Is Peacock free with Amazon Prime? What this Amazon Prime?

Is Peacock free with Amazon Prime? Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, is a recent edition to the world of subscription content. Peacock has thousands of hours of on demand content, as well as live national channels and even the option to stream your local NBC station. It’s unique among streaming services in several aspects. First, it has both on demand content and live TV. Second, it is very cheap. The basic Peacock Premium plan is only $6 per month, while the Peacock Plus plan, which ads local TV and removes ads, is $12 per month. You can also opt to pay for 10 months in one lump sum, on either plan, and Peacock will give you the remaining two months of the year for free.

Is Peacock free with Amazon Prime?

Peacock is not free with Amazon Prime. Not only that, but you cannot stream Peacock through Prime like you can with Max, AMC+ and many other streaming services. NBC has decided to keep Peacock completely independent from Amazon. If you have an Amazon TV, you can still download the Peacock app and stream it through there, but you can’t bundle the service under one monthly bill.

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Peacock free with Amazon Prime

Is there a Peacock TV free trial?

Unfortunately there is no Peacock TV free trial. Peacock used to have a free tier that gave you access to around 10,000 hours of content absolutely free. You didn’t need a credit card or anything to sign up. The only downside was a bunch of ads. But it provided a way to check out the service for free while you considered whether or not you wanted to buy it.

Peacock has removed this tier, so in order to access the service at all you will have to pay at least $6 for the Peacock Premium subscription. While it’s unfortunate that you can’t try out the service with no money down, you might as well wait until you get the urge to watch The Office again, then pay $6 and binge the whole show in a month while you check out what other services Peacock has to offer.

How do people get Peacock for free for 6 months?

Over a year ago, Google partnered with Peacock to give customers a free Peacock Premium account for $6. You needed to buy a Chromecast or Google TV, and only a few of them had this offer available.

Unfortunately this deal has passed. We can’t find a Chromecast or Google TV on any major online retailer that is still offering this promotion. It seems that Google has switched the promo to different streaming services. If you buy a Chromecast at Best Buy, for instance, you can choose between three months of YouTube Premium, three months of Apple TV+, or a free month of Fubo.

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What’s the cheapest way to get Peacock Premium?

The cheapest way to get Peacock Premium is by using a student discount. Right now there are no Peacock deals that cut the price of the service for your average consumer. The Chromecast deal we mentioned above and the $1 promo below have ended.

But if you’re a student, you can get Peacock Premium for only $2 per month — as long as you stay a student. Peacock will ask you to verify that you’re still a student once per year. If you stop being a student, the price will raise to whatever Peacock is charging at the time, which is $6 per month right now.

Peacock free with Amazon Prime

What is the Peacock $1 promo code and does it still work?

On Cyber Monday of 2022, Peacock released a promo code that dropped the price of Peacock Premium from the then $5 price tag to just $1 per month for a full year. It was an incredibly popular promo, since you got all of the content on Peacock for just $12 for a full year.

Unfortunately Peacock has ended that promotion, and the code doesn’t work anymore. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up soon though, so if you’re willing to wait you might just see another promo in November. It likely won’t go as low as $1 this time, since Peacock has raised the total price of the Premium plan from $5 to $6.

Does Amazon Prime Include Peacock?

In the video streaming platform industry, there have been new players lately making an entry. This not only makes sure that every kind of user gets what they wish to view without the trouble of endless ads or getting to a fixed time slot but also makes sure that the pricing and quality of the video streaming service are kept at a high.

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Peacock TV is one such player that has joined the league lately. However, Peacock TV is a separate video streaming platform that is not available on the Amazon Prime subscription platform. Users might face some disappointment to know about this Peacock Amazon situation.

Both these services are rather rivals. Peacock TV might appear like a new player but with its smart decisions such as that of making some videos free with the help of commercials, it has made its presence noteworthy.


What devices can you watch Peacock TV on?

The Peacock TV is supported on LG smart TV, Vizio Smartcast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung, and Android TV. It can also be downloaded on your Android and iOS smartphones. Users can download it on Xbox One S and One X, Roku, Chromecast dongles, PlayStation 4, Flex devices, and Xfinity X1. The platform also allows users to stream content at the same time on up to 3 devices.

What are the privacy policies associated with deleting the Amazon or Peacock account?

When you delete your account on Amazon/Peacock, they will also remove all the personal data related to that account. This comprises anything users might have uploaded, such as photos, videos, or documents.

If there is something users wish to keep before getting rid of the account, be certain to download it beforehand. Users can also get in touch with customer service for more queries about managing their data. Remember that once the account is deleted, users will not be able to get it back.

Peacock free with Amazon Prime

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