Is Yellowstone on Amazon Prime? What is this Amazon Prime?

Is Yellowstone on Amazon Prime? After four seasons of fighting off billionaire land developers, politicians and wolves in Big Sky Country, Yellowstone returned last fall with the first part of the fifth and final season — only to leave fans on the edge of their seats with no premiere date for the final episodes. At long last, Dutton Ranch superfans finally have good news: Paramount has announced that the last part of Yellowstone season five will return in 2024, and two more spinoffs are in the works.

Is Yellowstone on Amazon Prime?

Find out where Yellowstone season 5 is streaming. The Dutton family are the main Yellowstone characters, and they’re led by patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner), who faces conflict with groups like the Broken Rock Indian Reservation and the Yellowstone National Park while trying to maintain their family ranch. In season 5, part 1, John becomes the Governor of Montana.

However, he with a powerful company called Market Equities as John denies their request to build an airport. John’s son Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Market Equities representative Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) — who are having an affair — collude with each other to eliminate John from power once and for all.

Despite the series’ massive success, Yellowstone lead Kevin Costner left the show because he wanted to shift his attention to directing his own Western, Horizon: An American Saga. It is unclear whether this means that John Dutton will be killed off in Season 5, Part 2, and it appears that this question will not be answered for some time. Yellowstone season 5, part 2 is set for release in November 2024, though this could change now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over.

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Yellowstone on Amazon Prime

Yellowstone Season 5 Is Streaming On Peacock

All five seasons of Yellowstone are currently streaming on Peacock Premium. The reason why the show is streaming on Peacock despite being produced by Paramount is because, in 2020, Peacock acquired the streaming rights for the series (via Insider). Since Paramount+ was not created until 2021 (it was CBS All Access prior), and by then the studio had already sold the streaming rights to Peacock, the Western show cannot be streamed on Paramount’s platform. Peacock subscriptions start at $5.99/month for Premium and at $11.99/month for Premium Plus.

Where To Buy Yellowstone Season 5

However, if streaming on Peacock is not an option, then Yellowstone season 5 can also be purchased on several other platforms. Interested viewers will have the option to purchase either a single episode or the entire fifth season.

Additionally, depending on the platform in which season 5 of the show is purchased, potential customers can watch episodes of Yellowstone in either SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Definition), or UHD (Ultra High Definition). Here is an official breakdown of all available platforms and prices to watch Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1.

  • Apple TV: Buy Season 5, Episode 1 for $2.99 (HD); Buy Season 5 Pass for $39.99
  • Amazon Prime Video: Buy Season 5, Episode 1 for $1.99 (SD), $2.99 (HD), or $3.99 (UHD); Buy Season 5 for $29.99 (SD), $39.99 (HD), or $49.99 (UHD)
  • Google Play: Buy Season 5, Episode 1 for $1.99; Buy Season 5 for $14.99
  • Vudu: Buy Season 5, Episode 1 for $1.99 (SD), $2.99 (HDX), or $3.99 (4K UHD); Buy Season 5 for $14.99 (SD), $19.99 (HDX), or $31.92 (4K UHD)
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Yellowstone on Amazon Prime

Why Isn’t Yellowstone Season 5 Available to Watch Yet on Amazon Prime Video?

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Part 2 will be available in November 2024, when the series returns to Paramount Network for its final episodes.

Typically an episode is released within 24 hours, though this isn’t always the case, and hasn’t been for many who purchased Yellowstone season 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon customer support center also says this about purchasing season passes, “Any episodes of the show that have already been broadcast are immediately available to watch from Your Video Library. As new episodes air, they will automatically be made available in Your Video Library, usually within 24 hours of broadcast.”

When asked about when episodes of Yellowstone are released, Amazon support was not able to provide an exact time. This has caused frustration for many Amazon users wanting to stay up to date with the series when episodes are released.

Please let us know in the comment below if you found this information useful or if it’s still not been released for you.

If you are wanting to watch the premiere right now, learn how you can watch it for free.

When Does the Next Episode of Yellowstone Season 5 Come Out?

Season 5 has 14 episodes that are split into two parts. Part 1 premiered on November 13, 2022, and featured eight episodes with the other six being released in November 2024.

An exact premiere date for Part 2 has not been revealed yet. Between scheduling conflicts and the writers’ strike, the return of the series has been pushed back. It will now be two years between Part 1 and Part 2 of Season 5.

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While Season 5 Part 2 is slated to have six episodes, there is a chance it could have more.

“If I think it takes 10 episodes to wrap it up, they’ll give me 10. It’ll be as long as it needs to be,” Sheridan told the Hollywood Reporter.

Following the end of Yellowstone, the story of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch will continue with the sequel series 2024. A release date has not been revealed yet for the series but like other Yellowstone spinoffs, the series will likely air on Paramount+.

Where Can I Watch Previous Seasons of Yellowstone?

The best place to watch Yellowstone Season 1 through Season 5 Part 1 is Peacock. You can also purchase previous Yellowstone seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

In the UK and Canada, you can access seasons 1 – 4 (and 5) with Paramount+. A 7-day free trial is also available.

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 will be available on Amazon Prime Video shortly after episodes are released. If it follows in the footsteps of Part 1, Part 2 will air on Peacock in May 2025.

Yellowstone on Amazon Prime

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