How to Create an Outstanding App Logo

Apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and with the increasing competition in the app market, it’s crucial to have a standout logo that represents your brand. Whether you’re an app developer or a startup launching your own app, getting your branding right from the start is key to success. Fortunately, creating a remarkable logo for your app has never been easier. With GraphicSprings, you can design your own unique app logo and start promoting your app effectively. Let’s explore how to make an app logo that will set you apart from the rest.

App Logo Design Inspiration

Choosing the right inspiration for your app logo is essential. With GraphicSprings, you have access to a diverse range of awesome icons, from literal to abstract designs. Whether your app is targeting iPhone or Android users, tablets or mobile devices, you’ll find the perfect logo design template for your needs.

When selecting a logo template, consider the following design tips:


The typeface you choose plays a significant role in conveying your brand message. Different fonts tell different stories, so it’s important to select the font family that best suits your industry and brand image. With GraphicSprings, you can easily experiment with various fonts and pairings. Remember, using more than two fonts can be overwhelming, so aim for contrast between your business name and tagline.

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The symbol in your app logo is often the focal point, and you have the option to go abstract or literal. Whichever route you choose, remember to keep the design sharp and clean. Simple icons are more memorable and versatile, making them easier to scale across different platforms.


Color is a powerful tool in logo design, as it evokes emotions and represents your brand identity. When selecting colors for your app logo, don’t solely rely on personal preferences; study the meanings associated with different colors. GraphicSprings provides an easy way to experiment with color combinations. Try to limit your palette to three colors, unless you have a skilled designer who can effectively incorporate more. Contrasting color sets can add visual interest to your logo design.


When it comes to layout, you have the freedom to be creative. Experiment with different alignments, such as left-aligned, right-aligned, centered, stacked, and more. However, be cautious not to make your logo too wide. Consider the space where your logo will be implemented to ensure it fits appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using GraphicSprings’ app logo creator may seem intimidating at first, but we’re here to help. Here are some common questions asked by our users:

How does your online app logo maker work?

Creating a logo with our user-friendly logo creator is quick and easy. Simply enter your company name and tagline, and browse through thousands of professional templates sorted by industry. Customize your selected design until you’re completely satisfied. Take your time to explore different options and gather feedback from business partners, potential customers, friends, and family. The design process is in your control.

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Where can I use my app logo?

Your app logo can be used on various platforms, including your website, social media channels, and print materials. Our app generates high-resolution files (300dpi), allowing you to scale your logo to any size, whether on a screen or in physical form. We provide file formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and more, ensuring compatibility for different purposes.

Will I get source files for my app logo?

Absolutely! Unlike other solutions, you’ll have access to source files such as SVG, EPS, AI, and more. These vector files can be modified using third-party software, giving you complete control over your logo design. They are particularly useful for collaborations with designers and printers, as well as for scaling and printing your logo on various surfaces.

Will I get transparent files for my app logo?

Yes, transparent files are available in PNG format for a fee. These files allow your logo to be displayed against colored backdrops without a white background. By using a transparent PNG, you can easily change the background color while maintaining a polished appearance. This is essential for websites, social media accounts, business cards, posters, and more.

Is your app logo creator free?

Our app logo creator allows you to design unlimited logos and make as many revisions as needed. You can gather feedback and only finalize the design when you’re 100% happy with it. While there is a small fee to access high-resolution files, this ensures that you receive professional-quality assets for your brand. Compared to traditional designers who charge for concepts and revisions, GraphicSprings offers a risk-free experience.

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Can I use your app for app logo ideas?

Absolutely! Our app logo creator not only helps you design your logo but also provides a wealth of inspiration. Browse our extensive database of beautiful templates created by our team of skilled designers. Take your time to explore and customize these designs as you see fit. Remember, small modifications can make a significant difference in transforming a good design into a great one.

Why is GraphicSprings the best logo design app?

GraphicSprings stands out as one of the original and most user-friendly logo design solutions in the market. We continuously improve our application and template database based on feedback from users like yourself. Our app was specifically built for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not have extensive design knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with an easy and intuitive solution that helps you create impressive logos for your brand.

Will I get a unique company logo?

Absolutely! While we offer thousands of professionally designed logo templates sorted by industry, our aim is to provide you with a starting point. You have complete control over customization, allowing you to tailor the logo to your specific needs and brand vision. With GraphicSprings’ advanced editing technology, you can make changes to font type, size, letter spacing, effects, layout, colors, and placement. Take your time during the editing process to ensure your logo truly reflects your unique business.

Creating an outstanding app logo is now within your reach. With GraphicSprings’ user-friendly app logo creator, you can design a compelling logo that captures the essence of your brand. Don’t wait any longer – give it a try and be impressed with the results!

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