How to Create a Captivating Slideshow on TikTok?

TikTok, one of today’s most beloved social media platforms, keeps getting better with each new feature. One such feature that users are absolutely smitten with is “Photo Mode.” With Photo Mode, TikTokers can now showcase a series of still images in a single post, much like an Instagram slideshow.

A slideshow is a sequence of still photos presented one after another, creating a brief video-like experience. What sets TikTok’s Photo Mode apart is that users can easily swipe through the images at their own pace, thanks to the carousel format. The company has also introduced various editing tools to the creative workspace, allowing users to tailor their clips, sounds, visuals, and text.

Creating and Sharing Slideshows on TikTok

While TikTok is primarily known for its video-sharing capabilities, it also lets you share captivating still images. The app boasts an intuitive built-in feature that enables you to create a stunning slideshow in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, TikTok provides users with quick image editing options, such as filters and transitions.

Image showing new video tab with Upload and Template options. (Screenshot by author)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting a mesmerizing slideshow on TikTok:

  1. Launch TikTok: Open the TikTok app and tap the “+” button at the bottom to start creating a new video.

  2. Choosing between Templates and Upload: You have two options to make a slideshow. You can either use one of the pre-designed templates by selecting the “Templates” option at the bottom of the page. TikTok offers 14 stunning templates to help you create an instant slideshow, but remember, each template has its own limit on the number of photos you can upload. Alternatively, you can create a slideshow from scratch by tapping “Upload” on the camera page. This way, you can use as many photos as you like.

  3. Template Mode: If you opt for the template mode, simply select a template and follow the instructions to upload your photos. TikTok will guide you through the process, ensuring your slideshow looks impressive and engaging.

  4. Upload Mode: If you prefer to create a slideshow manually, tap on “Upload” from the bottom right corner of the camera page. From there, you can select multiple images from your library. Once you’ve chosen all the images you want to include, press “next.”

  5. Customizing Your Slideshow: The next page offers an array of editing options, including filters, music, and special effects. You can embellish your slideshow with stickers, voice effects, and text that appears for a specific duration. Be creative and experiment with the in-app tools to enhance your slideshow’s impact.

  6. Slide Transition: Choose your preferred slide transition style—either vertical or horizontal. Once you’ve made your selection, tap “next” and provide important details like captions, tags, and location.

  7. Share Your Creation: Finally, click the “post” option to share your brilliant TikTok slideshow with the world.

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TikTok, originally known as Douyin in China, has swiftly become a global phenomenon. As a short video hosting website, it allows users to submit engaging videos ranging from 15 seconds to a couple of minutes. From pranks and stunts to jokes and dances, TikTok offers a platform for everyone to display their creativity. With over two billion downloads, it’s clear that the app is winning hearts worldwide.

Lately, TikTok has examined its content and user behavior more closely, addressing concerns raised by its community. For instance, after an individual named “Dimensions Floor” made alarming threats towards an elementary school and their workplace, TikTok took swift action. The company promptly banned users from creating accounts under that name to prevent any further issues.

In another incident, concerned fans of influencer Gabbie Hanna alerted the authorities after she uploaded a series of 100 videos within a few hours. This demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its users.

So what are you waiting for? Give TikTok’s Photo Mode a whirl and astound your followers with captivating slideshows that tell a story in a whole new way!

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