How to tell who purchased from Amazon Wish List?

How to tell who purchased from Amazon Wish List? Remember the good old days when people used to create a large list of products before they stepped out to shop? What are the benefits of such a list?

Apart from the fact that it helps you save time while shopping, this list enables you to note down an item whenever you see or recall it. You can save this list for a later point in time. You can even share this list with anyone.

With its vast customer base, Amazon allows customers to create a list of items they want to purchase. This is called Amazon Wish List or, simply, List. In short, a wish list is a way to list and save items you want to buy at the moment.

How to tell who purchased from Amazon Wish List?

One can access an Amazon Wish List if and only if she owns an Amazon account.

Amazon List helps both the seller and buyer alike.

Amazon Wish List

How Amazon sellers can benefit from the Wish List

Lists provide you with great information about your customers’ choices and interests. There are several obvious benefits of analyzing customers’ Lists.

  • Helps you understand product trends and optimize your strategies and increase conversions.
  • Gives you more customers through sharing Lists. The customers share their Lists with others. When people make a purchase for the one who shared the Wish List, they are likely to find the product or other products on your Amazon Store useful to themselves. This will generate more traffic and, consequently, more sales and organic growth.
  • Allows you to make informed decisions. Information is very important to make crucial decisions. Wish Lists help you find out the products that people commonly wish to list but fail to make a purchase. You can make adjustments to the marketing strategy or pricing to make people purchase the product.
  • Improves customer engagement and helps you build a deeper and more emotional connection with your customers. When your customer can save the products for later use, they will come back to your listing to follow up. This will automatically develop a good relationship between you and the customer.
  • Looking at people’s Wish Lists, you can understand the products that can be grouped or sold together. People make multiple Wish Lists for different purposes or occasions. Each list may contain products that are related. This gives you important insights into the grouping of products.
  • You can make the Lists public and accessible to more people. This eventually leads to more people visiting your store. This allows you to get more customers and conversions.
  • You don’t need to worry about losing customers because your product is out of stock. The customers can save the product in their Lists.
  • You can alert them through the Amazon in-stock notification feature when the product is back in stock.
  • Allows you to measure your overall marketing efforts
  • Helps you pinpoint the marketing tactics that work best for you
  • Helps you make required corrections in your product, and sales
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Some other major Amazon Wish List benefits include:

Most wished-for products: By analyzing the Amazon Lists, you can find the ‘most wished-for’ products. You can also search for the “Most wished-for” products in different categories. The information you gather is particularly helpful when you plan to launch a new product or start selling on Amazon.

Holiday offers: Holidays are also meant for gifts. You can alert the customers about discounts, deals, coupons, offers, and gift bundles. This will make the customer add the items to their Lists and then to the cart to buy them.

Amazon Wish List

What is an Amazon Wish List?

Imagine a customer finds a product on Amazon that she would not want to purchase immediately but at a later point.

Where will she pin this product?

This is when the Wish List feature on Amazon comes in handy.

Most e-commerce marketplaces today use this feature to help customers list the products they want to purchase later sometime. Amazon simply calls it List.

Customers can create multiple Lists and name them based on interests, purposes, etc. As of now, Amazon doesn’t restrict the number of Lists someone can create.

Amazon Wish List is not just a curation of products that the buyer creates but a tool that can help you in market research. Its unique features notify your customers of price and stock changes and help them find gift ideas. So you’d eventually convert more customers.

Amazon’s Wish List also serves as a gift registry. The customers can make their List public and share it with their friends and family.

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How shoppers can benefit from Amazon Wish List

A List helps customers organize their shopping lists. There are certain benefits that Amazon Lists offer to customers.

Shopping list: The List acts as a purchase list for buyers. They can add multiple products to the List as and when they find products on Amazon.

One can create shopping lists or gift lists for specific events or occasions such as weddings, newborns, holiday season, birthdays, etc.

Price tracking: Customers can use Lists to track price variations of products by adding price drop alerts. Besides, Lists can help shoppers compare prices of different products easily.

Lists sharing: Shoppers can share lists and registries with family and friends. It is helpful when they plan to purchase gifts for the one who shares the List.

Amazon will automatically remove the purchased items from the List. This will help ward off duplication of purchases.

Add ideas: Buyers can also add their ideas instead of a specific product. Let’s say when customers add ‘shirts’ to their list, they can take inspiration and buy shirts of their choice for the one who created the List.

How to send an Amazon Wish List to Someone?

Sending your Wish List to someone is very easy on Amazon. Follow the steps to send your List to someone you know.

  • Go to Account & List’s on top of the Amazon page.
  • Choose your List from the drop-down menu
  • Click ‘Send the list to others.’
  • Invite others to either ‘VIEW ONLY’ or ‘VIEW AND EDIT’ your list. If you invite people to VIEW AND EDIT your list, they can add or remove items from your List.
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Amazon Wish List

Above is information about How to tell who purchased from Amazon Wish List? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Amazon Wish List. Thank you for reading our post.

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