Is Blink owned by Amazon? Blink and Ring Features & Tech

Is Blink owned by Amazon? In December 2017, Amazon spent $90 million to acquire Blink, a Kickstarter-funded startup that developed a super energy-efficient chip to power its battery-operated smart home security cameras.

In January 2018, Blink announced its first video doorbell. The next month, Amazon dropped a cool billion on Ring, a smart home security camera company known for essentially inventing the video doorbell. The writing was on the wall for Blink. It seemed apparent to industry analysts that it had been snapped up for its innovative tech, which surely would be pumped into the bigger, badder Ring.

Fast forward three years, and Ring’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, walks out onstage at Amazon’s latest hardware bonanza event and announces Blink’s first-ever video doorbell. Ring has seven video doorbell cameras of its own you can buy.

Is Blink owned by Amazon?

For one, Ring offers a lot more products — and a lot more product categories, for that matter. Ring is far from just a security camera company; they offer all kinds of equipment to create comprehensive security systems. Blink, on the other hand, just sticks to helping customers keep an eye on things.

Nothing wrong with that at all, especially when you consider that Blink has been busy adding to its lineup lately. They recently released the newest iteration of their outdoor camera, and we’re going to be reviewing it for you soon.

Today though, we’re going to take a closer look at both Amazon-owned brands to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Blink owned by Amazon

Blink and Ring Features & Tech

When you’re shopping for home security equipment — particularly for cameras — you need to start by making a list of must haves, nice to haves, and deal-breakers. It also doesn’t hurt to get an idea of your budget. What are you looking to spend, and how much are you willing to budge if you find something you just can’t live without?

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With that in mind, here’s a lightning-round of the different features that Blink and Ring bring to the table. Keep in mind that both brands offer several camera types, and features vary from one to the next.

Blink Features & Tech

  • Capacity of Up to Ten Cameras: The Blink video surveillance system has a large capacity for multiple cameras. You can link up to ten cameras to the same hub with Blink. This is a great option if you have a large house that needs a lot of cameras.
  • Motion-Triggered Recording: Blink home security cameras are equipped with built-in motion sensors. The cameras automatically begin recording when the motion sensors detect motion. This saves storage space, as the camera records only the activity that matters, not continually day and night.
  • Internal Storage: The Blink home video surveillance system uses onboard storage, so the cameras themselves store the video recordings. Though the storage space is limited, the fact that Blink stores media locally is quite handy. Note that you can also sign up with a paid cloud storage plan, allowing you to store a nearly infinite amount of videos in the cloud.
  • Easy DIY Installation: Most of Blink’s cameras can be installed in a matter of minutes, as there’s no real drilling or wiring required. When we tested Blink, we found their installation to be easier than a lot of DIY cameras out there, and they were up and running with very little effort on our part. A major reason for that is that all of Blink’s cameras are battery powered.
  • 1080p HD Image Quality: Blink cameras gave us crisp and clear 1080p HD resolution on both indoor and outdoor models. This is the industry standard these days, and it’s plenty sharp to pick up the little details you need.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras: You can monitor your kiddos and nannies, contractors, or other service workers inside, while also keeping an eye on your front yard and backyard. The Blink Indoor and the Blink Outdoor, both of which are battery-powered, headline Blink’s product line. Blink also has a super affordable indoor camera in Blink Mini, a budget-friendly video doorbell, and an outdoor lighting accessory for the Blink Outdoor.
  • The most recent addition to the Blink Camera lineup is the new Gen 4 Outdoor Camera. This wire-free outdoor camera boasts a two year battery life, HD quality live view, and an enhanced motion detection system. We’re about to review it, too — so stay tuned for that.
  • If you want to pick one up for yourself, it’ll run you $119.99.
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In addition, you might want to check out the new plug-in Mini Pan-Tilt. It can cover a whole room thanks to its 360-degree field of vision which can be remotely accessed from the Blink app. It goes for $59.99.

Blink owned by Amazon

Are Surveillance Systems Effective?

The main goals of a video surveillance system are to deter potential threats, keep you informed, and to notify you in case of an emergency. They act as a deterrent when the cameras are visible. When a criminal knows that he or she cannot enter your home without being seen (and recorded!), they will likely move on to target a different home.

Surveillance systems will also allow you to monitor your home while you are away. They’ll provide you with information such as whether you have packages waiting at the door, a visitor at your entryway, or a looky-loo trying to peek into your windows. Certain alerts and alarms will alert you in the case of an emergency situation as well. So there’s no denying the effectiveness of a camera system like Ring or Blink.

Ring vs. Blink: The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a camera-based security system, this comparison of Ring vs Blink has highlighted the important points to help you make a smart decision between the two systems. When it comes to the security of your home, you should always do your homework (that’s why you have us!), weigh your options, and find the best system that makes sense for you, your family, and your budget.

On your search, be sure to keep in mind how many cameras you might need, whether any will be used outside, how many home automation features you might need, and whether or not you need a 24/7 monitoring service.

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All things considered, we have to say that Ring is the better camera system compared to Blink. We’ve tested both systems for several days, and we prefer Ring Cams for their build-quality and features. Also, if you’ll want to expand your system in the future, Ring offers a whole suite of devices and home alarm components that Blink is lacking.

With that said, don’t overlook Blink if you’re searching for an affordable camera system. The cameras gave us great resolution, and the motion detection was on-point — always alerting us to potential criminal activity. And since the company introduced outdoor cameras, our home is protected both inside and out. So while we’d sooner purchase Ring, you really can’t go wrong with either camera system.

Blink owned by Amazon

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