How to change Amazon country? What is this Amazon country?

How to change Amazon country? Amazon is a truly global business: it has numerous different versions for different countries, ships to even more places around the world, and operates in a variety of languages too.

Keen to explore what e-books are available from a Kindle store overseas? You could be based in the US but want to browse the UK Kindle library, which has a different selection of books. To help you, we’ll show you how to change the country on Amazon.

How to change Amazon country?

You can transfer your account to the previous country or region at any time as long as you have an active billing address for that country.

Important: If you create a new Amazon account instead of transferring the existing account, purchases won’t be shared between the accounts. You’ll have separate login credentials for each account.

Note: You can’t transfer Luna subscriptions between countries, so make sure to cancel your Luna subscriptions before transferring your account. However, when you start a new Luna subscription in a supported country, your game progress transfers to the new subscription.
To transfer your account from your existing country to another:

  1. Cancel your Luna subscriptions in your current country.
  2. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and select Preferences.
  3. Select Country Settings, and then Change.
  4. Enter your new address and phone number, and select Update.
  5. A message displays the current country or region where you can shop. Select the here hyperlink to show the marketplace where you can shop.
  6. Select Learn about, and review the details about shopping in the available marketplace. If you agree, to transfer your Amazon digital account, select Update your default Kindle Store to….
  7. Once you select this option, follow the prompt to log in again in the new country, completing the transfer.
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You can reverse your transfer by redoing the steps above.

 Amazon country

How to change your Amazon country of residence

Here’s what you need to do, step by step. Remember: this is about changing your country of residence, not your delivery address – you can do that easily when you’re buying something.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

  • Go to the Amazon site you usually use.
  • Look for the ‘Sign in’ option in the top right corner.
  • If you’re already logged in, your first name will be displayed in that location.

Step 2: Go to ‘Your Content and Devices’.

  • Go to the drop-down menu when you log in and select ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’. Make sure you’re on the correct Amazon site, otherwise, you won’t see your Kindle content.
  • To access your Kindle content, go to your ‘default’ Amazon site. For instance, if you normally use Amazon in the UK, with a UK address, then your ‘default’ store will probably be the UK version of Amazon. But if you’re on the US version of the site, even though you can log in with the same account details, you won’t be able to see your Kindle content.
  • Once you’re in the right place, you should see a list of all your Kindle titles and other digital purchases.

Step 3: Go to ‘Settings’ and change country – or choose to use another Kindle store.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Country Settings’.
  • Check your ‘Current country’ and hit ‘Change’ to switch to a different country.

But hold on! You might not need to do this. If you’re eligible to shop in one Amazon digital content store, you might be allowed to transfer your account to another one. For instance, UK shoppers might be allowed to choose to shop for digital content at, without even having to register an American address. You’ll see this option, if it applies to you, under ‘Country Settings’.

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Note as well that you’ll probably have to make any purchases in the currency of the store you use: someone in the UK choosing to use the US store, for example, will have to pay in dollars.

Therefore, you should make sure that you have a cost-effective way of doing this, and that your bank isn’t going to charge you a fortune every time you buy an e-book.

Amazon country

Why do you need VPN to change location on Amazon Prime?

Like most streaming services, Amazon Prime Video has a different content catalog for each country. If you attempt to watch certain content that’s not available in your region, you’ll encounter geo-restrictions. This can happen while traveling or simply being abroad and when you want to access a wider selection of top-rated videos from libraries like the US. In this case, you will encounter such error message:

Error message could also be “This title isn’t available in your location”.

However, just pick a good VPN for streaming, and you’ll be able to:

  • Bypass geo-location restrictions. If you want to watch movies not available in your country on Amazon Prime, a VPN will help to bypass the restrictions placed on your region. It will connect your device to an American server (or any other) and Amazon will then recognize your device as being in the selected location.
  • Enjoy your regular Amazon Prime content while traveling. If you are traveling abroad, chances are that you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows. Worry not, with a VPN you can enjoy your regular Amazon Prime Video content anywhere.
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FAQ: Change Amazon Country & Language

Why does my Amazon think I’m in Canada?

If you created your Amazon account from Canada and tried to use it from the United States, your Amazon will think you are still in Canada.

Why does it say Amazon CA? is the Canadian site for Amazon Shopping, and it says Amazon CA on your Amazon app since your country settings are changed from the US to Canada. To fix this, go to Amazon Settings > Country/Region and set the US as your region.

Can I shop on Amazon US from the UK?

Yes, you can shop on from the UK, but the shipping limitations can be there. Amazon does not generally ship across borders, but some sellers will be ready to ship them to you. But this can cost you extra for shipping charges and VAT/Taxes.

 Amazon country

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