Is BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime? What is this BBC Ghosts?

Is BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime? If you love the U.S. version of Ghosts, you’ll want to watch the inspiration. Where is UK Ghosts streaming online? Is it on Amazon?

Ghosts is a great comedy series that has just been renewed for a third season. While you wait for new episodes, you may want to turn your attention to the series it was inspired by. It’s all about the UK version of the series.

The UK Ghosts premiered in 2019 and there are four seasons to watch. Some of the characters are very similar, including Pat Butcher who is much like Pete and Humphrey’s Body who is like the body wandering the halls of the B&B now and again.

The big question is where the UK series is available to stream. Can you watch it on Amazon?

Is BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime?

If you haven’t started watching Ghosts yet, you need to right away. It’s a brilliant comedy, but where can you stream Ghosts on Amazon Prime Video?

There are some great new comedies on TV in the 2021–2022 season. Ghosts is certainly one of the best.

Based on the British comedy of the same name, it follows Sam and Jay, a couple that inherits an old mansion. They decide to move in and turn it into a B&B. However, the ghosts that inhabit the property don’t like that idea and they try to scare the couple away.

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It ends up with Sam getting injured to the point where she can now see the ghosts in the place. Now she has to live with her husband and the ghosts who are far more like children than the adults they used to be.

BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime

You can’t stream Ghosts on Amazon Prime Video

The bad news first is that you can’t watch Ghosts on Amazon Prime Video with your Prime membership. The show is currently airing on CBS, and it’s not going to be available in full on a streaming platform until it finishes airing.

However, you can watch the episodes via a streaming platform each week. They all head to Paramount+ the day after a new episode airs, so you’ll get them Friday.

The great news here is that the series is available via Amazon Channels.

Can you watch Ghosts on Digital?

I’ve searched, but I can’t find the U.S. series on Amazon Video right now. It’s odd as most shows are available on Digital while airing on broadcast. We usually see the episodes available the following day.

It could be linked to the fact that CBS now partly owns Paramount+ and that’s where all episodes go. However, CBS owned CBS All Access and we didn’t have this problem. This could just be something new the networks are trying.

It could be a searching problem. When you type in “Ghosts,” you get a lot of content, including the British version of the series. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on any news about the Digital release.

How to watch Ghosts online from abroad

If you’re away with work, or are now enjoying a vacation, then geo-blocking restrictions will stop you from watching Ghosts Season 4 online via BBC iPlayer.

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Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. By downloading a VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – you can alter your IP address to that of your country back home, and therefore stream TV content that would otherwise be inaccessible.

There are dozens of VPNs to choose from, but we recommend ExpressVPN. It’s fast, straightforward to use, and simple to install. Plus, it’s compatible with a whole host of devices, a few of which includes Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and iOS and Android software.

Express VPN’s flexible 30-day money back guarantee is hard to refuse. But, better yet, you can get a 49% discount and get 3 months extra FREE if you purchase their annual plan – an excellent deal for an invaluable piece of software.

Once installed, just pick the location of your home country, and click connect. You’ll then be free to enjoy The Serpent online, no matter where you are over the holidays.

BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime

Ghosts UK is The Result of CBS Getting Creative Amid Strike

Additionally, Ghosts UK already has an ending in sight: Recently, it was announced that Season 5 will wrap up the story, which should end its run with 30+ episodes. Meanwhile, Ghosts US is gearing up to premiere Season 3, but the next batch of episodes is getting delayed due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike is also the reason why CBS had to get creative with its Fall season programming, with Ghosts UK getting a slot in prime time along with high-performing titles like Yellowstone and SEAL Team.

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CBS is also pairing the two versions Ghosts: Every new episode of the British series will be followed by a rerun of past Ghosts US episodes, so fans will be able to compare both series – and especially how differently British humor plays out – as they air back-to-back.

How to watch Ghosts online: stream every season 4 episode from anywhere

Ghosts season 4 is complete but it’s still available to watch for free. The ghostly mischief at Button House as Ghosts is one of BBC Comedy’s biggest hits in years. It has already spawned a US TV remake. The show centers around a young couple, Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), who inherit a grand country estate only to find it is both falling apart and overrun with ghosts. Typical, eh? Here’s how to watch Ghosts online, and enjoy season four for free from anywhere in the world.

The family-friendly comedy features much of the cast of Horrible Histories as the ghosts that haunt the house, including Laurence Rickard as caveman Robin, Simon Farnaby as disgraced politician Julian Fawcett MP and Jim Howick as the overly polite scout leader Pat.

This latest series sees Alison and Mike open their much anticipated, bijoux B&B in the gatehouse at Button House. With their livelihoods depending on it being a success, the couple are pulling out all the stops to get the very best reviews, but things inevitably don’t go quite to plan.

Ghosts season 4 introduces a new ghost into the ranks too, while Bridget Christie is set to make a return as Puritan Annie, who had previously been shown as having ascended to the afterlife. Below we’ll explain how to watch Ghosts season 4 online from anywhere.

BBC Ghosts on Amazon Prime

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