Is TBS free on Amazon Prime? The Benefits of Streaming TBS?

Is TBS free on Amazon Prime? The Benefits of Streaming TBS? On-demand streaming services are only worth it when you can watch your all-favorite shows on demand, but the streaming wars between the entertainment networks keep that from happening. By opting for one platform, we are stranded with watching other TV shows and movies.

That is why TBS fans are hesitant to cut the cord. We will guide you on how to watch TBS without cable to solve the problem of TBS lovers. It will let you access your TBS and many other spectacular shows under your budget.

TBS hosts some of the best comedy shows like “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” and “The Big Bang Theory .”It also broadcasts popular games like The Stanley Cup and the National League Championships.

This cable service debuted in 1967 as a basic regional cable in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, it has evolved as a major channel that entertains you with NBA games, movies like Father of the Bride, and shows like Miracle Worker.

TBS free on Amazon Prime

Is TBS free on Amazon Prime?

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) is an online content stream app offering access to movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content. TBS was initially introduced into the market as an educational content streaming platform but later rebranded to include movies, TV shows, and sports. Currently, TBS is famous for its comedy shows.

Among the TBS app highlights is the variety of content. TBS features several award-winning and popular comedy shows like Friends, The Family Guy, The Big Bang, and many more. In addition, you can stream blockbusters and hit shows like American Dad, Wipeout, and CHAND and watch live sports like March Madness and MLB games.

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TBS has an attractive, clutter-free interface and a simplified menu that makes navigating this app straightforward. Movies and shows load quickly with minimal lagging or buffering. Additionally, TBS offers a quality streaming experience with video quality ranging between 720p and 1080p.

Users need valid TV service provider credentials to stream content on this app.

The Benefits of Streaming TBS

The most obvious benefit of streaming anything is that it’s convenient. You don’t need a TV to access a streaming library — although you could use a Smart TV if you wanted. Instead, you have a wealth of options, from computers and tablets to phones and game consoles. And when it comes to streaming TBS, specifically, you have a few options.

First, you can head on over to the network’s website and navigate to “Watch TBS”, an option that allows you to stream TBS live. Whether the network is currently broadcasting a live sporting event or a network sitcom rerun, you’ll be able to tune in and see what’s up next. If you rather not use a browser-based option, there’s also a TBS App, which allows you to watch the network from your mobile device, like a phone or tablet.

Outside of these options, several streaming platforms, such as Hulu and Sling TV, offer access to TBS. Choosing the right option often boils down to whether or not you want to watch the channel live or have on-demand access to TBS’ content.

TBS free on Amazon Prime

How to Stream TBS on Sling TV

Part of the Dish Network brand, Sling TV lets you stream TBS shows live or on demand. Sling TV boasted roughly 2.49 million subscribers at the close of 2021, and is considered one of the most affordable streaming services, thanks to tiers like the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans. Both packages include TBS and start at $35 per month — and, unlike other platforms, Sling doesn’t rely on contracts.

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Sling TV Pros

Of all the streaming platforms that offer TBS shows and sports, Sling TV is the most affordable, coming in at $46 total. You’ll pay $35 for the base Sling Orange or Sling Blue package, and $11 for the Sports Extra add-on. This combination includes access to live TBS streaming and TBS on-demand, too.

However, you may incur an additional cost if you plan to stream on more than two devices simultaneously.

Sling TV Cons

Even though you can purchase one of Sling TV’s three packages to stream original TBS content, you won’t get that many local channel options. To watch local news, you’ll have to invest in a digital HD antenna, for example. Even then, you might need to use television apps that support local channels to get everything you want.

Despite the excellent sports and comedy coverage you’d get with a TBS-focused Sling TV package, you’ll get far fewer channels in total than you would with other streaming services. It’s also worth noting that Sling TV subscribers complain about freezing and buffering a bit more frequently.

How to Stream TBS on DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream, which was once called AT&T TV, is DirecTV’s online streaming service that, among other things, allows you to stream TBS shows.

The pros here? Well, DirecTV Stream offers four packages to choose from, all of which include TBS. They range from $69.99–149.99 per month. Still, you can also watch TBS shows without signing a contract with DirecTV.

To access DirecTV Stream, you’ve got a few options, including the brand’s own proprietary device or traditional third-party devices, like the Amazon Fire TV stick, mobile phones, tablets, web browsers, Roku-enabled TVs and so on. But that accessibility comes at a cost — literally.

DirecTV Stream is one of the most (if not the most) expensive of all the digital streaming services out there. At a minimum you’ll pay about $70 a month, but if you’re a sports fan then be prepared to shell out at least $89.99 per month to watch your favorite non-regional teams.

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The ultimate TV and sports package, which offers over 140 channels and seems pretty akin to paying for cable, will run you $134.99 per month.

So, What’s the Best Option for Streaming TBS?

While it largely depends on your personal use cases, what other streaming platforms you have and so on, there are some clear front-runners when it comes to the best option for streaming TBS.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, Hulu wins that race — but only because its $6.99 per month plan is ad-supported and lacking in live streaming options. If you want ad-free streaming, and access to live content, the most affordable option is Sling TV. Besides the cost factor, Sling TV is also a pretty streamlined and easy-to-use option; there are just three packages to choose from, and most Smart TVs come with the Sling TV app pre-installed.

However, if you’re looking for the best content as a whole — not just the best access to TBS content — our vote lies with Hulu + Live TV, which features its own original series and movies, next-day streaming for several networks, access to FX’s shows and a whole library of licensed films and TV shows.

And then there’s YouTube TV, which is a strong contender in multiple fields. Although its plan is a tad more expensive than Sling TV’s, it’s still cheaper than both Hulu + Live TV and DirecTV Stream. With ample cloud DVR storage, access to more channels (and more local channels, too) and close to no buffering, YouTube TV certainly tops Sling TV in other ways.

What we’re saying is, unless you want to replace your cable package with a streaming service that’s very, very cable-adjacent, skip DirecTV Stream. Otherwise, Hulu, Sling TV and YouTube TV all offer great options for streaming TBS, live events and sports and more.

TBS free on Amazon Prime

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