Is Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime? What is this Amazon?

Is Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime? SiriusXM is a platform where you can enjoy music, sports, news, talks, etc., while at the comfort of your home or in the car. It is a broadcasting cooperation that makes use of satellite to ensure their users enjoys non stop entertainment.

Unfortunately, SiriusXM is not free, it makes use of subscription to ensure its users continue to enjoy the services. This is to say that, you can only access Sirius XM radio when you’re fully subscribed to their services.

However, sometimes, the cooperation can do a free to use offer that will enable it’s users enjoy non interrupted services for free for a specified number of days. But the question is, is siriusXM free with Amazon Prime?

No, SiriusXM is not free with Amazon Prime. If you wish to use Sirius XM for free, you will have to subscribe for SiriusXM free 3 months trial which allows you to use their premium services for free for 3 months.

Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime

Is Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime?

SiriusXM is not free with Amazon Prime, at least, not at the moment. Therefore, if you wish to use siriusXM services for free, you will have to register for the free 3 months trial.

This offer allows you to enjoy the services for free for the 3 months. However, the only downside to this is that, you have to be a new registrar to enjoy this offer.

Meanwhile, sometime in 2018, Sirius XM partnered with Amazon to give 3 months free subscription to their echo customers. However, on October 18th, 2018, they made the partnership known to the whole country. But the problem is that, the partnership comes with terms and condition. The terms and condition were:

  • You need to be a new subscriber of the Sirius XM radio
  • It’s a 3 months free subscription, not a lifetime
  • You will need to cancel the subscription at the end of the 3 months else you will be charged to continue enjoying the services
  • You have to be an echo owner to enjoy the offer
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These were the offer given by siriusXM in partnership with Amazon. However, the offer is no longer available.

When you look at the terms and conditions given by siriusXM and Amazon, you will see that it’s the same terms and condition given by Sirius in their current offer.

As at the date this article was published, siriusXM is still giving out 3 months free subscription that comes with the same terms as of 2018.

You can visit the siriusXM website to register for the e months free services. In this 3 months of free use, you are entitled to use all the premium service of the radio for free at no cost.

However, just like in 2018, you will need to be a new subscriber to enjoy this offer. If you an old subscriber or have enjoyed the said offer in the past, you will no longer able to partake.

The company made it in a way that before you proceed to register for the free 3 months, you will first of all check your eligibility. Your eligibility will tell you whether to proceed with the registration or not. If you’re not eligible, unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy the offer.

If you really wish to know how to get SiriusXM radio for free, then you need to follow the procedure explained above and register in their website.

Does Amazon Offer SiriusXM?

Yes, with Amazon product like Alexa, you can enjoy your SiriusXM favorite channels with your amazon echo devices.

However, the only downside to this is that, you will have to pay for the services. It doesn’t come free, except you’re a new user. You can just register for a 3 months free trial as explained earlier in this article.

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Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime

How Do I Link SiriusXM to Amazon?

To link your SiriusXM to Amazon, you need to:

  • Open the Alexa App
  • After the app is opened, select “option”
  • When this selected, the next is to choose “settings”
  • When the information inside the settings opens, select “music and podcast” tab
  • When this section opens, look for SiriusXM and click on it.

However, you will need to enable the SiriusXM skill and sign into your SiriusXM account to be able to use siriusXM in Alexa.

When this is done, you should be able easily tell Alexa to play something from Sirius XM. You must ensure enable the Sirius skill and sign in into your Sirius account. This is the only way to make it work with Alexa.

SiriusXM and Amazon Make It Even Easier To Enjoy SiriusXM Programming on Echo Devices

Today announced a new marketing agreement with that bundles Amazon’s popular line of Echo smart speakers with SiriusXM’s streaming service, offering easy access to SiriusXM’s acclaimed programming – Howard Stern, hundreds of channels of news, comedy, talk, live sports, and music – at significant savings to consumers, in the home.

The first phase of the collaboration showcases offers that are available to consumers now for a limited time. The offering is the largest initiative to date by SiriusXM – as part of its “Bring Us Home” campaign – to popularize its programming beyond its established base in cars, where it is installed in more than 110 million vehicles on the road today.

“Music and radio have always been central to the Alexa experience and how customers engage with her every single day,” said Jeff Kunins, Vice President, Alexa Entertainment at Amazon. “We’re excited to work with SiriusXM to offer customers even more ways to discover and listen to the content they love – including news, comedy, live sports, music and more from SiriusXM.”

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“The products that SiriusXM and Amazon offer, and that consumers love, truly go hand in hand,” said Jim Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, SiriusXM. “Amazon is an unquestioned leader in delivering the products people want to their homes, and the extraordinary popularity of their Echo devices, and excitement for its latest Echo Dot, are the latest examples of that.

As a leader in audio entertainment, SiriusXM’s unparalleled bundle of programming makes listening through those devices more enjoyable. With an Echo device, the SiriusXM streaming service is easier than ever to use in the home. This marks the beginning of a collaboration between our two companies that will empower us both to serve new and existing customers better as we bundle our products and offer exceptional value for their purchase.”

Siriusxm free with Amazon Prime

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