FAQ About Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon Wish Lists – A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon Wish List FAQ

1. How Can I Find Someone’s Wishlist on Amazon?

To find someone’s Wishlist on Amazon, go to your Amazon page HERE. You will see three tabs at the top for your lists, your idea lists, and your friend’s list. Your friend needs to share it with you so you can use the Friend’s List tab to send an email requesting access to the Wish List. For a step-by-step guide with screenshots, click HERE.

2. How Do Amazon Wish Lists Work?

Amazon Wish Lists allow you to curate items that you desire as gifts or for future purchases. You can set your Wish List to public, allowing anyone with the link to access it. Alternatively, you can share the list via email. By default, Wish Lists are usually public, making it convenient for someone looking for gift inspiration or to create a personalized DIY gift for you. To set up your Amazon Wish List, click HERE.

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3. Are Amazon Wish Lists Anonymous?

You can make your Wish List anonymous by adjusting the privacy settings. You have three options: Public (available to anyone), Private (visible only to you), and Shared (accessible to anyone with the link). To modify your privacy settings, navigate to the “more” tab. For detailed instructions, refer to the guide on how to find someone’s Wish List on Amazon.

4. How Can I Know If Someone Has Purchased Something from My Amazon Wish List?

When someone purchases an item from your Wish List, you will receive a notification, unless you have enabled the spoiler alert feature. The spoiler alert prevents accidental purchases and keeps you unaware of which items have been bought until the gifts arrive.

5. Can I Have Multiple Wish Lists on Amazon?

You can create as many Wish Lists as you want on Amazon. There is no limit. Feel free to make a separate list for each occasion. Furthermore, you can even create Wish Lists for other retailers, such as eBay and Target, directly on Amazon.

6. Can I Hide My Address on My Amazon Wish List?

Your address remains private on your Wish List. When someone purchases a gift, only your name and city will be visible. However, take note of the “third-party shipping agreement” option. Enabling this option may allow your address to be shared with retailers outside of Amazon. To prevent this, go to the “More” tab, select “Manage List,” and deselect the option.

7. Can I Find Out What’s in an Amazon Package Without Opening It?

Yes, you can find out the contents of an Amazon package without opening it. Simply use the Amazon App and access the Package X-Ray feature by tapping the camera button. Scan the barcode, and the app will reveal what’s inside. Note that the exact steps may vary depending on your phone model.

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8. Does Amazon Remove Items from my Wish List?

Amazon automatically hides purchased items from your Wish List to prevent duplicate purchases. If you have selected multiples of the same item, it will remain visible. Additionally, if you choose to keep purchased items on your list during setup, they will be displayed with the date of purchase.

9. What Happened to Amazon Assistant?

Regrettably, the Amazon Assistant browser extension was discontinued on March 28, 2023. Currently, there is no suitable alternative available.

10. How Do Amazon Public Wish Lists Work?

Public Amazon Wish Lists are accessible without the need for an invitation. As long as your list is set to public, anyone who knows your Amazon profile name or email address can find it. However, if you prefer to limit access to invited individuals only, go to “More” > “Manage List” > “Privacy” and choose your preferred setting.

11. What Does Default List on Amazon Mean?

By default, Amazon Wish Lists are public. To make your list private or shared, you need to modify the settings. As long as your list is public, anyone who visits your Amazon profile page will be able to find it.

12. Can You Print an Amazon Wish List?

Yes, you can print your Amazon Wish List. Click on the “more” tab, where options to manage and print the list will appear. Select “print list,” and a new page will display all the listed items along with their prices, quantities, and indication of whether they have been purchased.

13. How to Organize Amazon Wish Lists?

You can easily organize your Wish Lists using the “Filter & Sort” option. Arrange them by purchase status, price, or priority. If you have a lengthy list, you can utilize the search bar next to “Filter & Sort” to find specific items.

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14. How Do I Edit My Amazon Wish List?

To edit your Amazon Wish List, click on the “More” button and select “Manage List.” From there, you can make changes to the settings of the entire list or modify individual items. Adjust quantities, add comments, change priorities, move items to other lists, or delete them altogether.

15. How Do I Find a Public Wish List on Amazon?

A publicly accessible Wish List on Amazon means anyone can usually find it. For a step-by-step guide on finding someone’s Wish List, refer to the article: How to Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon. Start creating your Amazon Wish List HERE.

16. Can I Use Alexa With My Amazon Wish List?

With an Alexa-enabled device like Amazon Echo or Echo Show, you can manage all your lists through Alexa. Simply ask Alexa to add items to your Wish List, and she will oblige. You can also ask Alexa to read back the items on your list or notify you about special deals. If you only want Alexa to add items, you can disable deal notifications on the Alexa shopping notifications page. To enable the use of Alexa with your Wish List, go to “More” > “Manage” and select your preferred option under “Manage list with Alexa.”

17. Can an Organization Have an Amazon Wish List?

Organizations, including non-profits, can create Wish Lists on Amazon. They can add products and services required to support their work and share the list with their patrons. The organization’s Wish List functions similarly to individual Wish Lists and can be managed accordingly. To set up a list for an organization, go to “Accounts & Lists” > “Create a List.” Give the list a name and specify it is for the organization. Gifts from this list will be shipped to the organization’s address. Currently, there is no option to ship items from a Wish List to multiple recipients.

If you have any additional questions about Amazon Wish Lists, feel free to ask in the comments section, and I’ll update the article.

Happy Shopping!

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