TikTok Trend: Using a Kitchen Whisk to Banish Hickeys

Some TikTokers have discovered an interesting method to conceal their passionate encounters – massaging their hickeys with kitchen whisks. This seemingly bizarre technique has created a sensation on the platform, racking up millions of views and garnering attention from medical experts. So, why are people resorting to whisks, and what are the potential risks involved?

The Whisk Technique: Does it Really Work?

In a video that went viral on September 13, TikTok user @thesecrethoebag demonstrated how rubbing a metal whisk over a hickey can diminish its appearance. Previously, back in January, Madisson Larocque, a popular TikToker, showcased this method to whisk away the love bite her boyfriend had left on her neck. Since then, numerous users have revisited and attempted this technique.

Many viewers were astounded by the results. Larocque’s video, which has accumulated 2.5 million likes, reveals a significant reduction in the visibility of the hickey after the whisk treatment. Spencer Hunt, widely known as @spencewuah with over 10 million followers, also put the technique to the test and recorded a fading hickey after just five minutes.

Medical Insights on the Whisk Technique

Pediatrician Dr. David Shafran, the head of pediatrics at online healthcare company K Health, explained that a hickey is caused by suction on the skin, resulting in damage to the walls of small blood vessels. This leads to blood leakage into the surrounding tissue, causing the characteristic discoloration or bruising. Dr. Shafran believes the whisk technique may work because the pressure exerted breaks up the clotted blood that has collected under the skin, allowing for faster reabsorption. Additionally, stimulating the area increases blood flow, potentially expediting the healing process.

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Dr. Beth Goldstein, a dermatologist and the founder of Central Dermatology Center in North Carolina, cautioned about the possibility of injury from using this technique. She suggests relying on “time and cover-up makeup” rather than pursuing methods that may further harm the skin.

Are There any Risks Involved?

While the likelihood of whisking hickeys causing harm is low, Dr. Shafran acknowledges the hypothetical risk of injuring the major blood vessels in the neck, particularly if the hickey is extensive. However, he considers such cases exceedingly rare and advises against applying excessive pressure with any kitchen utensil, including an egg beater.

External experts have addressed the safety concerns associated with the whisk technique. In general, doctors agree that this method appears to be mostly safe, but caution should be exercised, especially if the hickey is severe.


TikTokers have taken to whisking away their hickeys in an attempt to conceal these marks of passion. While the effectiveness of this technique is evident from numerous viral videos, medical experts urge individuals to be cautious. The pressure applied by the whisk may break up clotted blood, hastening reabsorption and promoting faster healing. Nonetheless, potential risks remain, and it’s advisable to approach such methods with care. So, next time you face the challenge of hiding a hickey, you might consider reaching for a whisk. But remember, moderation is key!

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