How to use Microsoft bookings? What is Microsoft Bookings?

How to use Microsoft bookings? What is Microsoft Bookings? Microsoft Bookings is an invaluable tool for businesses, especially service providers looking to simplify and optimize their booking processes. From its easy setup to its array of features, it’s tailored to make scheduling a hassle-free experience both for you and your clients.

Whether you’re new to this tool or looking to optimize your existing setup, this tutorial offers insights and actionable steps to get the most out of Microsoft Bookings. Dive in, explore, and transform your scheduling game!

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How to use Microsoft bookings?

  • Tailor the Tool to Your Needs: Depending on your industry and the nature of your service, adjust your booking slots, durations, and available hours.
  • Integrate with Other Tools: Use Microsoft Bookings in tandem with tools like Microsoft Teams for video appointments.
  • Seek Feedback: Post-appointment, ask your clients for feedback. Their input can offer valuable insights into what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • Stay Updated: Microsoft frequently rolls out updates and new features. By keeping your application updated, you can leverage the latest offerings for an optimized experience.

Microsoft bookings

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Are you familiar with apps or tools where people can book a meeting with you? That’s what this app is all about.

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Microsoft Bookings is a tool that clients and customers can use to schedule meetings with you quite easily.

Microsoft Bookings has two primary components:

  • The front-end booking page where people can schedule appointments. it can be shared using a link, through social media, or even embedded on a site.
  • The back-end web-based app where you (owners and admin) can configure meeting details including the time of availability, staff schedules, etc.

What are the features of Microsoft Bookings?

Booking apps are more or less similar — Microsoft Bookings is no exception.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the app:

  • The ability to assign staff members with the appropriate permissions to do their responsibilities.
  • The booking page can also be customized according to your branding — complete with logo and brand colors.
  • Mobile responsiveness so the booking page will still look good even when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Built-in client/customer database that will save the information of those who booked an appointment with you.

If you’re concerned about information security, information is stored in Microsoft Exchange as a booking calendar is a mailbox in Exchange Online.

Microsoft also confirmed that Bookings is in compliance with standards like ISO, FISMA, SOC, and SEC.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Bookings?

If your organization is using apps from Microsoft, then it makes sense to take advantage of this booking app.

Besides that point, here are some advantages:

Real-time appointment availability

Since the app is cloud-based, all appointment bookings are updated in real-time.

This is vital since people who want to book a meeting with you can see an updated calendar and schedule of your availability.

Because the calendar updates in real-time, double-booking can’t happen (which happens on other apps when someone snags a schedule from another user).

Smooth website integration

If you don’t want to do extra work, you can make use of the app’s stand-alone bookings page and share it publicly.

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But in case you want to integrate the tool into your website, you can simply embed the app so it looks like a natural part of your website.

Even if you embed the app into a website, you can still add custom fields and the embedded app will reflect the changes.

Automatic notifications and confirmations

The app wouldn’t be as useful as it is if it doesn’t send automated notifications to you.

MS Bookings can save you a lot of time by automatically sending email reminders and confirmations so you don’t have to manually check your calendar all the time.

These notifications can help reduce repetitive scheduling tasks on your end.

Microsoft bookings

What is the Microsoft Bookings app

If you looking for the possibility to give your client an application for booking your time for appointments and meeting Microsoft Booking is for you. Microsoft Booking app is used for scheduling time for small business clients. The application allows you to assign your staff to cover ordered appointments and set prices for multiple services you offer.

Application is split into two parts:

  • Client frontend – which you linking on your site or social media. Clients have access to available services and appointments slots they can book.
  • Backend configuration – all configuration panels that allow you to setup the whole services and manage orders from Clients.
  • In the rest of the article, you will find tutorials on how to setup Microsoft Bookings.

Bookings app is a part of Office 365 and you can use it if you own plans in Microsoft 365. Every user on your staff needs such licenses to use it.

Security of the data in Microsoft Bookings

Many companies who want to start the work with the Bookings app want to know when data gathered in the Bookings app is stored. You can fill safely about data stored in Bookings. All records are stored in Microsoft 365 in the Exchange. Shared mailboxes are used to store Bookings data. All compliance settings in your organization will also apply to Booking’s shared mailboxes.

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Another element that many times is important for companies who work on Bookings is in compliance with standards like ISO, HIPAA BAA, or FISMA. Microsoft confirms that it is in compliance with these requirements.

You can find a detailed compliance overview on Microsoft site: Microsoft compliance offerings

How to schedule a meeting through Microsoft Meetings?

Microsoft has come up with a user-friendly procedure for scheduling meetings in its Meetings app. To set it and schedule a meeting or manage an appointment, all you need to do is open your browser and Go to your Office Portal by loading

After that, go to “All Apps”, and select “Microsoft Bookings” from the apps tray. Locate and click on the “Get it Now” button. Once the app is open, enter your details such as business name and type. Once the Bookings account is correctly configured, you can incorporate it with your existing Calendar.

If all members in your office have configured the Bookings app, you will be able to see their available time slots on the calendar too. This will help you to ensure that there aren’t any duplicate bookings. Similarly, it gives you a quick view of all the important upcoming meetings. As a result, you will hardly miss any essential meetings.

If you want to allow your staff members to use Microsoft Bookings, then you don’t really have to purchase a Microsoft 365 account for all of them. With a single valid Microsoft email account (Outlook account), your staff can receive invitations for the meetings that you schedule and attend them via Microsoft Teams. Again, Teams can be configured using the same email ID.

Microsoft bookings

Above is information about How to use Microsoft bookings? What is Microsoft Bookings? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Microsoft bookings. Thank you for reading our post.

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