A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering TikTok Voiceovers in 2023

Looking for an accurate guide on how to do a voiceover on TikTok? Do you want to know how to add a voice to TikTok? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the methods of using voiceovers and text-to-speech features on the TikTok app. Get ready to take your TikTok videos to the next level!

Part 1: Discover the Power of TikTok Voiceovers

Have you ever wondered what a TikTok voiceover is? It’s an audio narration or commentary added to a video on the TikTok platform. By recording a separate audio track and overlaying it onto your video, you can personalize and enhance your content with dialogue, sound effects, or music. TikTok voiceovers add context, humor, storytelling, or information to complement your visuals, making them perfect for lip-syncing videos, comedic sketches, dance routines, tutorials, challenges, and more.

Part 2: How to Do Voiceover on TikTok

TikTok is equipped with all the essential tools and features you need to create captivating and engaging videos. The Voiceover tool, a native feature of the app, allows you to add unique voiceovers to your content effortlessly. Follow these easy steps to master the art of TikTok voiceovers:

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Steps on How to Do a Voiceover on TikTok:

Step 1: Open the TikTok application on your mobile device, log into your account, and tap the plus button to create a new video.
how to add voiceover to tiktok

Step 2: Record your video and tap on the checkmark button. On the editing screen, select the Audio editing option from the available features.
how to add voiceover to tiktok

Step 3: Choose from the different sounds available for voiceovers or record your own voiceover by tapping and holding the record button. Add your voiceover to the desired part of the video.
how to add voiceover to tiktok

Step 4: Finally, tap the Save option in the top right corner of the screen to upload or save your voiceover video as a draft.

Part 3: Elevate Your TikTok Content with Voiceovers

Using voiceovers on TikTok offers numerous benefits that can elevate your content and increase engagement. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

  • Enhance Professionalism: Incorporating voiceovers into your TikTok videos instantly adds a layer of professionalism.
  • Language Accessibility: Voiceovers allow you to reach a broader and more diverse audience by offering dubbing in different languages.
  • Flexible Timing: Voiceovers provide the flexibility to adjust the timing of your speech to match the pacing of your video.
  • Variety and Creativity: Adding voiceovers adds variety to your content strategy on TikTok.
  • Editing Freedom: With separate audio and video tracks, editing becomes more efficient.
  • Elevated Engagement: A well-executed voiceover can captivate your audience and encourage them to watch your videos to the end.

Part 4: Introducing the Best TikTok Text to Speech Voice Generator

In addition to the Voiceover feature, TikTok also offers a built-in text-to-speech feature. While this tool fulfills basic requirements, you may want more features to create amazing audio content for your TikTok videos. That’s where VoxBox comes in.

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1) VoxBox – TikTok Text to Speech Voice Generator

iMyFone VoxBox is one of the best voice generators for TikTok text-to-speech. It offers a wide variety of different sounds and voices, allowing you to create attention-catching and enchanting voiceovers for your videos. With VoxBox, you can change TikTok voiceovers according to your preference and add that professional touch to your content.

How to Change Text-to-Speech Voice on TikTok using VoxBox:

Step 1: Download and install VoxBox software.
Step 2: Open VoxBox, select “text to speech,” and choose the voice you want to use for your voiceover.
how to change tiktok text to speech voice voxbox

Step 3: Paste or type your content, then click “convert” to generate the audio.
tiktok text to speech voice generator voxbox

Step 4: Open your TikTok app, tap the plus button, select ‘Upload,’ and choose your video from the gallery.

Step 5: Tap ‘Audio Editing’ (microphone icon) from the menu options on the right. Press the round record button, select ‘Replace original sound,’ and replace the existing audio with your voiceover.

Conclusion: Elevate Your TikTok Content with Voiceovers

TikTok provides built-in video editing options to quickly enhance your videos before sharing them with the world. Among these features, Text-to-Speech and Voiceover stand out as powerful tools to improve the quality and engagement of your videos. In this article, we’ve covered a step-by-step guide on how to do a voiceover on TikTok, along with the best TikTok text-to-speech voice generator, iMyFone VoxBox. With VoxBox, you can easily create captivating and amazing sounds for your TikTok videos that will delight your audience. So, unleash your creativity, add voiceovers, and take your TikTok content to new heights!

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