How to download Mail from Outlook? What is Outlook?

How to download Mail from Outlook? What is Outlook? Are you tired of constantly sifting through your Outlook emails to find that one crucial message? Locating specific emails can be a hassle, especially when you need them the most. If you are looking to download your emails from Outlook, you have come to the right place.

There are multiple ways to download emails from Outlook, i.e., from the web, desktop, or mobile. But before that, you may wonder about the benefits of downloading your emails locally. Well, downloading your emails acts as a backup. It also ensures that even if you lose access to your Outlook account, you will still have a copy of your emails.

Additionally, downloading your emails can enhance the security of your information. You reduce the risk of data breaches and hacking attempts when you store your messages locally. With that said, let’s begin with the article.

How to download Mail from Outlook?

If you’d like to keep a copy of an email for offline use, or you’d like to upload your emails to cloud storage, Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to download one or more of your emails. You can do this in Outlook’s desktop, web, and mobile versions. We’ll show you how.

In Outlook for desktop and the web, you get an official option to download your emails. However, on the mobile version, you need to print your emails to PDF to save your emails for offline use. If you’d like to do that, check out our dedicated guide on the topic.

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download Mail from Outlook

What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is probably one of the most popular email programs available and is a favorite choice for many business email users.

Outlook has a 400 million strong user base.

A few reasons that make this email platform attractive for business use are the ways in which it organizes large quantities of emails efficiently, works with third-party extensions, and the ease with which you can create and manage multiple accounts.

However, Outlook does have its weaknesses, one of which is the fact that downloading an email list is not very intuitive.

Save Emails From Outlook’s Desktop Version

In Outlook’s desktop app, you can download single or multiple emails at once. If you choose to download a single email, you can save that email in the .MSG, .TXT, .OFT, HTML, or .MHT file format. However, if you download multiple emails, .TXT is the only format you can use.

To get started, launch Outlook on your computer. Then select single or multiple emails you want to download. You can make multiple selections by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and clicking your emails.

In our example, we’ll choose a single email to download to our computer.

While your email to download is selected, in Outlook’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Next, in the left sidebar, select “Save As.”

You’ll see your computer’s standard “Save As” window. Here, select a folder to save your email in, type a name for the email file in the “File Name” field, choose a file format from the “Save as Type” drop-down menu, and click “Save.”

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You’re all set. Your selected email has been successfully saved in your chosen format on your computer.

download Mail from Outlook

Why Users Need to Download All Emails from Outlook?

Downloading attachments from multiple email Outlook accounts has many benefits and advantages. Here are a few to consider:

Outlook is the most trusted email client but has limited storage space for storing mailbox items. Thus, if you’re running out of space for your emails, you can easily download all emails from your Outlook account to free up cloud storage space. Users want to store crucial information on their computers by downloading emails, so they do not face any issues regarding information breaches.

All the people do not have Outlook installation on their system, so it may happen that they did not access the Outlook mailbox emails directly. Therefore, you must download emails from Outlook on a local drive and share them with other communication applications. To protect the mailbox from unauthorized attacks, known as social engineering, which contains malicious links in email, pop-ups on websites, or text messages. There is a possibility that users need to transfer Outlook emails to other email clients by downloading them.

How to download an email list from Outlook

Despite the fact that downloading an email list from Outlook may not be very intuitive, it’s quite a simple process. The only drawback is that you will lose most of your formatting.

In your Outlook account click on “File.” Select the “Import and Export” option and a menu will pop up. In that menu, select the “Export to File” option and then click on “Next.”

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The wizard will then ask you to select the file type you want to save your email list in. Your best options would be Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or as a CSV file. Click on “Next.”

The next step will be to select the folder you want to collect your email addresses from and then click on “Next.”

In the dialogue box that appears, click on “Browse” to select a location to save your downloaded email list in. Be sure to choose an easy-to-access location and name the file appropriately. The wizard will then give you options concerning the fields you require. Make sure you select “Map Custom Fields.” All the available fields in your file will then be displayed.

Since you’re only after email addresses, select “Clear Map.” From the left side, click on “From” and “To” (address fields) and drag them to the list on the right and click on “OK.”

Next, click on “Finish.”

Your email list will then be downloaded. However, the downloaded file will be messy and may need a bit of cleaning up. This will mainly be formatting, blank spaces, and a few other minor issues.

download Mail from Outlook

Above is information about How to download Mail from Outlook? What is Outlook? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of download Mail from Outlook. Thank you for reading our post.

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