business Account

If you are looking for a guide on how to block someone on PayPal with a Business account, here is the solution. In the business account, there are two options to block someone; one is when receiving money, and the other is while requesting money.

Let’s discuss both one by one.

When Receiving Money

If you use a PayPal account and no longer want to receive money from an unknown person, there is an option to block the specific sender.

Here is how to block someone on PayPal

  • Go to PayPal Page, log in to your Account
  • Navigate to settings and then select Tools
  • Under the Getting Paid and Managing My Risks, click on the ‘Update’ button for ‘Block Payments’
  • Once you are done with this, you will see a screen like this
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On this page, you can change the settings for the currency you want to receive the payments from the “Allow Payments Sent to Me From the Currency I Do Not Hold” option.

You can also block duplicate invoice IDs from the “Block Accidental Payments” option.

When Requesting Money

Another way on how to block someone on PayPal is when requesting money. For this, you can add emails to whom you send money requests. This process will only allow being in contact with those only whose email address you have added. That means no other person can send you money.

Here is how to block email on PayPal

To achieve this, navigate to the menu option and choose ‘Request’. From here, you can request payment from anyone. You can add 20 email addresses here from those you want to receive money. And if you own a website, you can remove PayPal widgets to stop receiving payments from customers. This is how to block someone on PayPal.

block someone on PayPal

Why Would You Want to Unblock Someone on PayPal?

There are a few reasons why you might want to unblock someone on PayPal. For example, you might have blocked the person by mistake. Or, you might have had a dispute with the person, but you have since resolved the dispute.

It is important to note that if you unblock someone on PayPal, they will still be able to see your transaction history with them.

Can You Block People On PayPal?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to completely block people on PayPal, at least not yet.

This is quite frustrating, as it’s a basic feature people have been asking for, for years and years.

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Is is believed that PayPal staff are capable of setting blocks in place, but this option isn’t available publicly for users to use at their own discretion. Therefore, it’s unknown if the ability to block people will be implemented in the future.

However, although there is no direct blocking option available, there are steps you can take to make things more difficult for whoever is bothering you.

These options may differ depending on what type of PayPal account you have, and what sorts of things this person is doing to you.

What To Do If You Have An ‘Individual’ Account

By ‘Individual’ account, we mean non-business personal accounts.

While business accounts have a bit more options at their disposal, unfortunately individual accounts have a bit less options.

The best thing you can do is simply to ignore them, if the contacts are few and far between. You may also consider disabling push notifications on your phone for PayPal, if you are receiving an excessive number and do not need notifications enabled for anything else.

However, if the contacts are particularly bothersome, it may be worth getting in touch with PayPal support.

PayPal may have policies in place to deal with issues such as spam or harassment.

If someone is bothering you, there is a chance that they may also be bothering other PayPal users.

By making PayPal aware of the issue, they may choose to look more deeply into this person’s account. If PayPal determines that they are violating any policies, they may opt to close the offending person’s account – thus ending their contact with you.

Additionally, if PayPal has any internal options to block a user from interacting with someone else, they may be able to do this for you.

block someone on PayPal

Above is information about How to block someone on PayPal? What is this PayPal about? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of block someone on PayPal. Thank you for reading our post.

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