Is Freevee free with Amazon Prime? What is this Freevee?

Is Freevee free with Amazon Prime? In a world dominated more and more by streaming subscription services the cost of enjoying TV and film is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with, but Amazon Freevee is hoping to offer an alternative.

Freevee is the place to go for the revival of beloved Australian soap Neighbours as well as critically acclaimed hits like Jury Duty, but what is it and how do prospective viewers watch it?

Here is everything you need to know about the streamer and what it can offer.

Is Freevee free with Amazon Prime?

Freevee is Amazon’s sister streaming service to Prime Video, only this one is completely free for viewers to enjoy as long as they don’t mind watching advertisements.

The ad-supported streamer is essentially a good middle ground between Freeview television and paid-for streamers like Prime Video and Netflix, as viewers will be able to choose between a number of TV shows and films in the Freevee content library that they can watch, with ads playing intermittently throughout.

Like any streamer, Amazon Freevee will add content to its library each month including a variety of movies both old and new that are added on a weekly basis.

Original content on the platform includes Neighbours, Primo, Judge Judy’s new reality series Judy Justice, Bosh: Legacy, and the Alex Rider TV series.

Freevee free with Amazon Prime

How do I watch Amazon Freevee?

It is fairly simple to watch Amazon Freevee, all you will need is an account on Amazon and then you will be able to access Freevee — simply sign in to your Amazon account and start watching, there are no fees required to access Freevee.

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To get from Prime Video to Amazon Freevee viewers will need to go on the via the Prime Video app, or website, and select the “free with ads” button on the menu bar, by doing this you will be taken to the section dedicated to Freevee.

Films and TV shows are separated by their respective genres, and Freevee also has a number of channels that viewers can watch live including UKTV Play, various crime channels, and even a channel dedicated to Judy Justice.

Freevee also has its own app available on iPhone, iPad and Android, and it is also available on Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and as a free channel within Prime Video.

It can also be accessed on Roku, Samsung smart TVs, Comcast’s Xfinity Flex, Xfinity X1, Chromecast with Google TV, and other Android TV devices

Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console users can also access Freevee.

What shows to watch on Amazon Freevee

With over 3000 films and 450 TV series, you’ll be spoilt for choice with options on Freevee. You can enjoy movies like Donnie Darko and the films from the Scream franchise as well as series like Jury Duty and Parks and Recreation.

Plus, Freevee produces its own original content, aptly named Freevee Originals. These originals include the spy thriller series Alex Rider and the crime programme Bosch.

Unlike some free ad-supported video-on-demand services, Freevee lets you watch the entire catalogue of available TV shows. Peacock, for example, is an AVOD service that offers shows like The Office and The Good Place, however, you can’t watch every episode. You don’t have that problem with Freevee; you can binge-watch the entire six seasons of Dawson’s Creek if you want to!

With Freevee, you won’t get the same extensive catalogue in comparison to if you paid for a subscription service, but that’s to be expected, it’s free.

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Freevee free with Amazon Prime

How to get Freevee on Amazon Prime Video in the UK

How can you watch Freevee? You can install Freevee on Amazon devices like the Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon tablets, as well as on third-party devices, such as the Roku Streambar, LG and Samsung smart TVs, as well as some PS5 and Xbox X Series consoles.

Do you need an Amazon account to watch Freevee? You do, and if you have an Amazon Prime Video account, it’s even better, as Freevee will already be available.

Those of you using an Amazon Fire Stick will find that Freevee comes pre-installed on the device, with no option to remove it. You can access Freevee directly through the home screen and it should be easy to spot, too, as it’s a bright yellow icon.

Viewers using a third-party device, such as a Roku Streambar can find Freevee in the Google Play Store. You can also download the Freevee app on your iOS or Android device.

Where can I watch Amazon Freevee?

Since the Amazon Freevee platform is free, users don’t need to invest any money in the service. If you already have a paid Amazon Prime account, you can find and watch content through the Prime Video app itself.

Amazon Freevee also has its own app, for those that don’t have access to Amazon Prime Video. Below is a list of devices that support the Amazon Freevee app:

  • Fire TV
  • Fire tablets
  • Android TVs
  • Google TV
  • Apple TV (4th and 5th generation)
  • Android mobile devices
  • Android tablet devices
  • iOS devices
  • iPadOS devices
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5

On the off chance that you don’t own a device that supports the Freevee app, you can also stream Amazon Freeve via a web browser on the Amazon website.

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What shows and movies are available on Amazon Freevee?

While a streaming service may be free, that doesn’t mean much if its content is lacking. Thankfully, Freevee has a lot of great movies and TV shows to watch, and its library of original programming is not only growing, but getting better as well. There are a few different types of content on offer at FreeVee:

  • Freevee movies: As with most streaming services, the selection of movies on Freevee can vary greatly from month to month. Amazon has set up contracts with many of the major Hollywood studios — including Disney, Sony, Universal, and Lionsgate — that will allow Freevee to access a portion of their movie libraries. Some examples include Jurassic World, Super Troopers 2, The Emoji Movie, and F9: The Fast Saga.
  • Freevee TV shows: Freevee’s selection of television shows is a bit more stable, with removals occurring much less frequently. You can look forward to watching lots of classic TV like Bewitched, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and more. There are also more recent shows like Mad Men, Schitt’s Creek, Bones, and Lost.
  • Live TV channels: Freevee’s main focus is on-demand streaming, but it also has its own list of channels. While not as big as Pluto TV, Freevee channels run content 24/7 that the user has no control over, like a typical broadcast or cable TV channel. You can select from truly live news content like Newsy or AccuWeather Now, or watch constant reruns of shows like Unsolved Mysteries, classic Doctor Who, and more. Recently FreeVee expanded its channels to include NBCuniversal content including channels for Little House on the Prarie, Top Chef, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Saturday Night Live, and more.
  • Freevee Originals: Amazon is going all-in for Freevee, even including original TV shows and imports that can only be streamed on the free service.

Freevee free with Amazon Prime

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