How to delete addresses on Amazon? What is this Amazon?

How to delete addresses on Amazon? Are the multiple addresses saved in your Amazon account causing problems? If so, delete the unused addresses to keep the list neat and tidy. We’ll show you how to do that on Amazon on both desktop and mobile.

If you’re only looking to edit an address, you can do so without deleting it. Also, know that your current orders will be shipped to the address you chose during checkout, even if you delete that address in your account now.

How to delete addresses on Amazon?

An Amazon account address refers to the addresses you list on your Amazon profile.

You can have different addresses for shipping and billing.

Your shipping address is where Amazon sends your orders.

On the other hand, your billing address is the same one you list on the credit card, debit card, or whatever payment method you added to your account.

If the billing address you enter on Amazon doesn’t match the one on your credit or debit card, Amazon will not let the transaction go through.

delete addresses on Amazon

What Happens If I Enter the Wrong Address?

If you use the wrong address, the carrier will return your package to the original sender, or the local post office will store it until you pick it up.

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Mistakes can happen, whether you used the wrong address or Amazon delivered your package to a different address. Even a giant company like Amazon isn’t immune to mistakes. However, there are ways to prevent Amazon from delivering to the wrong address.

Why Can’t Amazon Ship to My Address?

Here are a few reasons Amazon can’t ship items to customers at certain addresses.

  • Some carriers don’t deliver to specific locations.
  • The product exceeds dimensional shipping limits or is ineligible for shipping due to its odd shape.
  • Government import and export requirements, warranty issues, and manufacturer restrictions can prevent Amazon from shipping items to some locations.
  • Some Amazon sellers don’t offer international shipping.
  • Some sellers follow restrictive shipping rules due to the nature of their products (e.g., perishable goods).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Delete Multiple Addresses on the Amazon App?

To delete multiple addresses on the Amazon app, follow the steps for deleting an address on the app I discussed earlier. Then, repeat the same process for each address you want to delete.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete multiple addresses simultaneously.

delete addresses on Amazon

How Do I Manage Multiple Shipping Addresses on Amazon?

Having one or two shipping addresses on your Amazon account is normal. However, it can be confusing if you have more than two. Perhaps you travel constantly and have addresses in multiple US states and other countries.

Here are some tips I can give to make managing multiple shipping addresses on Amazon easier.

  • Review your shipping addresses.

Go to Your Addresses and review all the shipping addresses on your account. Ensure all of them are accurate and up-to-date. If applicable, delete any old addresses you no longer use.

  • Double-check your shipping address during the checkout process.
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Double-check that you’re using the correct shipping address before finalizing an order.

For example, if you’re currently staying in Los Angeles, California, and want to order an item from Amazon, ensure the shipping address you use for the order is the address you’re currently staying at in Los Angeles, California.

  • Shop in the correct Amazon country.

Ensure you’re logged into the correct country-specific Amazon site when shopping to avoid confusing yourself and make it easier to remember that you must use your Canada address.

Let’s say you have a US address but are currently staying in Canada. Ensure you shop on the Amazon Canada site, not the Amazon US site.

How Do I Avoid Shipping Delays and Errors?

Here are some things you can do to enjoy an error-free shipping and billing experience with Amazon.

  • Delete addresses with accent marks and non-English characters, which Amazon can’t process.
  • Ensure your saved address matches the one on your bank or credit card statement.
  • Don’t enter delivery and shipping instructions in the address fields.
  • When entering a new address, put the information in the correct fields. For instance, ensure you enter the city and state information in their designated fields.
  • Leave the fields blank if they don’t apply to your address. For example, don’t enter “Not Applicable” or “NA.”

Is the Amazon Shopping App Better Than the Amazon Website?

The Amazon Shopping app and website are responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, so which one is better for you depends on your use case.

The Amazon app is better if you like browsing products and shopping on the go.

On the other hand, the desktop website may be better if you work from home and only shop on Amazon occasionally. Personally, I prefer the website because I have a big desktop monitor and like looking at large, high-resolution product images.

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How can I delete a shipping address on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime makes it easy to delete shipping addresses from your account at any time. To get started, simply login to Amazon and select ‘Your Account’ from the Amazon menu. On the Your Account overview page, scroll down to the Settings section, where you will find a link to manage your shipping and payment methods.

From this menu, you will be able to edit or delete any of your Amazon Prime shipping address information. Amazon provides great customer service by providing you with full control over your account settings, helping order delivery go as smoothly as possible.

How do I delete an address on Amazon?

Amazon makes it easy to delete an address when necessary. All customers need to do is login to their Amazon account and navigate to the ‘Your Account’ tab.

Once there, they can find the ‘Your Addresses’ section and select ‘Manage Address Book’. After selecting which address should be deleted, Amazon will give a confirmation prompt before the item is removed permanently.

If done properly, Amazon customers can quickly delete outdated or unwanted addresses without any hassle.

How do you cancel shipping on Amazon?

Amazon makes it easy to cancel shipping on any order within your Account. All you have to do is go to and Log In, choose Your Orders from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, find the particular order you’d like to cancel, and select Cancel Items.

Amazon will ask you for a cancellation reason, which should be honestly provided in order to ensure a smooth refund process. Once Amazon has processed your request, you will receive a notification along with an email stating that your cancellation was successful.

Be sure to keep an eye on Amazon for more details about refunds for canceled orders and please feel free to contact Amazon’s customer service team if needed.

delete addresses on Amazon

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