How to Terminate Your AMC+ Subscription in Four Simple Steps

AMC Plus is an exceptional streaming service, but its subscription options can be confusing. If you find yourself in need of a break or wanting to cancel your AMC+ subscription, you’ll require guidance on how to terminate your plan. Whether you’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead or simply wish to watch fewer AMC Originals, we’re here to help you cancel your subscription. This guide caters to subscribers who signed up through the web, as well as those who joined through services like Amazon Prime, DirecTV, or Comcast Xfinity.

Method One: Cancel AMC+ via the AMC+ Website

If you initially subscribed to AMC+ via their website, you have the option to cancel your subscription directly on their platform.

1. Log in to Your AMC+ Account

Visit the official AMC+ website to access your account. On the main page, click on the “Sign In” button located at the top of the screen. Enter your credentials in the pop-up window that appears.

2. Access User Settings

After logging in, locate the gear icon situated on the left side of the page towards the bottom. Clicking on this icon will take you to your account page, where you can view your current subscription and other account details.

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3. Navigate to the Subscription Section

On the account page, you’ll find two options: Account and Subscription. Choose “Subscription” to view the renewal date and status of your AMC+ subscription.

4. Cancel Your AMC+ Subscription

Once you’re on the Subscription page, click on the “Cancel” button located beside your subscription details. Follow any prompts that appear until you receive confirmation that your AMC+ subscription has been successfully canceled.

Method Two: Cancel AMC Plus through Cable Providers

If you subscribed to AMC+ through your cable provider, the cancellation process may require additional steps and could differ based on your provider. The following instructions provide a general idea of how to cancel AMC+ through various cable providers.

Xfinity users can go to to access their account settings, including any additional channels they’ve added to their cable packages. Log in to your account, and from there, you can remove or unsubscribe from any channels you no longer want.

Those who purchased AMC+ through AT&T U-Verse can follow a similar process. Select “manage my plan” to review your package and remove any unwanted channels.

For YouTube TV users, visit their subscriptions page and scroll through the list of channels until you locate “AMC Plus.” You can then unsubscribe from the channel.

If you subscribed to AMC+ through Sling, DirecTV, or Dish, log into your account on their respective platforms to manage and remove any active subscriptions.

Cancel AMC Plus on Android Devices

If you subscribed to AMC+ using the Android app, you’ll need to access your Google Play account to cancel your subscription. Follow the steps outlined below:

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1. Open Google Play

On your Android smartphone, locate and tap on the Google Play Store icon to launch the app.

2. Access Subscriptions

Within the Google Play Store, tap on “Subscriptions” to view all the subscriptions associated with your account.

3. Cancel Your AMC Plus Subscription

Locate the AMC Plus subscription and select “Cancel Subscription.” Follow the prompts until you see a confirmation message.

Cancel AMC Plus on iOS Devices

Canceling your AMC Plus subscription on an iPad or iPhone follows the same process as on Android, with slight variations. Rest assured, there’s no need to access the App Store for cancellation.

1. Open Settings

Navigate to the Settings app on your iOS device. Scroll down until you find your name and tap on it. Then select “Subscriptions” to proceed.

2. Locate Your AMC Plus Subscription

Scroll within the “Subscriptions” menu until you find the AMC Plus subscription. Tap on it to access the subscription details.

3. Cancel Your AMC Plus Subscription

Within the subscription details, tap on the option to “Cancel Subscription.” Follow any prompts that appear to confirm your cancellation. You should receive a confirmation message indicating the expiration date of your service.

AMC+ in the News

AMC+, the premium streaming service offered by AMC Networks, recently announced its plan to introduce an ad-supported tier in 2023. This move is becoming increasingly common in the streaming industry as it allows services to offer subscriptions at a reduced price to viewers who don’t mind advertisements.

AMC+ will also be adding exciting new shows and movies to its lineup. One notable addition is “The Walking Dead: Tales of the Walking Dead,” a spinoff of the highly popular zombie show.

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Furthermore, in May 2023, AMC+ increased its monthly price from $6.99 to $8.99. They also introduced a new annual plan priced at $95.88, providing a 15% discount compared to the monthly subscription.

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