How to watch NFL on Amazon Prime? What is this Amazon?

How to watch NFL on Amazon Prime? As streaming giants grow larger, they are vying for more access to live sports broadcasts. As one of the largest, Amazon Prime Video already offers live broadcasts to several professional sports organizations, including the NFL. At this time, there are still few premium video-on-demand (VOD) services that provide live coverage. Not even the NFL’s own service NFL Game Pass delivers live broadcasts. So, it’s sort of a big deal that a non-cable-alternative like Amazon Prime Video earned the rights for live NFL games.

Amazon Prime Video offers thousands of episodes and movies within its catalog. Outside of its own collection, Amazon Prime allows you to rent and purchase titles that are otherwise difficult to track down. Check out Amazon Prime Video along with its features and movie catalog with our review. If you’re 3rd and inches, so to speak, but need to know more about packages and pricing before you decide, we cover that too in our breakdown.

How to watch NFL on Amazon Prime?

Football fans are used to changing the channel if they want to watch games. The NFL eagerly slices up its schedule to sell to major TV networks, such as CBS, FOX, and NBC. With streaming video services more popular than ever, that creates more online platforms striving to get in on the gridiron action. And few companies are more powerful online than Amazon.

Prime Video has the exclusive rights to air Thursday Night Football games for the next decade. Prime Video costs $8.99, or you can get it as part of your larger Amazon Prime subscription for $14.99 per month or $139 per year (there are no extra fees for NFL streaming). Here’s everything you need to know before Amazon streams Thursday Night Football starting on Sept. 14.

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Football exclusively airing on an online streaming service is a big deal, but the experience ultimately shouldn’t be too different for most viewers. Instead of hopping to a specific traditional broadcast channel, simply fire up the Prime Video app already downloaded to your smart TV or media streaming device. You can even watch on the Amazon-owned video game live streaming platform Twitch. Stream the game live or check out the replay afterward.

NFL on Amazon Prime

Can I Stream Every NFL Game on Amazon Prime Video?

Just like any other professional sport, the NFL is tied into numerous, complicated contracts with local and national networks. We won’t bore you with the details, but the short answer is that, no, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t stream every NFL game. As of today, you can find live Thursday Night Football games on Prime Video.

At this point in time, if you want to catch every NFL game live, you’ll need either a traditional or cable-alternative service, such as DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, Vidgo, or YouTube TV. Live NFL games are available to stream on Paramount+, Peacock, and with Sunday Ticket, you can watch live out-of-market games.

There’s also Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature. This is a feature that’s particularly useful to fantasy football and superfans who want to be kept up-to-date on key insights and all the league stats. The X-Ray feature not only lets you watch replays, but it lists stats such as completion probability, running speeds, and time the QB has in the pocket. There are also helpful features like important milestones, trivia, and simple box score statistics.

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What Other NFL Content Does Amazon Prime Video Offer?

Just because you can’t tune into Sunday’s game lineup using Amazon Prime Video doesn’t mean you can’t get a football fix with your current subscription. Live games aside, Amazon offers some original game scheduling to help fans analyze games and more.

NFL on Amazon Prime

NFL content available to all Amazon Prime Video subscribers includes:

NFL Next: This weekly show features hosts Kay Adams, Andrew Hawkins, Daniel Jeremiah and Chris Long. The pigskin experts look ahead to the week in the NFL prior to the Thursday night kickoff.

All or Nothing: This unique documentary series began in 2016. The series follows one team over the course of an NFL season, offering you behind the scenes footage in the locker room and beyond. There are currently 5 seasons available.

NFL Icons: Brett Favre is covered in the first episode of this new documentary series. Each episode will cover an NFL icon. You can see the first episode as a Prime subscriber; get an EPIX free trial to binge the other episodes if you don’t want to pay.

NFL content available with Amazon Prime Video channel add-ons includes:

Inside the NFL: This content is available with a Paramount+ add-on. Each week’s episode is available from Tuesday evening until Sunday at 12 PM ET. Episodes recap the previous week’s games and offer analysis and predictions.

It’s worth noting that as of the 2022 football season, Amazon will be the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football. The games will no longer be shown on FOX. Viewers in the local markets of participating teams will still be able to watch the games on local channels. All other viewers will need to view the games on Prime Video. This new arrangement could lead to a bounty of new NFL content on the streaming service, so keep your eyes peeled for newly announced shows in the next few years.

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Which Devices Can I Use to Stream the NFL on Amazon Prime Video?

You can watch live events on Amazon via numerous streaming devices. The general rule of thumb is as long as the device supports the Amazon Prime Video app, you can stream live sports. These include all popular devices like game consoles, smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. Take a look at the full list below.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Android devices
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chrome
  • iOS devices
  • PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Web browsers
  • Xbox One

If you see your device listed here but you’re unable to download the Amazon Prime Video app or successfully stream content, you may have an outdated operating system. Older devices are often retired and unable to download the latest software updates. If this is the case, you’ll need to get a newer device in order to watch the NFL on Amazon Prime.

When Does NFL Coverage Start on Amazon Prime?

You can watch Thursday night games with a live kickoff time of 8:20pm ET/5:20pm PT. Before the first quarter, the network puts on the official NFL Network pregame show at 7:30pm ET. This is available in addition to Prime Video’s pregame show, NFL Next, which airs on Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET. You can also watch a 10-minute post-game recap after every available Thursday night game.

What are the Announcer Options for Thursday Night Football?

Thursday Night Football has a broadcast team that features a mixture of new faces, veterans, and legends. Al Michaels does play-by-play commentary with Kirk Herbstreit joining him as color commentator. Other personnel include
Kaylee Hartung (sideline reporter), Terry McAulay (rules analyst), Charissa Thompson (pregame host), and Tony Gonzalez (pregame analyst).

Also, you may be able to switch between announcers throughout the game.

To choose your commentary, go to the “Audio and Commentary” option on your smart TV or other device. If you have a Fire TV, you can hit the “Menu” button on your remote. A drop-down menu will appear and you can scroll through the available announcers for that game and select the one you want.

NFL on Amazon Prime

Above is information about How to watch NFL on Amazon Prime? What is this Amazon? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of NFL on Amazon Prime. Thank you for reading our post.

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