Is Marquee Network On Amazon Prime?

Stream Marquee Sports Network Now!

Are you ready to watch Marquee Sports Network? Whether you have cable or a streaming service, you can stream Marquee Sports Network today. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly to Marquee Sports Network for easy access.

Learn About the Marquee Sports Network App

Curious about the Marquee Sports Network App? This streaming platform offers in-market access to live Cubs games, original programming, and more. With the app, you can enjoy live Chicago Cubs games, pregame and postgame shows, exclusive Cubs-related content, local sports updates, and much more. To access live content, you can subscribe to Marquee Sports Network, log in through a participating cable or streaming provider, or use the Marquee Sports Network App.

Watching through the Marquee Sports Network App

Accessing the Marquee Sports Network App is a breeze! You can use your web browser and visit, or download the app on your mobile, tablet, or connected TV device. Here’s the compatibility information:

  • Supported Web browsers ( Safari, Chrome
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad): iOS 15 or higher
  • Android (Smartphones): Android 11 or higher
  • Apple TV: tvOS 15 or higher
  • Amazon Fire TV: Fire OS 6 or higher (New App version dated July 9, 2023)
  • Roku: Roku OS 9.1 or higher

Don’t see your connected TV device on the list? No worries! The Marquee Sports Network App supports screencasting from your smartphone, tablet, or web browser to most smart TVs and connected TV devices. If you need more information on screencasting, click here.

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Get the Direct-to-Consumer Subscription

For in-market users, you have the option to purchase the direct-to-consumer subscription. It’s available for $19.99/month at or directly through the Marquee Sports Network App.

Have Marquee Sports Network Already?

If you’re already subscribed to Marquee Sports Network through your cable or streaming provider, you don’t need the direct-to-consumer subscription. Simply continue watching through your existing provider or log in to the new Marquee Sports Network App using your provider credentials for streaming on the go.

Eligibility for the Marquee Sports Network App

Wondering if you’re eligible to stream through the Marquee Sports Network App? The app serves fans within the Chicago Cubs television territory, established by Major League Baseball. To check if it’s available in your area, enter your zip code at The app will automatically determine your eligibility based on your location.

Start Watching Today!

To start watching on the Marquee Sports Network App, download the app or visit After that, simply log in with your cable or streaming provider credentials, or use your Marquee Sports Network App account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to all the live programming on Marquee Sports Network.

For more frequently asked questions about streaming and troubleshooting, visit the Marquee Sports Network streaming FAQ page. If you have any further questions, reach out to Marquee Sports Network customer service.

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