How to see what items sold for on eBay? eBay in the News?

How to see what items sold for on eBay? Depending on your item, the value can change drastically over time. So, if you’re not sure how much you should charge or how much you should pay for something on eBay, you can view completed listings to estimate a reasonable price. Here’s how to see items that others have sold on eBay and your own.

How to see what items sold for on eBay?

Advanced Search is the easiest way to see how items have sold in the past. You can get there by clicking Advanced beside the big blue search button on the homepage.

On the next page, type in the keywords of your item. These could be the title or model number of what you want to sell or buy. You can also choose a relevant category to narrow your Search.

Check the box beside Completed Listings. You could select Sold Listings, but you will only see items sold to a buyer on eBay, whereas completed listings will show you all past listings, whether they sold or not. We recommend the latter since seeing items that didn’t sell because they were too expensive can help determine an optimal sales price.

If you plan to ship internationally, you may want to change the location to Worldwide. Putting your item in front of more buyers expands your money-making opportunities.

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Click Search at the bottom of the page to see the results. You can view All or only Auction or Buy It Now styled listings from the top left or Sort the results by date, price, or distance via the drop-down menu in the top right.

what items sold for on eBay

Understanding sold items

Under each eBay listing, you will see the price it sold for in green (the price of unsold items will appear grey). If it was an auction-styled listing, you could see how many bids were placed beneath the final price. You will also find the date and location of the item if the information is available.

If you want to see what similar items are currently selling for, click View similar active items. The price of an item may fluctuate over time as demand and availability change. For instance, did you know a OnePlus 9 prototype sold for $6,000 on eBay?

If you’re ready to sell a similar item, click Sell one like this, and eBay will create a listing template with many of the critical details already filled in for you.

If you are trying to track items that have been sold to you, see our guide on tracking orders on eBay.

How to see your sold items on eBay

If you have an eBay seller account, you can see the items you have sold up to the past 90 days. Navigate to the Seller Hub and select Listings. Then, from the search drop-down menu, select Sold.

From here, you can see the date an item sold and the price the item sold for (blacked out in the above photo for privacy reasons), relist an item that didn’t sell before the auction ended, or sell similar items if you happen to have a second one. The pathway on mobile apps is the same. Navigate to the side menu and select Selling > Sold.

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How to see sold items on the eBay app

The process to see items other sellers have sold is similar to the eBay site, although the app’s advanced search options differ. Search for an item, as usual, using the search bar and tap Filter in the top right.

Then, scroll down and tap Show More.

Scroll down some more until you see Sold Items. Enabling that will also allow Completed Items. Lastly, tap Show Results at the bottom of the screen.

You will then see a list of sold items related to your Search on eBay. Prices in green indicate the final sale price, with other relevant information displayed underneath.

You can also sort sold items on eBay by date, price, or distance by tapping Sort to see how prices have changed.

what items sold for on eBay

How to See Sold Items on eBay using Advanced Search

If you want to take your sold items search to the next level, using eBay’s advanced search function is the best way to do that. Again, you don’t need to log in unless you want to save results.

To use the advanced search feature, simply click on the “Advanced” label next to the search bar. This opens up a new window with a variety of search options including the ability to search for completed or sold items. Scroll down until you see the option as shown in the screenshot below and click on Search when you’re ready to see the results.

You should see a page with prices listed in green, which means sold. You can fine-tune those results in a number of ways, either through the filters on the left or by clicking on Advanced again. If you’re having difficulty narrowing down the field, the keyword options settings may help. You can also exclude specific words from your search or lock them into a set category.

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Where you can really begin to separate items is through the additional filters. You can set it by buying format, condition, or by entering a price range. You can also narrow the search window by choosing seller options, including their location, or focusing on items that were only sold through an eBay storefront.

eBay in the News

Get comfortable, because there’s lots of eBay news for you to catch up on!

  • The company recently announced that it will be launching a beta test of new generative AI tools for sellers. These tools will help sellers create more engaging product listings, which could lead to increased sales.
  • eBay’s VP of Global Product Marketing, Avritti Khandurie Mittal, was recognized as a Woman of Influence 2023 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.
  • eBay recently entered into an agreement to acquire Certilogo, a company that provides digital ID technology for the fashion industry. This acquisition will help eBay to further authenticate “pre-loved” fashion items.
  • Finally, eBay plans to relaunch in India. The company exited the Indian market in 2018, but is now looking to make a comeback. This move is seen as a sign that eBay is committed to growth, even in challenging markets.

what items sold for on eBay

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