How to Watch Reelz on Amazon Prime

If you enjoy true crime programs, documentaries, and celebrity and entertainment news, you may be curious about accessing Reelz on Amazon Prime. Additionally, you might be interested to know if other premium subscription services like Curiosity Stream, Starz, or Acorn TV are included in the Amazon Prime package. To learn more, simply click on the respective highlighted channel.

However, it would be a bit frustrating if you couldn’t watch Reelz on Amazon Prime simply because you didn’t know how. This article addresses the question of whether or not Reelz is accessible through Amazon Prime. It also provides a guide on signing up for and gaining instant access to Reelz, so you’ll never miss out on your favorite shows.

Is Reelz on Amazon Prime?

Short Answer: Yes, Reelz is available on Amazon Prime, but it’s not included in the basic Prime Video membership.

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Reelz primarily features celebrity and entertainment news, documentaries, and true-crime shows on cable and satellite television. While Reelz is not part of the free trial period for Amazon Prime, it is a separate streaming service with its own set of offerings and entertainment.

Prime Video subscribers, however, have the option to upgrade their membership to include Reelz for a small monthly fee. In other words, Prime members who are willing to pay the additional cost can gain access to Reelz via Amazon Prime. You will find the Reelz channel, along with many others that you can explore and subscribe to each month, in the Amazon Prime Video Channels section.

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Keep in mind that the availability of Reelz on Amazon Prime may vary depending on your location. For instance, Canadian Prime members do not have access to the Reelz channel. To check if a specific channel is available for streaming, use the Amazon Prime search function.

How to Watch Reelz on Amazon Prime

If you already have Amazon Prime, you can watch Reelz by having an additional membership to the Reelz channel. Follow these steps to access Reelz through Amazon Prime:

  • Step 1: Go to the Amazon Prime Video app or website.
  • Step 2: Choose “Channels” from the main menu.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the Reelz channel and click “Explore More.”
  • Step 4: Select “Start your 7-day free trial” or “Subscribe now.”
  • Step 5: Complete your subscription by following the on-screen instructions.

Once you have added the Reelz channel to your Amazon Prime subscription, you can find it in the “Your Channels” section of the Amazon Prime Video app or website.


1. Can I cancel my Reelz subscription on Amazon Prime?

Certainly! You can terminate your Reelz access on Amazon Prime anytime you want. Simply go to the Prime Video settings menu and click the “Cancel Channel Subscription” button next to the channel’s name.

Final Words

Although Reelz is not included in the base Amazon Prime Video package, it is still available in the Amazon Prime Video Channels library for those who are willing to pay a little extra. To gain access to the latest movies and content on the Reelz channel, simply follow the instructions we have outlined in this post.

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