Unlock Your Creativity: Designing Your Own TikTok Filters

How to create your own TikTok filters

Ever dreamed of making your own unique filters for TikTok? Imagine having a filter that doesn’t exist yet, or tweaking an existing one to fit your taste perfectly. And what if your creative ideas could go viral, with people all over the world enjoying and sharing your creations? Well, now you can make it happen with Effect House – a powerful AR tool that allows you to create, publish, and share high-quality augmented effects for TikTok.

Discover Effect House – The Ultimate AR Tool

Effect House is a game-changer for TikTok creators. It’s specially designed to empower users of all skill levels, from beginners to professional animators. With Effect House, you can unleash your creativity and build incredible interactive experiences for TikTok. Whether you’re a total novice or an experienced animator, Effect House is here to support you every step of the way.

Effect House is the augmented reality program for TikTok filter creation
Create TikTok filters with Effect House

Getting Started with Effect House

To get started, you need to download Effect House. Don’t worry, it’s free and compatible with both Mac (Intel or M1/M2) and Windows. Download it here.

Minimum system requirements for Effect House on Mac and Windows
Requirements for running Effect House on Mac and Windows

Utilize Effect House Templates

Using templates is the easiest way to dive into creating your own AR TikTok filters. Effect House offers an extensive collection of templates, each labeled with the required skill level. Start by exploring the recommended templates on the Effect House homepage. To access the full range of templates, visit the template page and browse through categories like face, body, interactive, world, and audio templates.

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Beginner and intermediate effect templates on Effect House
Effect House templates are labeled with difficulty levels

Simply choose a template that catches your eye. Let’s say we select the ‘Face Distortion’ template, perfect for beginners. You’ll find the chosen effect in the ‘HIERARCHY’ panel. Click on the effect to start editing. For instance, you can select ‘3D Face [MODIFY DEFORMATION]’ for our example.

Click on an object to edit it
The hierarchy panel shows the objects in your effect

Using the ‘INSPECTOR’ panel, scroll to find and manipulate the elements of your effect.

Creating Filters Without Templates

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can create an effect from scratch without using a template. Simply select ‘Create project’ in the Effect House menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You’ll need to log in to continue.

Select the create project button to get started from scratch
Create a new project without a set template

Explore Different Effect Types

Effect House offers various effect types for you to experiment with:

  • Segmentation (e.g., Portrait Segmentation, Hair Segmentation)
  • Generative Effects (e.g., Hair Eraser, Smile)
  • Post Effects (e.g., Filter, Bling)
  • Face Effects (e.g., 3D Face, Face Mask)
  • Pet Effects (e.g., Cat Face Stretch, Dog Face Sticker)
  • AR Tracking (e.g., Head Tracker, Hand Tracker)
  • 3D (e.g., Empty Mesh, Sphere)
  • Scene (e.g., Scene Object, Camera)
  • 2D (e.g., 2D Scene Object, Screen Image)

Generative effects: smile (left) and pucker (right)
Generative effects: smile (left) and pucker (right)

Hand appear (left) and open palm (right)
Hand appear (left) and open palm (right)

Feel free to explore these effects by selecting the plus (+) button near the ‘HIERARCHY’ panel to add objects. Once you’ve chosen an effect, you can edit its components and properties using the inspector panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

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Preview and Submit Your Effects

Before sharing your masterpiece with the TikTok community, it’s important to preview your effect. Effect House provides various models that you can use to view your effect in different scenarios. Whether it’s face, full body, two-person, hand, environment, or even pet models, these options allow you to see how your filter performs in various contexts.

Change the preview model using the drop-down menu
Change the preview model using the drop-down menu

Once you’ve fine-tuned your effect and you’re satisfied with the result, it’s time to submit it to TikTok. Click on the blue ‘Submit’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Add a thumbnail, name, and a helpful hint for users to understand how to use your effect effectively.

Add effect details for your effect including category, tags, and an optional demo video
Add effect details before hitting the ‘Submit’ button

After signing into your TikTok account, you can provide additional details such as category, tags, comments, challenge, and even a video demo of your effect. Make sure your effect complies with TikTok’s guidelines; your submission will be reviewed before going live.

Unleash Your Creativity with Personalized TikTok Filters

Creating your own TikTok filters opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Filters are interactive and accessible to users worldwide, making them an excellent tool for engagement and brand promotion. Whether you design filters specific to your brand for user-generated content or create universally appealing filters with viral potential, Effect House is your gateway to online success.

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