How to cancel Vix on Amazon? What Happens After You Cancel

How to cancel Vix on Amazon? What Happens After You Cancel With Amazon Prime Video, you can subscribe to streaming services like Showtime, Paramount+, and BritBox. But what should you do when you want to cancel TV and movie channel subscriptions on Amazon, so you stop getting charged for those services?

Fortunately, your Amazon account on the Amazon website lists all your subscriptions on one subscription page where you can manage and cancel subscriptions on Amazon you don’t want anymore.

How to cancel Vix on Amazon?

An Amazon Prime membership comes with access to many streaming television shows and movies that you can watch without any additional fees beyond the cost of your Prime subscription.

However, you may have noticed that to watch some shows and movies from some providers, you have to subscribe to a premium Prime video channel, like AMC or Cinemax, or STARZ.

Many of these channels offer free trials. Even though the trials are free for Amazon Prime members, you’ll still have to enter your credit card and billing information because once the trial period is over, Amazon will charge your account for the subscription until you cancel it.

In general, channel subscriptions auto-renew until you unsubscribe. This is also true for other kinds of subscriptions like Amazon Music and your Amazon Prime membership.

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Vix on Amazon

Information About Your Subscriptions

The Memberships & Subscriptions page displays a list of all your subscriptions. The view options are:

  • Current subscriptions
  • Past subscriptions
  • All subscriptions
  • Available with Prime
  • Video Channels

If you wish, sort your subscriptions by Featured, by Renewal Date—either in chronological order or reverse chronological order—or alphabetically by title. You’ll also see a search box, so you can quickly search for the subscription you’re looking for.

This page will display all your subscriptions and, for each, it will show the name and description of the service, the renewal date, and a link to your payment history. If the service is being paid for by your Prime membership payment method, it will say so. You’ll see a link to update the payment method for Prime in case you want to do that.

For subscriptions that use other payment methods, you’ll see the last four digits of the credit card along with a Change link in case you want to change what credit card is charged for that service.

How to Cancel TV and Movie Channel Subscriptions

To end membership in a TV show or movie channel, find the show or movie in the list of subscriptions. Then select the Cancel Subscription button. You will be prompted to sign into your Amazon account, even though you’re already signed in.

From there, you’ll get a few options. You can opt to be reminded a few days before the subscription renews so you can decide then whether or not you really want the subscription to end.

Alternatively, you can choose to turn off auto-renew. If you do that, you’ll still be able to watch the show or channel until the subscription end date.

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Finally, you can select Cancel now and get a refund to immediately end your subscription.

If you’ve changed your mind completely, you can select the Keep subscription button.

Vix on Amazon

Another Way to Cancel TV and Movie Channel Subscriptions

There’s another way to cancel a movie channel subscription from the Memberships & Subscriptions page. Select the Video Settings button to the right of the channel you want to cancel.

Under Account & Settings, select the Channels tab, and you’ll see a list of Your Channels. Next, select the Cancel Channel link to the right of the channel you want to cancel.

The Account & Settings page has many other advance controls such as:

  • Settings: Turn AutoPlay on and off.
  • Prime Video PIN: Add a PIN to authorize Prime Video purchases and bypass Parental Controls.
  • Subtitle Presets: Customize how subtitles appear on all your registered devices.
  • Your Devices: Register a new device or deregister a device you authorized in the past.
  • Your Watch History: View items watched with another profile, switch to that profile.
  • A list of titles you have hidden. Hidden videos won’t be included in future recommendations, but they will still appear in search results.

Depending on your household and viewing habits, you might find you use these controls a lot.

What Happens After You Cancel

After you’ve canceled, you’ll still have access to the video channels until your subscription period ends. Your cancellation ensures that Amazon doesn’t automatically renew your subscription on the listed renewal date. Unfortunately, you won’t be given a refund for canceling, even if you haven’t used the subscription.

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If You Can’t Cancel an Amazon Video Subscription

If you follow the steps above and can’t find the video channel you’re trying to cancel, it’s possible you don’t actually have a subscription. Amazon Prime members have access to a wide selection of premium video content, including plenty of popular shows from networks, such as HBO. If you can watch shows like The Wire from HBO or Californication from Showtime, it may be because they are part of your Amazon Prime membership and not part of an additional subscription to those add-on channels.

What Are Premium Channels on Prime Video?

Premium channels are optional add-ons that come with an Amazon Prime subscription. They give you the opportunity to stream movies, sporting events, and TV shows from a provider. Instead of buying the channels separately via their standalone apps, Prime Video gives you the chance to buy them directly through your Prime Video account.

Although there’s a subscription fee for each channel, you’ll enjoy the convenience of accessing all the content via the Prime Video app.

How to Cancel Premium Channels on Prime Video

Premium channels can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of them, and you may have added a channel you rarely watch. Sometimes a channel will lose its appeal as soon as that perfect show or movie series you’ve been enjoying comes to an end. Or maybe you took up a free trial and are keen to cancel before the billing date. In all of these situations, canceling your subscription to these premium channels is straightforward.

And the best part is that you can manage all your premium channels from a single dashboard. All it takes is a few simple clicks.

Vix on Amazon

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