Is Chewy owned by Amazon? Is Chewy Owned By Walmart?

Is Chewy owned by Amazon? Is Chewy Owned By Walmart? In what seems like overnight, Chewy has fast become the leading online destination for pet supplies. But who owns Chewy? Is it an extension of a brand we all know and love? Is PetSmart still in control following its record-breaking acquisition of the brand in 2017? And what does the future hold? Join us as we dive into the history of Chewy, from when it was founded in June 2011 to who it’s owned and operated by today, in 2022, as we debunk some common myths, including whether Amazon owns it.

Is Chewy owned by Amazon?

Chewy is not owned by Amazon. While it’s possible that an arm of Amazon may own stock in Chewy, it is not the majority stakeholder — that would be BC Partners, the private equity company that owns PetSmart. Because Chewy is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, you too can become a part-owner, by purchasing a share. You can do this through any number of tools, without needing specialist access or accounts, through a service like Robinhood.

In fact, Amazon and Chewy are actually rivals. Amazon has its own Amazon Pets service, which sells a variety of food and accessories, with auto-delivery options. But it still doesn’t compare to Chewy, which has the competitive advantage here offering fresh and prepared meals, options for pets with specific dietary requirements, and an online pharmacy with the option to video chat with a veterinarian, not to mention much better deals on food, treats, accessories and more.

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Chewy owned by Amazon

Is Chewy Owned By Walmart?

Another myth. Chewy is not owned by Walmart. BC Partners, the same company behind PetSmart, is the majority shareholder. But Chewy isn’t owned by one individual or company; it’s public. This means that anyone can buy a share of the business. Think of it a bit like a massive pizza, and you can own a slice of that pizza — or multiple. BC Partners, the largest shareholder, has around 314 million slices. It’s possible that Walmart owns a few slices too as investments.

Chewy and Walmart are rivals — even more so than Amazon. That’s because Walmart has its own online pet supplies store called WalmartPetRx, which stocks a huge selection of food, accessories and medication. This is a true competitor to Chewy, which still comes out on top. While Walmart may be a little bit cheaper, Chewy still has the larger selection and is the closest thing to a virtual pet superstore (a digital PetSmart, if you will) with features like live video consultations with veterinarians.

Is Chewy Owned By PetSmart?

PetSmart acquired Chewy for $3.35 billion in May 2017, but was quick to start distributing stakes in the business to its parent firm, BC Partners — the majority shareholder, after Chewy was taken public on the New York Stock Exchange in April 2019, with the ticker CHWY. In fact, Chewy isn’t owned by PetSmart at all anymore; it begun selling off all remaining stock in October 2020. Other significant institutional shareholders include the Vanguard Group and Morgan Stanley.

Does Amazon Sell More Pet Products Than Chewy?

Customers think that Amazon or Chewy can outsell the other for pet supplies. Nevertheless, because Amazon has many more good ratings on pet supplies than Chewy, some shoppers may believe Amazon sells more pet products than Chewy. Customers should be aware that, while Amazon has more reviews on its pet items than Chewy, many of those reviews are likely to be generated by bots and fraudulent accounts.

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As a result, it’s logical to say that Chewy and Amazon sell at a comparable level regarding pet supplies. Both firms are pretty popular among pet owners and outsell each other in specific areas.

Chewy owned by Amazon

Chewy Vs. Amazon: Which Is Better?

In terms of pet products, many consumers consider Chewy to be better than Amazon. Chewy, for example, has a more extensive selection of pet care categories, including a specialized pharmacy department for all of the animals they serve. Furthermore, Chewy’s pet items have stable costs, whereas Amazon’s prices change based on the time of year and the popularity of a product.

Moreover, Chewy sells feed, bedding, and other supplies for farm animals such as pigs and cows, whereas Amazon primarily sells stuff for domestic pets and horses. While Amazon’s pet care assortment isn’t as extensive, it does provide a large range of pet food supplies.

Customers regard it as a solid option for customers who primarily care for home pets. Even though both Amazon and Chewy are fantastic places to buy pet supplies, many people believe Chewy to be the best because of the extensive range of animals they serve and their constant prices.

Does Amazon Own Any Pet Stores?

While Amazon does not control Chewy, they also own a pet supplies brand called Wag, an Amazon house brand for dog and cat food. Pet lovers may also shop the AmazonBasics brand for pet beds, cat trees, cages, bowls, toys, and other items for cheaper rates than other pet brands on

When Did PetSmart Buy Chewy?

PetSmart purchased Chewy in 2017 for $3.35 billion, which was the largest acquisition of any e-commerce company up until that point.

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However, PetSmart reported in 2020 that they are intending to break ties with Chewy due to the company’s increased debt.

Therefore, while Chewy is still currently owned by PetSmart, the company will soon be purchased by another retailer.

Does Amazon Sell More than Chewy?

Amazon and Chewy are not currently reported to outsell the other when it comes to pet products.

However, because Amazon’s positive reviews on pet supplies far outweigh Chewy’s, some customers may presume that Amazon sells more pet supplies than Chewy.

However, customers should note that while Amazon has more reviews than Chewy on their pet products, it’s likely that many of those reviews were placed by bots and fake accounts.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that Chewy and Amazon sell at a similar level when it comes to pet supplies, as both companies are highly popular with pet owners and outsell each other in certain categories.

For example, Amazon has a larger variety of dog food products than Chewy, whereas Chewy has an entire section of its website dedicated to an animal pharmacy.

Chewy owned by Amazon

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