How to see who you follow on Amazon? What is this Amazon?

How to see who you follow on Amazon? Amazon is a multinational company mainly focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. It is one of the most used websites and apps for online shopping.

Amazon has started a new program known as the Amazon influencer program; it is the extension of the Amazon affiliate program, which lets the influencers and other users provide a link to their page, which will direct them to the products they are using or bought from Amazon. So that any user that is interested in the products their favourite influencer is using, they can buy through that link. It also allows its users to follow their favourite influencers on Amazon and get updates from them

How to see who you follow on Amazon?

We’ve done a whole article on this that you can view here. But here is the gist of it:

  • Share your Amazon followers link with your email list
  • Use social media to promote
  • Place a link to your Author Follow button prominently on your website.
  • Generate more book sales to get more people to follow (use book promotions, ads, and other marketing tactics).

who you follow on Amazon

Who Are Your Amazon Followers?

Your Amazon followers include anyone that has clicked the “follow” button on your Amazon page. Assuming you have an Amazon author account, anybody will be able to find you and follow you on Amazon.

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What this does, is it allows all of those followers to be notified of your book releases as you release them.

Now that we have this data, it can be a useful tool to track. As you use marketing methods that increase your follower count, you can learn more about what works to increase that count and what doesn’t.

And the more followers you accrue, the more sales you will make with each new release.

So let’s talk about where you can see those Amazon followers.

Method #1: Your Amazon Author Central Account

The first, and most obvious, place to look for your Amazon Followers Number is on your Amazon Central page.

Here are the steps you take to find it:

  1. Make sure you have an Amazon Central account
  2. Log into your Amazon Central account
  3. Click on the “Reports + Marketing” tab
  4. Scroll down and under “Reports” you will find a box with your follower number

Keep in mind that if you are just starting your Amazon Central account, you will likely have no followers yet.

Method #2: ReaderScout

The problem with the above method is that you have to log into your Amazon Central account every time you want to see your number, which can get old.

Thankfully, there is another way to see your Amazon follower number, one that is much more convenient, and that you can see with one click.

I’m talking about ReaderScout.

ReaderScout allows you to see, not just your Amazon follower number, but also any new reviews or price changes that it has detected.

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ReaderScout is a chrome plug-in that you can easily install in your browser. Then, with a little set up, you can view your Amazon Followers Number at any time with a single click on the plug-in.

Here are the steps to see your Amazon Followers Number in ReaderScout:

Step 1: First, download the ReaderScout Chrome Plugin here. And make sure the ReaderScout Icon is showing in the top of your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Go to your Amazon Author Central Page.

Step 3: Click on the ReaderScout Icon in the top of your browser, then click the button that says “Sync Your Amazon Account”. This will allow ReaderScout to automatically know what books you’ve written, as well as find your Amazon Followers Count.

Step 4: Find Your Amazon Follower Count at the top of the window after ReaderScout has synced.

And that’s it! Once this initial setup is complete, you will be able to see your follower count at any time, without having to constantly revert back to your author Central account and log in.

who you follow on Amazon

How to Follow Influencers On Amazon App?

To follow an influencer on Amazon, you first need to find their Amazon profile. This can be done by searching for their name or keyword in the Amazon website’s search bar, or by visiting the Influencers tab on the Amazon website. Once you find their profile, click on the “follow” button next to their name. This will add them to your follower list and allow you to track their posts and sales.

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Oh, but you have to have an account and be logged in… Once you have logged in, you can find influencers by looking for “People and Communities” on the main menu and selecting “Influencers.” From there, you can select a specific influencer to follow or browse by topic. You can also follow all of the influencers in a given category, or choose specific influencers to follow based on their interests.

How to find an Amazon Influencer Storefront?

To find an Amazon influencer storefront, you need to start by searching for influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

While some storefronts can be found through Amazon, they are usually promoted through influencer social media profiles.

Once you locate an influencer, you should check out their social media metrics to learn about their performance and engagement and ensure they align with your target market.

To find Amazon influencer storefronts through Amazon, go to the Amazon homepage and click on the main navigation icon located in the top left corner.

Then scroll down and click on “See All.”

Next, click on the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon to find a list of aggregated photos that have been tagged from influencer collections and favorite products.

Finally, select specific product categories to narrow your search.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can find Amazon influencers who are the perfect fit for promoting your brand and expanding your reach.

who you follow on Amazon

Above is information about How to see who you follow on Amazon? What is this Amazon? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of who you follow on Amazon. Thank you for reading our post.

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