How to Get Excel for Your Laptop?

Microsoft office provides paid services for Word and Excel, but what if you want to try them out before subscribing? In this article, I’ll explain how you can download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free. I’ll also suggest some easy-to-use alternatives to Microsoft’s paid services.

Downloading from Microsoft’s Official Website

If you have a newly purchased Windows computer, you may not need to download Office separately because it usually comes with the Word and Excel applications pre-installed.

However, if you have reinstalled your operating system or uninstalled the pre-installed Office suite, you will need to purchase Office again. You have two options: Office 2021, which is a one-time purchase, or Microsoft 365, a subscription-based service that offers continuous updates. Microsoft 365 also offers a 1-month free trial for new users.

Microsoft 365 is compatible with various devices and operating systems, including Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. It has two subscription plans: Microsoft 365 Home and Microsoft 365 Business. The Home edition allows up to 6 people to share a subscription plan, while the Personal edition is for a single user. The Business edition caters to corporate users with different subscription plans and prices.

Let’s see how you can download Microsoft Word and Excel for free on your PC:

  1. Visit the official Microsoft Office website.
  2. Choose the desired subscription plan for a free trial.
  3. Click on “Try free for 1 month” on the right-hand side of the website.
  4. Click the “Try 1 month free” button.
  5. Log in to your Microsoft account or create a new one.
  6. Finally, both Microsoft Word and Excel, along with PowerPoint, will be downloaded and installed on your PC. You can now enjoy the features and services they offer.
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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word and Excel

Although Microsoft Word and Excel are not free, downloading pirated software is not the solution as it can compromise your computer’s security. Fortunately, there are plenty of free alternatives available. Even if you don’t heavily rely on Word or Excel, you can choose from popular online document processing tools. Here are some of the best alternatives:

1. WPS Office

WPS Office provides a user experience closest to Microsoft Office. It’s completely free and offers good compatibility with Microsoft file formats. With versions available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile devices, it has the highest market share among office suites after Microsoft Office. WPS Office includes word processing, form creation, presentation making, and even a PDF editor.

WPS Office Word

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite. It offers word processors, spreadsheets, presentation programs, graphics editors, diagramming tools, database management programs, and mathematical formula editors. LibreOffice is a reliable alternative, although its product updates are relatively slower.


3. G Suite

G Suite, provided by Google, is a collection of productivity tools. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are free online document editing and collaboration software that allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. However, G Suite is only available online.

G Suite

Now you have a better understanding of how to download Excel and Word on your laptop. Make sure to choose the option that suits your needs and budget. Enjoy writing and analyzing your data with these powerful tools!

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