What’s Really Happening with Mormon MomTok?

TikTok is a platform full of surprises and chaos. And this week, the moms of Mormon MomTok chose chaos as their path. Taylor Frankie Paul, a popular 28-year-old TikToker and a mother of two, sent shockwaves through the MomTok community in Draper, Utah. She recently announced that she and her husband were getting a divorce after engaging in what she called “soft swinging” with their friend group.

Taylor, who boasts 3.5 million followers on TikTok, usually shares dance videos, occasionally featuring her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Tate Paul, and their two young kids, Indy and Ocean. She often collaborates with a group of like-minded Mormon TikTok moms, such as Camille Munday and Miranda McWhorter, jokingly referring to them as her “sister wives.” According to Taylor, she and a select group of friends and their husbands (she clarifies that the majority of MomTok was not involved) were all engaging in “soft swinging” together. Now, following Taylor’s admission of falling in love with one of the husbands she was swinging with, their friend group seems to be in disarray while other MomTokers scramble to deny their involvement.

A Timeline of Events

Here’s a breakdown of the unfolding drama:

Taylor Paul’s Cryptic Divorce Announcement

On May 20, Taylor used one of her lip-sync videos as a platform to reveal her separation from her husband, captioning it as “an unfortunate announcement.” She showcased a new set of keys in an empty home while Miley Cyrus’s song “Malibu” played in the background. Text in the video read, “In my twenties, getting divorced, started therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two little kids.”

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In a second video, Taylor hinted that there was more to the end of her marriage. She shared a video of herself packing boxes with text that read, “My life falling apart. And I can’t even speak on why… without bringing them all down with me.” Fans on Reddit noticed that some MomTokers unfollowed Taylor and began liking comments suggesting that she had cheated.

Taylor Reveals the “Soft-Swinging” Situation

Two days later, in a livestream on May 25, Taylor disclosed that she and her husband were involved in an open relationship and had an agreement with other couples in their friend group. Careful not to name anyone specifically, she explained that they were “soft swinging,” which meant they didn’t engage in intercourse unless their spouses were present. “The whole group was intimate with each other,” she said. However, Taylor confessed that she had violated the group’s agreement and had become involved with someone outside of the group. She insisted it was a one-time incident but admitted that feelings had developed between them.

Taylor claims that she is now being “shunned” by her friends, although she acknowledges that “no one was innocent.” She also revealed that there are currently three divorces within their friend group, but clarified that the majority of MomTok is not involved, and most of her TikTok friends have been supportive.

Denials and Fallout

After Taylor’s revelations, fans speculated that other MomTokers might be involved in the drama. Several MomTokers, including Miranda McWhorter and her husband Chase, denied the rumors in a video. They claimed that Miranda had a falling out with Taylor because Taylor had allegedly spread a rumor that Chase had feelings for her. Taylor responded with another live video, explaining that Chase and Miranda wanted her to clarify that they were not the couple involved. Taylor also claimed to be on good terms with Miranda. Camille Munday, who Taylor previously said was not part of the swinging crew due to the drama she and her husband brought, has been commenting on a different influencer’s account, affirming that she and her husband do not swing. Mayci Neeley, Whitney Leavitt, and Victoria Zalic have also posted videos denying their involvement in swinging.

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Taylor’s Final Word

On June 1, Taylor took to her Instagram story to thank her family for their support during this challenging time and expressed feeling overwhelmed. Addressing rumors of a cease-and-desist letter, she clarified, “After talking with my legal team, I have all rights to share my story if wanted. However, I feel that I shared a part and will not be sharing anything else from here on out.”

Nevertheless, if Bravo has any say in it, we may not have heard the last from these swingfluencers.


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