How to Design a Stunning Logo with Corel Draw

How To Create A Logo In Corel Draw

Creating a logo is an exciting and essential step in establishing your brand identity. Corel Draw is a powerful tool that enables you to design stunning logos with ease. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating a beautiful floral logo using the Bezier and Shape tools.

If you don’t have Corel Draw, don’t worry! You can still create amazing logos using Canva, a fantastic online tool with thousands of pre-built templates for logos and graphics. Try it out for free and explore your creativity!

Learn How To Create A Floral Logo In Corel Draw

Tutorial Details

  • Program: CorelDraw 11 – X5
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

How To Create A Logo In Corel Draw

Step 1: Basic Elements

To create stunning logos in Corel Draw, you will need CorelDraw with version 11+ installed. For this tutorial, we will use CorelDraw X5. Let’s dive in!

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the basic elements used in our design:

Step 2: Creating a Worksheet

Now that you know the necessary steps and elements, it’s time to get started!

Open your CorelDraw program and create a new file. Set the paper size to A4 with a landscape view.

Step 3: Working with the Bezier Tool

With our worksheet set, we’re ready to create the floral shape using the powerful “Bezier Tool.”

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Using the Bezier Tool, draw a shape by clicking and dragging to form a thin triangle shape, as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Creating the Floral Shape

Now, let’s shape the triangle using the “Shape Tool,” located in the second upper-left toolbar.

Click on the triangle using the “Shape Tool” and find the “Convert to Curves” option at the top corner. Click on it.

Step 5: Coloring the Floral Shape

To make our logo more vibrant and natural, let’s add some color!

Select the floral shape and go to the “Fountain Fill Tool,” which you’ll find in the left bottom toolbar.

Choose “Custom Fill” for the color blend and set the type to “Linear.”

You’ll see a color box, where you can change the color by left-clicking it. Fill the color with light blue on the left, cyan in the middle, and dark blue on the right.

To create a custom fill, double-click the color box. Fill the color with cyan on the middle left and another cyan on the middle right. This will make the color gradient softer.

Set the Gradient Angle to 27, or adjust it according to your preference.

Step 6: Creating the Floral Texture

Let’s move on to creating the floral texture. Now that you’re familiar with the “Bezier Tool” and “Shape Tool,” this step will be a breeze!

Using the same approach as in Step 3 and 4, create five thin triangles with the “Bezier Tool” and “Shape Tool.”

Step 7: Transparency & PowerClip

Now that you have the floral texture, let’s apply it to the floral shape.

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To achieve a seamless blend, let’s make the texture slightly transparent.

Go to the “Interactive Transparency Tools,” located on the left bottom toolbar.

Left-click and drag the floral texture downwards to create a linear gradient effect.

Step 8: Arranging the Floral Shape

With four floral shapes at your disposal, it’s time to arrange them to create a visually appealing logo.

Using the “Pick Tool,” click on one floral shape and double left-click until you see a rotating arrow. Use this to rotate the shape as desired.

Step 9: Creating Bubbles

Now, let’s add some bubbly elements to our logo!

Using the “Ellipse Tool” in the left toolbar, click and drag to create circles, simulating bubbles.

Step 10: Making Bubbles Transparent

To achieve a realistic water droplet effect, let’s make the bubbles transparent!

Go to the “Interactive Transparency Tools” and set the transparency type to “Radial.” This will give the bubbles a gradient effect.

Step 11: Creating Sparkles

To add an extra touch of dazzle, let’s create some sparkles!

Using the “Banner Shape Tool,” navigate to the top toolbar and choose the exploding shape, which is the last shape available.

Final Image

And there you have it! You’ve successfully designed a stunning floral logo using Corel Draw.

Feel free to enhance your logo further by adding backgrounds or text, as shown in the final image below.

Final Floral Logo

Now it’s your turn to let your creativity shine. Use Corel Draw to design your unique logo and captivate your audience!

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