Get a Transparent Profile Picture on TikTok: The Best Methods for All Devices

Learning how to get a transparent profile picture on TikTok is not only essential but also opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you want to remove a cluttered background or replace it with something captivating, this article will guide you through the process. The best part? These methods work on all devices – be it iPhone, Android, online, or even desktops.

Part 1: Making a Transparent PFP on TikTok [Online]

If you’re looking to make your TikTok profile picture transparent, online apps are the way to go. But with so many options available, which one should you choose? Let’s find out!

One of the most efficient and ad-free websites for this purpose is Background Remover. This user-friendly platform supports the removal of backgrounds on various image formats like PNG, JPG, or WebP. With its AI-powered system, you can upload image files up to 10MB in size, and the background will be erased with excellent quality. Moreover, you can customize the background with colors or even add another image before downloading your transparent profile picture.

Another great option is BackgroundCut, a fast and straightforward AI-supported website that automatically removes image backgrounds for free. Just drag and drop your image on BackgroundCut, and watch as the background is erased automatically. You can refine your image further with tools like PhotoScissors, enabling you to change hair color or tweak other elements before saving it.

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Part 2: Getting a Transparent Profile Picture on TikTok for iPhone

Now, here’s where things get interesting. It’s no secret that iPhone and iPads don’t support transparent PNG profile pictures. However, we have a solution to create one using Wondershare UniConverter. This simple AI-powered desktop program allows you to erase image backgrounds effortlessly. Additionally, you can convert your image to iPhone-supported formats like JPG, JPEG, or PNG. UniConverter also offers features to compress, crop, and apply effects to your photos.

To make your TikTok profile picture transparent on iPhone using Wondershare UniConverter, follow these steps:

Step 1. Run the image background remover tool.
Install and run Wondershare UniConverter 13 on your computer, and select the “Toolbox” tab. From there, you can choose the “Background Remover” tool.

Step 2. Upload your image file(s).
Locate your picture files and either drag and drop them into the Background Remover interface or click “Add Files” to select and upload them. UniConverter supports various formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.

Step 3. Remove the image background.
After successfully adding your images, select them and click “Start”. UniConverter’s AI-powered Background Remover will erase the background automatically. Finally, locate the image, export it, and transfer it to your iPhone or iPad. It’s that simple to make your TikTok profile picture transparent!

Part 3: Making Your TikTok Profile Picture Transparent on Android

Android smartphones have become powerful devices, often rivaling PCs in many aspects. Luckily, you can use your Android phone to edit photo backgrounds with the help of Ultimate Background Eraser. This free app is designed with a user-friendly interface, making photo editing accessible to all. By simply touching the area you want to erase, the auto-eraser tool will do the heavy lifting. You can also manually erase image backgrounds using the lasso tool or your finger for more precise control. Plus, the app allows you to undo and redo actions, ensuring accurate results.

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Follow these steps to make your TikTok profile picture transparent on Android using Ultimate Background Eraser:

Step 1. Visit the Google Play Store and search for Ultimate Background Eraser. Install and launch it on your smartphone.

Step 2. Click the Picture icon at the bottom of the window to upload your photos. You can also use the Camera icon for videos. For this guide, we’ll focus on photos.

Step 3. Click the Auto button and use your finger to smear and select the areas you want to erase. If you prefer more control, you can choose Manual mode to manually select the image background areas to delete. The selected area will turn green.

Step 4. Click Ok, and then save your image as PNG or JPG. You can also add a new background photo or personalize the image with stickers, texts, drawings, and more. Finally, click Save to complete the process.


  • Supports JPG and PNG files.
  • Easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Auto-erase image backgrounds.
  • Undo and redo actions.


  • Clumsy auto-erase function.
  • Annoying adverts.

Part 4: Putting a Transparent Profile Picture in TikTok

Changing your profile picture on TikTok is a breeze, whether you’re a beginner or an avid user. However, note that changing the profile picture is not possible on desktops, although the platform is accessible via PC web browsers. Additionally, there are no limitations to the number of times you can change your profile picture. As a bonus, you can even use a 6-second clip as your profile picture instead of a still image.

Here’s how to make your profile picture transparent on TikTok:

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Step 1. Assuming you’re already a TikTok member on Android or iPhone, launch the app and tap Profile at the bottom-right corner.

Step 2. Click the Edit profile button.

Step 3. Choose Change photo, select from your gallery, and pick the transparent image you created.

Step 4. Finally, click Confirm to save your changes.


That’s how you can make your profile picture transparent on TikTok. Utilize an image editor like Background Remover to eliminate the background of your image on any device. Once you’ve created your transparent profile picture, follow the simple steps above to change it on the TikTok app. Unleash your creativity and make your TikTok profile stand out!

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